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2011 Summer Sower

2011 Summer Sower

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Published by Plant With Purpose

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Published by: Plant With Purpose on May 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Formerly known as Floresta Usa
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in this issue
I set my jaw and clench every musclein my body, even my toes are curled.An unconscious prayer dances on mylips, “Please, please, please…” Onetentative step. Then another, moreconfdent. The steps gain momentum,gain rhythm. Step over step overperilous step. Until, at last, both eetare frmly planted on a platorm osaety. I exhale the breath I wasn’teven aware I was holding.
Hv you vr wchd  ighrop wr?Wchd hir vry wich nd ovn?Brcd or hir dis? l hir  shbor your ys?Y vn s I cnch nd cring nd con-p suddn dh, hir  isn’ ry onh in. No i hr’s  sy n o cchh in  orgiving wb o grviy viion.I’v bn hining  o bou h r ‘syn’ ovr h ps w onhs. as h con-oy gs nd ny aricns pung hdfrs ino hir suppor syss, our indsno ongr jup o ighrop wrs nddfnc o grviy whn w hr h r‘sy n,’ bu o soci nd fnnci s-y ns: rinds nd iy,  s nsgg, or  svings ccoun. Bu h ningis h s. a sy n, whhr iror fguriv, svs us ro crin hr,csroph, or vn dh. thy hp usbounc bc ro s h woud ohr-wis b dvsing.th rur poor, h pop Pn Wih Pur-pos ss o srv, don’ hv h uxu-ry o sy ns. lrgy dpndn ongricuur, h rur poor r highy vu-nrb o ci chngs, nd no juscro-por-ic-cps-r-ing chng-s, bu o sson chngs nd dirnc-s—droughs, oods, nd ropic sors.Fiis srugg o produc nough cropso d hir chidrn, uch ss sv orh uur or rgncis.according o h IFaD 2011 Rur PovryRpor, “Poor rur pop hv ss rsi-inc hn ss-poor pop bcus hyhv wr sss o  bc on whn
Before VICoBA,we BArely lIVedto surVIVeAnother dAy.now, we AresendIng ourChIldren tosChoolAnd leArnIngto tAkeresponsIBIlIty.
risky BusiNess:
how Communities LiftthemseLves out ofPoverty through asavings-Led system
By Aly lewis 
Plant With Purpose Grant Writer 
WWW.PlaNtWItHPURPOSe.ORgshocks occur. Whn hy do occur, poor po-p y hv o rsor o copin srish invov incurrin db, sin sss, ororoin on ducion opporuniis or chi-drn nd youh –  o which v h huch or vunrb o uur shocks.a Pn Wih Purpos, w us h r “vi-cious cyc” o dscrib his downwrd spiro povry nd dpion o rsourcs, bohnvironn nd ohrwis, h rips ruriis. For hs iis, siny sshocks, ik bd whr or n inss, hrush dpr ino povry, ino db, inohopssnss nd dspir. Diy i is  b-ncin c wih no sy n in sih.Pn Wih Purpos prnrs wih rur co-uniis o rduc hs risks so h hycn ov ou o povry. On wy w do hisis hrouh vi svins nd on roups.lik h n suss, vi svins ndon roups provid n vnu or couni-y brs o sv, n, nd vn onou hir ony. Pn Wih Purpos uiizs svins-d sys h hs hd rndoussuccss in providin fnnci srvics o hrur poor who do no hv ccss o bnk-in insiuions, r unb o quiy or vns ons, nd on cnno rd or wri.Wi  scond, how cn poor pop ordo sv? I hy cn bry surviv, i ssik svin woud b h s hin hy’d bb o do.Wh ks vi svins nd on roupsno ony sib bu so hihy succssuon h rur poor is h roup brshsvs dcid on h oun hy cnrsonby coi o svin ch wk. Prccounbiiy nd fnnci rinin buids cuur o svin, nd roups provid uid-nc nd ncourn o hir brs.ths roups r coposd o nd d bycouniy brs nd hv w ovrhdcoss h or insiuions rquir. Unikrdiion icrofnnc insiuions,  o hinrs cocd ro ons os bck o hroup is rhr hn bin drind o on insiuion ousid o h couniy. toccood iir popuions, visvins nd on roups uiiz orizions w s sybos h rprsn h nubro roup pds.Pn Wih Purpos hs xprincd rsuccss wih his svins-d sys in ispror in tnzni, whr w hv  hriv-in nwork o 64 roups wih ovr 1,800brs. mrs. erud,  won ro hvi o Buruk in tnzni, sid, “BorVICOBa, w bry ivd o surviv noh-r dy. Now, w r sndin our chidrn oschoo nd rnin o k rsponsibiiy. Ws now h vu o ducion. W r us-in our own ony o k cr o oursvs.thr r no on shrks or ovrnn of-cis o worry bou. W hv i o os, buvryhin o in.ths s roups n bi chn or -iis on h brink. By providin iis wih bur o svins or rncis, invs-in in hir nd, srin s businsss,or pricipin in ohr civiis h coudhp brin h ou o povry bco ssrisky. thy r b o sbiiz hir incoo  v whr hy cn bsorb shocks.Whr vry drouh  ho—or pricdrop round h word—won’ prvnh ro din hir iis. Whr v-ry sor or inss or bd hrvs dosn’hv o b s prious s  ihrop wkwihou  sy n.
To learn more about Plant With Purpose’
innovative village savings and loan
groups, or to sponsor a village that is im- plementing these techniques, visit our website at www.plantwithpurpose.org.

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