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AbeViet English Vi Du Ve Writing

AbeViet English Vi Du Ve Writing

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Published by AbeViet

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Published by: AbeViet on May 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 For more material and information, please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc atwww.tailieuduhoc.org
ng d
n chung v
bài lu
n:1. Topics:
 Some intensive English programs in the United States offer a foreign student the optionof living with an American family while he or she is studying abroad. Many students feelthat such a home-stay program is a valuable part of their total learning experience.However, others may feel that such a plan offers little value. In a short essay, discuss oneor two advantages of living with an American family and then state one or twodisadvantages. Tell whether you are in favor of or opposed to the idea of home-stay. Giveexamples to support your opinion.
2) OutlineAdvantages:
 · Opportunity to learn about American customs----How to behave on different occasions----Other aspects of American life· Environment to improve English----Conversation with family members----Homework 
:· Lack of privacy and independence----Family activities· Being treated like a child----Making friends----Leisure activities
3) Opening:
 There is much disagreement over whether it is necessary for a foreign student who isstudying in the United States to live with an American family. Some people maintain thatthe home-stay program is meaningless. Other people, however, argue that such a programis a valuable part of their total learning experience. If I were forced to agree with one of the two positions, my choice would be for the latter.
4) Body:
 Why do some people dislike the idea of staying with an American family?
For onething
, these people think that living with an American family involves both a lack of privacy and little opportunity to be independent.
For instance
, the foreign student mayfind that the family expects him or her to join them in group activities such as watchingtelevision and going on picnics. At times,
, he or she might enjoy staying aloneto read or to write letters.
For another
, living in an American home involves thepossibility that the family may treat the student like a child.
For example
, the parents
 For more material and information, please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc atwww.tailieuduhoc.org
may want to decide who the student's friends will be and how he or she should spend theleisure time.Although I agree that there may be one or two disadvantages to living with anAmerican family, I insist that the advantages far outweigh them.
In the first place
, bytaking part in a home-stay program, the student gains an excellent opportunity to learnabout American customs. He or she will find out how to behave in different socialsituations such as parties and ceremonies and how to dress on these occasions.
, the student will learn about many other aspects of the American way of life,such as the way schools are run in the United States. With a family close by, he or shecan ask questions about attendance rules and school costs.
, the family willmake certain that the student becomes acquainted with this new way of life, and soon heor she will feel at home.
In the second place
, living with an American family providesthe student with an ideal environment to improve his or her English.
For example
, eachtime the student has a conversation with someone in the family, this native speaker canhelp with his or her pronunciation and grammar. Maybe even the young children in thefamily can help the student with his or her homework.
As a result
, English will surroundthe student most of the time during his or her stay in the United States.
5) Conclusion:
 In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of a home-stay program are more obviousthan its disadvantages not only because the student can learn about American customs inthe most natural way possible, but also because the student can improve his or herEnglish more effectively in the native language environment.
Brief Checklist
 ----Have I answered the question?----Does my essay have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion?----Does my introduction have a thesis statement?----Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence?----Does each topic sentence have sufficient examples and/or reasons?----Have I correctly used transitions and reference words?----Does each paragraph have sentence variety?----Does my conclusion make it clear which side I support?----Are there any run-on sentences or fragments?----Have I used parallel structure correctly?----Have I indented each paragraph?----Have I used capital letters correctly?----Have I made any mistakes in punctuation?----Are there any spelling mistakes?----Have I made other obvious grammatical mistakes?
 For more material and information, please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc atwww.tailieuduhoc.org
ng d
n v
cách liên k 
t câu:Topic 1:
 In most elementary and high schools in the United States, the average class sizeis 25 to 30 students. In some countries, schools have an average class size of more than60 students. In your opinion, what would be the ideal class size? Explain why.
 Which kind of class size is better? In the United States, a typical class in mostelementary and high schools has 25 to 30 students, while in some other countries theaverage class size can amount to more than 60 students.
As far as I am concerned
, aclass of about 20 students is ideal.
In the first place
, the teacher can satisfy the demands of all the students in a smallclass. As there are only about 20 students in the class, it will not be long before theteacher comes to know his or her students well enough. The teacher can get to know theabilities and problems of each student, which makes it easy for the teacher to handle theclass. Consequently, every question can be answered; every request can be satisfied, andevery bit of talent can be tapped.
In the second place
, teaching in a small class can be more effective than in a biggerone. The main reason, I suppose, is that there are more opportunities of communicationbetween the teacher and the students in a small class.
For example
, the teacher can ask more questions and the students have more chances to answer questions. If necessary, aclass can be conducted in the manner of discussion, in which all the participants,including the teacher, can actively exchange views over an idea or issue.
In addition
, notonly does the teacher in a small class find it easier to organize the class, but also thestudents can hear more clearly and thus be more attentive in class. All this is almostimpossible in a class of about 60 students.
A case in point is
the class size of theelementary and high schools in China. Because each class has more than 50 students,those who sit at the back of the classroom cannot hear the teacher clearly and hence oftenbecome absent-minded in class. The teaching result is often unsatisfactory.
In conclusion, I believe that
a small class of about 20 students is more advantageous
not only because
in such a class the teacher can better satisfy the needs of students,
butalso because
it makes the teaching and studying more effective.
Therefore, I stronglyadvocate that
all schools should adopt the policy of small class size.
Topic 2
Developments in transportation such as the invention of the automobile havehad an enormous impact on modern society. Choose another development intransportation that you think is of great importance. Give reasons for your selection.

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