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Proposed Budget Cuts

Proposed Budget Cuts

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Published by KathleenHaley

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Published by: KathleenHaley on May 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eileen Teichert, City AttorneyShirley Concolino, City ClerkRussell Fehr, City Treasure
William H. Edgar, Interim City Manager 
City of SacramentoCity Council
915 I Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814www.CityofSacramento.org
Meeting Date
Report Type:
Title: FY2011/12 Proposed Budget for the Departments of Economic Development, Finance,General Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Transportation and Utilitiesand delivery of Supplemental Budget Information as availableReport ID:
Conduct a public hearing and upon conclusion adopt an intent motion to approvethe Proposed Budget for FY2011/12 for the Economic Development, Finance, General Services,Human Resources, Information Technology, Transportation, and Utilities Departments.
Virginia Smith
Leyne Milstein
Budget Office
Dept ID:
 _________________________________________________________________________ City Attorney Review
Approved as to FormLarry Duran5/20/2011 2:20:56 PM
Department Directoror Designee: Dawn Holm -5/20/2011 1:06:57 PMAssistant City Manager: BEdgar -5/20/2011 1:30:39 PM
This report tr ansmits the FY2011/12 Proposed Operating Budget details for theEconomic Development, General Services, Transportation, Utilities, and Support Departments.Details of the department’s Operating Budgets are provided in the Background section of thisreport (Attachments 1-7).
Policy Considerations:
After three consecutive years of reductions, the City continues themonumental task of rightsizing the organization. Given the size of the challenge, and the fact thatongoing efforts to align revenues and expenditures have not been able to keep pace with therevenue declines in prior years and significant year-to-year expenditure increases, it is critical thatfuture reduction efforts reflect the need to initiate major permanent changes to ensure long-termfiscal sustainability.On May 12, 2011, the City Council approved the following parameters to be used for reconsideration of cuts:
FY2011/12 actionsneed to be considered within a multi-year context; the budgetprocess must be a continuous conversation.
The Reserve for Economic Uncertainty will not be used.
One-time cuts will not be used to replace permanent cuts.
Any new revenue proposals will not beused until implemented.
Any labor concessions will be used to mitigate reductions in that bargaining group onlyduring the concession period.Closing the gap will require difficult decisions about program priorities and levels of service,and will require discipline to ensure that the solutions implemented address the City’s long-term financial challenges.
Environmental Considerations:California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA):
This report concerns administrative activitiesthat will not have any significant effect on the environment, and that do not constitute a"project" as defined by CEQA [CEQA Guidelines Sections 15061(b)(3); 15378(b)(2)].
: Not applicable.
Commission/Committee Action:
Not applicable.
Rationale for Recommendation:
The severe economic downturn impacting the nation, state,and City require that significant budget reductions be implemented in order to stabilize theCity’s budget and continue the process of returning the General Fund budget to sustainability.
Financial Considerations
: The City must close the $39 million gap between revenues and expensesin the General Fund to achieve a fiscally sustainable budget. The deficit will persist unless permanentcorrective actions are taken to change the City’s revenue and cost structures as well as thecomplement of services delivered in order to create a financially sustainable way to meet the mostcritical needs of our community. The following summarizes the proposed reductions by department:
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The Economic Development Department will be reduced by $707,406 and 4.0 FTE (1.0Unrepresented FTE will be moved to Community Development Department).
The General Services Department will be reduced by $2,123,541 and 22.5 FTE (3.5Unrepresented, 19.0 Represented).
The Transportation Department will be reduced by $440,884 in General Funds.
The Utilities Department will be increased by $2.2 million in revenues ($1.5 million in SolidWaste and $700K in Drainage) and reduced by $4.5 million ($3.2 million in the Water Fund,$1.3 million in the Sewer Fund).
The Support Services Departments include Finance, Human Resources, and InformationTechnology. The Departments will reduced by 887,000 and revenues will be increased by$592,000 for a total reduction of costs to the General fund of $1,479,000 and 5.0 FTE.
The Finance Department budget as proposed will be increased by $592,000 and 2.0Represented FTE.
The Human Resources Department budget as proposed will be reduced by $240,000and 2.0 Unrepresented FTE.
The Information Technology Department budget as proposed will be reduced by$647,000 and 5.0 FTE (2.0 Unrepresented, 3.0 Represented).
Emerging Small Business Development (ESBD):
Not applicable.

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