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The Reason That We Love This Town

The Reason That We Love This Town

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Published by Stephen Kimber
A new study says Haligonians love their city. The question is why...
A new study says Haligonians love their city. The question is why...

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Published by: Stephen Kimber on May 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The question, of course, is why?According to the latest CityThink survey—conducted for
 Metro Halifax
and theGreater Halifax Partnership—91 per cent of us are pleased as punch to live in ourawkwardly named Halifax Regional Municipality. Forty­two per cent of us, infact, are
smug about it.Why?Consider that this particular poll was conducted from April 13­23, deep in thetrough of the never­ending annual rite of rain that is our spring, a stretch seasonthat will drearily continue, with occasional one or two­day sunshine teases, untilsometime in late July when our briefest of brief summers unofficially begins.That can’t be the reason—to quote reporter Aly Thompson quoting songwriter Joel Plaskett—“I love this town.”Nor can it be—please, no—the fact we keep electing vision­less Peter Kelly asmayor of us all, along with his barking dog’s breakfast of municipal councillorsendlessly debating cat bylaws and memos on councilor decorum.Keep in mind this city we love so dearly—and which an equal percentage of ussee ourselves living just as happily in for the foreseeable future—spent $330million­plus to build a harbour­solutions sewage solution that is only a solutionwhen the sun shines. (See paragraph 4; see outside your window.)This is also—remember—the city that recently secretly funneled millions of ourtax dollars into the pockets of multi­millionaire entertainers because we wouldn’tspend our own non­tax dollars to buy tickets to watch them perform.This is a city that can’t decide whether to build a new convention centre, a newstadium, both, or neither; have an historic downtown, a high­rise downtown, both, or neither… what it will be when it grows up.So why do we—me included—love it so much?Could it be that intoxicating—if occasionally fragrant and floatable­filled—co­mingling of salt water and sea air?Our accidental­but­it­works, muddled mess of old and new, art and commerce,

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