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Tess of the D

Tess of the D

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Published by callummelia

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Published by: callummelia on May 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tess of the D’Urbervilles Essay
The events of chapter 4 and the baptism extract make us feel the most sympathyfor Tess, from feelings such as sympathy and admiration. In chapter 4 Tess’ father istold that his family the “Durbeyfields” are descendants from a great rich family called theD’Urbervilles. Tess’ father celebrates this by going to an off license and having a drink.Mrs Durbeyfield goes to fetch him from there because he has to deliver beehives to theretailers in Casterbridge, early in the morning. But they ended up staying talking aboutusing Tess to become rich. Then Tess has to fetch them and her father couldn’t go tomarket, so Tess and Abraham go to market instead. They end up falling asleep on thecarriage and they wake up to Prince (Their horse) lying dead. The father won’t sell thehorse’s dead body and buries it.In chapter 14, Baptism extract, Tess cannot baptize her child because she was asingle mother which was frowned upon, so she baptized the child herself in her bedroom filled by her siblings. She calls the baby Sorrow and it then passes away in thenight.The feelings Thomas Hardy creates for Tess in these two parts of the novel arefeelings such as sympathy, admiration and respect, also make us want her succeed.We feel these feelings for Tess on Chapter 4 because of four main scenarios. The firstone being where in Rollivers inn. Tess’ mother has to go pick up the father who is drunkin the pub, it says “she unfastened the stair door like one whose fingers knew thelatches well.” This shows that obviously Tess’ father and mother are talking aboutsending Tess off to claim Kin; this creates sympathy for Tess because they are usingher to make money already deciding her future, as if she is an object. Also Tess decidesshe will go to market and her mother suggests that she gets a boy to do show that her mother is again using her daughter to an advantage, but it also shows that Tess is beingthe adult in the situation.The scene where Abraham and Tess are about to go to market it says “Therickety little wagon was already laden, and the girl led out the horse Prince, only adegree less rickety then the vehicle”. Which shows that the horse prince , is very oldand weak, and not very reliable and could show what is about to happen and giving asign. When Tess and Abraham are in the carriage it says “He learnt back against thehives, and with upturned face made observation on the stars, whose cold pulses werebeating amid the black hollows above in scene dissociation from these two wisps of human life”. This creates sympathy for both Tess and Abraham because it is kind of 
saying that they are just a small dot in the universe and they won’t really have an impactI life.Later on in this chapter Abraham is talking to Tess about stars she says “most of them splendid and sound- a few blighted” Abraham then asks “which do we live on-splendid one or a blighted one?” she ten replies “a blighted one”. This creates sympathyfor Tess because she knows that she is set for a bad life and is just accepting that. Andshe knows that more bad things are in the store for her in the future. Later on in thatchapter it says “Abraham soon grew drowsy. Tess was not skillful in the management of a horse, but she thought that she could take upon herself the entire conduct of the loadfor the present, and allow Abraham to go to sleep if he wished to do so. She made hima sort of nest in front of the hives, in such a manner that he could not fall, and taking thereins into her own hands, jogged on as before.” This shows Tess as a motherly figureand that she acts like an adult and this also gives a sign for the future.The man who they crashed into says “you have nothing to fear” this could be asense of irony, because again this could be a sign of the future. Tess later blames thissaying it’s because she lives on a blighted star, which creates sympathy for Tessbecause this them makes her believe that this is true.Her father, when the horse is dead, decides not to sell the horse and insteadburies this is quite childish because the family needs that money to live which againshows that Tess is the adult in the family. Hardy writes that he worked harder the nextday digging a grave for Prince in the garden, than he had for months. This shows thathe doesn’t do that much to earn money for the family which then makes him, use toTess for money, this creates sympathy for Tess because she has to do most of thework, and then she is being used like an object.The very last line on chapter 4 is “her face was dry and pale as though sheregarded herself in the light of a murderess” this line is irony because this exactly whatTess turns out to be, a murderess, giving the reader a sign of what will happen in thefuture.The next chapter 14 starts off with “the infants breathing grew more difficult, andthe mother’s mental tension increased. It was useless to devour the little thing withkisses. This creates sympathy for Tess because she is trying her best to save this babybut she knows that this won’t happen. She then says “O merciful God, have pity ; havepity upon my poor baby’ Heaps as much anger as you want to upon me, and welcome,but pity the child” This creates sympathy for Tess because she thinks it is her fault thatAlec raped, it also creates admiration for Tess that she would do anything to save her child. It later says in the paragraph. “She took the baby from her bed – a child’s child”which shows that Tess is still a child and isn’t old enough to be parent.

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