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Car Collector Chronicles 06-11

Car Collector Chronicles 06-11

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Published by Dave Yaros
Jun 2011 edition (06/2011, 5 pgs.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: High RPMs, I'll Take One of Each-Thank You!, Kiwi Olds Followup

PHOTOS: 1955 Cadillac Assembly, Allante Assembly, GM Futureliners, 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta Convertible.

FILE NAME: Car Collector Chronicles 06-11.pdf
Jun 2011 edition (06/2011, 5 pgs.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: High RPMs, I'll Take One of Each-Thank You!, Kiwi Olds Followup

PHOTOS: 1955 Cadillac Assembly, Allante Assembly, GM Futureliners, 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta Convertible.

FILE NAME: Car Collector Chronicles 06-11.pdf

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Published by: Dave Yaros on May 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume IV, Issue 6
cannot fathom how, otherwise, itwould have gotten so filthy. At anyrate, it is now getting to the point of being presentable and soon ready toagain greet Olds fans! I shall firstsubject it to blasts of compressed airto try and get out the particles of sand/dirt that still seem to be oozingfrom the freshly cleaned fibers?Speaking on Olds matters:Let me note the passing in Aprilof a true Oldsmobile legend, JoeMondello. When it came toOlds performance, Joe had theability to wring out every ounceof horsepower in a Rocket V-8.He truly earned the title “Dr.Oldsmobile.” Of equal notewas his willingness to share hisknowledge, educate others andstand ready to help withouthaving to be asked twice. Sim-ply put, Joe made owning anOlds even better!Last fall I purchased a usedOldsmobile door mat, for lack of a better term. It is approxi-mately 4’ x 6’, red in color, withthe rocket logo and the word“Oldsmobile” in black. It has arubber backing. My intent is todisplay it alongside
at shows.With the first really warm WIday (84º on 10 Apr) I decided itwas time to inspect the mat,which had been sitting in the carbarn in a sealed box since pur-chased. When I opened thebox and unrolled the carpet adust cloud rose up! I did knowthere was chewing gum embed-ded in the carpet that wouldneed to be removed. Once thatwas taken care of, I thoroughlyvacuumed the carpet.It was now ready for the pres-sure washer treatment. I amhere to tell you that rivers of brown, dirty water flowed fromthe carpet. I hit it repeatedly toget out as much dirt as possible.I then scrubbed the carpet withcarpet cleaner. It too turnedbrown! Continual spraying withthe pressure washer finally gotit to the point that the drippingwater was clear, instead of brown or grey, and one couldactually tell the color of thecarpet is bright red.When this mat was in use atan Oldsmobile dealership, I canonly conclude it must have beenoutside, at the front door. I
 High RPMs 
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Find GDYNets on the web:
-THE FORUM http://ccc.activeboard.comCar Collector Chronicles-scribdSaved 62 -1962 Olds web sitehttp://www.freewebs.com/ jeandaveyarosThe Gray Lady -
1955 CadillacCoup
de Ville web site
A website devotedto our 1962 Oldsmobile Dy-namic 88 convertible. The sitealso has a lot of information onOldsmobiles and its founder,Ransom Eli Olds.
This web-site features our 1955 CadillacCoupé de Ville and Caddy in-formation.
A website de-voted to a myriad of interests.Foremost is extensive informa-tion on the “Steel City” of Gary,IN. There are also offerings onsteel making, U.S. Steel-GaryWorks, U.S. Marine Corps, M14assault rifle, of course Oldsmo-bile, and the tragic story of themurder of Gary, IN Police Lt.George Yaros.
 June 2011Car Collector Chronicles
Car Collector Chronicles 
Car Collecting Today
Classic Rides
Reports From the Field
(1902- )
é (1987-1993)
High RPMs
GDYNetsOn the Web
I’ll Take One of Each, Thank You!
Kiwi Olds -Followup
Coming NextIssue
Forum EMail:
This one boggles the mind. We all know someone obsessed with aparticular marque, for whatever reason. In fact, we all may be guilty of such, to some degree. That being said, none of us can even begin tohold a candle to an “Iowa farmer,” named Dennis Albaugh. His fascina-tion is with Chevrolet. Not just any Chevy however, but particularlyChevrolet convertibles.What do I mean by obsessed? Would you believe he owns at least 1each of every Chevy convertible ever manufactured, including Vettes?His collection of over 110 cars starts with the 1912 model year, andgoes through 1975. The 1912 is actually a Little, manufactured under the watchful eye of William Durant and later brought into the Chevy fold.The only year not represented is 1939. Why? He doesn’t have a ‘39because Chevy did not make a convertible in the 1939 model year.Why does the collection stop at 1975? Because that is the last year GMoffered convertible models. Every convertible Chevrolet ever madedoes specifically include the Corvette models from 1953 through 1975.Readers need to know that this is a private collection. One may not just drive over to Iowa and check them out. Occasionally, Albaughholds a charity event revolving around his cars, but it is strictly his call asto if and when he does so. The best we mere peons can do is view hiscars online. Here are some links:
Your search engine of choice will also garner plenty of hits on the term “Albaugh and Chevro-let.”So who is this guy? What is his story? I referenced him as an “Iowafarmer.” That is sort of true. Along with his brother, he worked the fam-ily farm. It became apparent this endeavor could not generate enoughincome to support the both of them. Denny, being a nice guy, let hisbrother take over the operation. For his part, he went into agrichemicaldelivery. The initial efforts did not fare well, to say the least. He renteda truck and tank to deliver 1,500 gals. of weed killer to a customer. Un-beknownst to Dennis, the rented tank had a leak. By the time he got tothe farm to make his delivery, the tank was empty! Dennis did manageto overcome this financial disaster, and the rest his history, as they say.Dennis progressed from agrichemical delivery to agrichemical manu-facture. One item he manufactures is the key chemical used in formu-lating Roundup™. He has plants in MO, Argentina and Brazil. He isalso working on a deal to open yet another plant in Mexico.
Car Collector Chronicles
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“… [H]
e ownsat least 1 eachof every Chevy convertibleever manufactured,including Vettes.
While Denny still maintains his Iowa roots, his legal residence is inMarco Island, FL. He lives in FL, but not just for the weather. FL hasno personal income tax. That is significant when one realizes that Al-baugh is high on the
Forbes Magazine
® annual listing of the well-heeled. His current estimated worth is a mere $1.5 Billion!The pad he maintains in his hometown of Ankeny, IA, encompasses10,000 sq. ft. and includes a 19-hole golf course on the grounds. Notbad for a part-time residence!In his spare time, when he is not working or playing with his belovedChevys, Dennis is into horse breeding and racing. He is joined in thisactivity with his son-in-law, who introduced him to the avocation. To-gether they own 10 race horses. He is also dabbling in real estate, con-structing a 3,500 home subdivision near his IA home.Here is a shot of just some of his Chevys:Who maintains these rides, and at what annual cost, I wonder? WhatI do know is, Jay Leno, you definitely have competition among the mostmoneyed car collectors!
His current estimated worth is amere $1.5 Billion! 
Car Collector Chronicles
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