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Spanish Ranch 1 Association Bylaws 2011 revision

Spanish Ranch 1 Association Bylaws 2011 revision

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Published by PastorCharlie

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Published by: PastorCharlie on May 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spanish Ranch 1 AssociationBy-Laws
Spanish Ranch 1 Mobile Home Park
Revised: April 2011
Article I Name
The name of this organization shall be SPANISH RANCH 1 ASSOCIATION, INC. a non-profitorganization. Hereafter SPANISH RANCH I ASSOCIATION shall be referred to as theASSOCIATION.
Article II Purpose and GoalSECTION 1:
It shall be the purpose of the Association to foster and promote a safeand harmonious living environment for all the residents through the sponsorship of cultural,education and social activities of general appeal so that all residents feel welcomed toparticipate in the Association. It is also our goal to promote a friendly environment withinour community for all residents while respecting the privacy of all individuals. Ourrecommendations and decisions will reflect the fact that we are a family park. Discriminationof any type will not be tolerated. The Association shall act as the political action bodywhenever it becomes necessary to defend the rights of all park residents granted under theHayward Mobile home Rent Stabilization Ordinance, the California State Mobile homeResidency Law (California Civil Code Sections 798 through 799.10), all other California statelaws and codes, United States laws and codes.
The Association will work with and listen to the concerns of residentsand discuss with Management the decisions made at the Executive Board Meetings and themonthly Association meetings to improve living conditions, safety and well-being of theresidents of our Park. If the park residents along with the elected officers and the Board of Directors of the Association feel that the management staff is not cooperating with ourrequests made concerning the park residents’ amenities and living conditions, theAssociation will take all steps necessary to resolve those unsolved issues.
Article III MembershipSECTION 1:
All legal residents of Spanish Ranch 1 Mobile Home Park areautomatically members of the Association, without levy, upon establishment of residence.Legal residents shall be defined as those residents who are registered with the managementof the park and of legal voting age as defined by the State of California.
Minors age 14 and under shall be accompanied by a parent orguardian to all adult social events.
Article IV Elected OfficersSECTION 1:
The elected officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The office of President shall be filled by one person butany two of the remaining three offices may be held concurrently by a single individual.
The term of office shall be for one year based upon a fiscal yearbeginning May 1 and ending April 30. The maximum term of service for any office shall betwo consecutive terms.
The Duties of the elected Officers shall be as follows:
The President shall preside at the Association meetings,Board of Directors meetings, and when the Association feels necessary, meet withManagement to represent the residents of the park and their concerns to foster andmaintain unity and cooperation within the park. The President will only vote as atiebreaker and will make sure that all Association by-laws are adhered to.b.
The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the presidentwhen the President is unavailable. He/She shall assist the President as requested bythe President. The Vice-President shall be a de facto member of all committees andshall assist all committees as necessary.c.
The Secretary shall record and publish the Minutes of themeetings of the Association and the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors inthe El Toro.
Should neither the President nor the Vice-President be available, theSecretary shall assume the duties of the President of the Association. The Secretarywill also receive, file and send correspondence as directed by the Association.Recommendations and reports from the Board of Directors’ monthly meeting will beincluded in the published minutes for review by the residents.d.
The Treasurer shall receive, deposit and dispenseAssociation funds as directed by the Association members. The Treasurer will keepwritten records of all transactions and will report the status of the Association’s fundsat the Board’s monthly meetings. At any meeting which the treasurer cannot attend,a Treasurer’s Report will be supplied to the members and read by the President. Thetreasurer will provide a monthly accounting for publication in the El Toro detailingincome and expenses. The treasurer shall also prepare an annual budget and presentit to the May Board meeting for approval and then for publication in the El Toro bythe deadline for the July issue. Residents seeking to question or contest Boardexpenditures should attend and do so at the monthly Board meeting
If any Officer vacates their position, the office will be filled by a personagreed upon by a majority of the Board at the next monthly meeting following the vacatingof the office. This position will be for the balance of the fiscal year.
If any officer fails to attend any three (3) consecutive meetings (Boardor Association) without being formally excused by the presiding officer or if any officer failsto fulfill the duties of their office as defined in the by-laws, that officer shall be removedfrom their office by a majority vote at the earliest Board or Association meeting possible.
A quorum of FIVE Board members of which TWO must be electedofficers, shall be required to be present before any Board business can be transacted.
The Board shall present to the general membership for prior approvalany expenditure not in the annual budget in excess of 25% of the current treasury.
Article V Board of DirectorsSECTION 1:
The members of the Association, at the April Association Meeting, willelect from nominated members of the Association to serve on the Board. There will be aminimum of four and no more than six members of the Board of Directors in addition to theelected officers of the Association.
Serving as a member of the Board of Directors will be for a period of one year, from May 1 through April 30. To serve on the Board the following year, a Boardmember must be re-elected by the Association. The maximum number of terms that can beserved by a member of the Board of Directors would be four (4) consecutive terms.
Any member of the Board of Directors who does not attend three (3)consecutive meetings (Board or Association) without being formally excused by the
presiding officer or who does not fulfill the duties of their positions may be removed fromtheir office by a majority vote at the earliest Board or Association meeting possible.
Duties of the Members of the Board of Directors (other than Officers)shall be as follows: (1) Chair or assist in appointing a Chairperson for the committees of the Association; (2) Investigate concerns of residents as directed by the Board of Directors;(3) Facilitate communication between the members of the Board of Directors and the park’sresidents.
Article VI CommitteesSECTION 1:
Committees for the Association may consist of the following: SocialActivities, Welcoming, Youth, Disaster, Grievance, and any others deemed necessary by theAssociation members. The community positions of Spectrum, Neighborhood Watch, HMOARepresentative and the El Toro Editor are encouraged to work cooperatively with theAssociation and give regular reports at the meetings. Should a community position becomevacant, the Association will assist in finding a replacement.
The Spanish Ranch 1 Association is not associated with Los RancherosCharities (Bingo).
Article VII VotingSECTION 1:
Each legal resident shall have One (1) vote in Association matters.
(a) Voting in the election of Officers, Board of Directors, or for anymotion at an Association meeting will be by count of hands. A simple majority shall suffice.If any resident so requests, voting will be by written ballots.(b) Voting at the Board of Directors’ meeting will be by a show of hands of the current Board members. A simple majority shall suffice. The President can onlyvote in the case of a tie.
Voting on Amendments to the By-Laws of the Association, which havebeen properly submitted and noticed as provided in Article IX, shall be by written ballots,2/3 majority of those Association members attending shall suffice.
At the February Board meeting, the President shall call for a VolunteerNominating Committee from the general membership of the Association.
At the April Association meeting, recommendations from theNominating Committee Chairperson shall be received along with nominations from the floor.Elections for the Association Officers as well as members of the Board of Directors will takeplace. The new Officers and Board of Directors members will assume office on May 1.
Rules of Order. The usual parliamentary rules as laid down in “RobertsRules of Order” shall govern all deliberation when not in conflict with the by-laws of theAssociation. A copy of the Association By-Laws will be provided to all new registered parkresidents. A copy of Roberts Rules of Order will be available for review at all Associationmeetings.
Article VIII MeetingsSECTION 1:
The Board of Directors shall meet monthly. Recommendations fromthis meeting will be included in the minutes published in the El Toro. This meeting will beopen to any resident of Spanish Ranch I. The location of this meeting will be at theclubhouse and the date posted at the clubhouse and on the website.
The general membership meeting of the Association shall be held onthe first Thursday of each month
at 7:00 p.m. in the main clubhouse for the purpose

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