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Published by: themacoo on May 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cause of Dissolution
Public Action
Race Misclassification:Ethnicity Misclassification : AFFIDAVIT OF FACT OFStatus Misclassification: EXPATRIATION NOTICE OF UNITED STATES NATIONALITY DISSOLUTION
Affidavit of Fact
This official notice is given to all Nationals of the earth allCorporate Nation States, Confederations, Federations, Tribes and anyother Political,, Social, or Governmental corporate citizens withspecific intention of notifying all potential; lien creditors,claimants , and there assignees who are residents of the United Statesand any of the State Governments, Territories and possessions and whoare incorporated as legal entities, corporations and corporate citizensas defined in the 14
amendment of the United States Constitution asimplemented by Congress and in the Uniform Codes of Commerce of allState Governments of the United States of America expressed at
U.C.C. §9-301, U.C.C. § 9-303, U.C.C § 9-305, U.C.C. § 9-307, U.C.C. § 9-311.INCORPORATE STATE VERSION OF UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES.U.S. Person __________________ of this affidavit has experienced orundergone a Civil death.
Through an inability by nationality and status as a bankrupt 14
amendment U.S. Person/Entity said U.S. Person/Entity has lost allrights and all ability to contend for rights as the nationality thatthe U.S. Person/Entity and is in renders it powerless to contend fornatural, political, personal, and civil rights therefore all rightshave been annulled by acquiescence. Said U.S. Person/Entity of thisaffidavit has experienced a civil death: The Commercial Item/CorporateCitizen/Artificial Person: ______________________ has experienced aCivil Death, Negotiation subject To Recession “Negotiation is effectiveeven if obtained (i) from an infant, a corporation exceeding itspowers, or a person capacity, (i) by fraud, duress, or mistake, or(iii) in breach of duty or as a part of an illegal transaction.” To theExtent Permitted by other Law, negotiation may be rescinded or many aresubject to other remedies, but those remedies may not be assertedagainst a subsequent holder in due course or a person paying theinstrument in good faith & without knowledge of facts that are thebasis for the recession or other remedy.The COUNTY OF KINGS INC., & STATE OF NEW YORK entity creation date is___________________, SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION INC., is__________, & it appearing that the requirements for U.S. Person/Entity
dissolution have been satisfied; any other evidence or presumption tothe contrary is hereby REBUTTED, ANY PAST SIGNATURES OR AUTHORIZATIONSON INTERNAL REVEUNUE SERVICE INC. 1040’s& W-4’s), SOCIAL SECURITYADMINISTRATION INC. forms (SS-5), Commercial/Corporate “STATE OF”issued driver licenses, vehicle registrations ,birth or trustcertificates, voter registrations, medical records & other franchiseswith ANY agency of a colorable, quasi government(s) etc., were inERROR and by law involuntary made under threat, duress and or coercion(TDC).The INTERCONTINENTAL ABORIGINAL UNION & the Murakush ImperialGovernment as Principal for the surety ____________________ herebyTERMINATE, EXTINGUISH, RESCIND, REVOKE, CANCEL, DISSOLVE, AB INITIO,NUNC PRO TUNC, NULL & VOID both currently and retroactively to thetime of signing, ANY & ALL Such contracts, any Quasi/Colorable-agencyor department thereof, that Surety _____________________ nevervoluntarily elected to be treated as a “U.S. [Corporate] Citizen orNationality” subject to its Jurisdiction or a resident of a territory,possession, instrumentally or enclave under the sovereignty orexcessive jurisdiction of any of the several states or of the unitedstates as defined in the U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8,Clause 17 & Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. Any contracts and/orapplications that were done without full knowledge & disclosure of thecontract’s impact on fundamental guaranteed, secured, and protectedsubstantive rights as a Free-Natural Aboriginal Indigenous Moor. Thetime of the applications in question, Brandon Casimir was incompetentto enter into any contracts or agreement.
Invito beneficium non datur
. No one is obliged to accept a benefitagainst his consent. But if he does not dissent, he will be consideredas assenting.I do dissent, and do NOT accept obligations or contracts with the"United States government," nor do I accept any benefits which wouldplace me under any contracts or obligations to the "United Statesgovernment," unless such benefits are freely provided with noobligations of any kind, and are in harmony with any Currently enforcedTreaties with the United States Government and the United States ofAmerica or any Imperial Grants from the Sultan of Murakush: bearing NOjurisdictional authority over me, and not limited to these alone.And remove all records concerning the subsequent criminal proceedingsregarding such charge(s), including any convictions, and place suchinformation in the control of a person within the office designated toretain control over expunged/dissolved Commercial/Corporate/ Colorablerecords. Any Letter/s, instrument/s or Documents /s created with thenomen or name written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (being a grammaticalviolation & Colorable’) to be considered as ‘Prima Facie’, unreal adeliberate Misrepresentation, & an intentional Fraud; designed by itsproducers & creators to bring about a Tort or injury to the saidNatural Person. Any ‘straw-man construct or instrument presented fromsome person or entity, on the behalf of myself, through the mail orallegedly associated to ______________________ OR by anyone has nolawful authority, & is ‘Void’ upon its face. Any instrument producedby another in any form) bearing any unrevealed purpose or liabilitywhatsoever, is an intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of
depriving me a ‘Legal right’ & meant to deceptively deprive me ofsomething, or some Right, of value any such misrepresented Instrumentis to be presumed as “Void’ & ‘cured’ forthwith.
that TRANS UNION LLC. EQUIFAX INC. & EXPERIAN INC.dissolve, dissolute all financial & personal records regarding thecivilly dead dissoluted U.S. Person ______________________, U.C.C. 3-202 U.C.C. 9-404.
  All U.S, State government & Credit Bureau officials are thereforehereby put on notice
that any violations of their contractualobligations to act in accordance with their U.S. Constitution, mayresult in prosecution to the full extent of the law, as well as theapplication of all available legal remedies to recover damages sufferedby any parties damaged by any actions of U.S. and State governmentofficials in violation of the U.S. Constitution.Every person or city, state or government official who under ‘color-of-law” deprives any legal citizen their legal rights & immunities issubject to civil & or criminal penalty, pursuant to United states Codeof Law, title 18 , Section 241,242. the Ultra Virus statute does notprotect such violating person/s from prosecution as individual /s; &such violator /s are subject to ten thousand dollars fine, & /orprison. The binding oaths taken by all & ay past or present personsholding Public trust or Public Office to protect the Rights of the“People” still stands.Therefore, and original and file copies(s) of this notification, withfederal proof of receivership have been recorded, and any claims willbe sustained with an averment of jurisdiction, based on Proclamation /Declaration presently in your possession, in order to implicate anynonconformity to immunities(s) legally enforced by National andInternational Law, Drolt.
Blacks Law Dictionary 4 
dead in the view of the law. The condition ofone who has lost his civil rights & capacities, and is accounteddead in law. Rasor v. Rasor, 173 S.C. 365, 175`S.E. 545 page 313.
: A man considered according to the rank he holds insociety with all the right to which the place he holds entitleshim, & the duties in which it imposes. People v. R.C. o., 134 N.Y.506, 31 N.E. 873. Page 1299.
of two (2) kinds Natural & Artificial a natural personis a human being. Artificial person include a collection orsuccession of natural persons forming a corporation; a collectionof property to which the law attributes the capacity of havingrights & duties. The latter class of artificial persons isrecognized only to a limited extent in our law. Example of arethe estate of bankrupted deceased person. Logan v. Greenfield,58 Wyo.13, 122 P.2d 850, 853. Page 1300.
A person is such, not because he is human, but because rights &duties are ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject or

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