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Forrester.web Analytics Cornerstone

Forrester.web Analytics Cornerstone

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Published by Larry Williams

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Published by: Larry Williams on May 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Making Leaders Successul Every Day
Mach 29, 2010
How We Aaics Wi EmegeAs A Coesoe O CsomeIeigece
 Joseph Sahopeo Csome Ieigece Poessioas
© 2010, Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. Inormation is based on best availableresources. Opinions refect judgment at the time and are subject to change. Forrester®, Technographics®, Forrester Wave, RoleView, TechRadar,and Total Economic Impact are trademarks o Forrester Research, Inc. All other trademarks are the property o their respective companies. To purchase reprints o this document, please email clientsupport@orrester.com. For additional inormation, go towww.orrester.com.
Fo Csome Ieigece Poessioas
Marketers today have a dizzying array o online and oine touchpoints at their disposal, but withouta doubt all roads lead through the Web. For most organizations, Web sites, microsites, landing pages,communities, and other interactive properties are mission-critical or acquiring, retaining, andnurturing customers and other target audiences. By denition this reality makes the Web one o themost crucial sources o insight or Customer Intelligence (CI) proessionals. o put that insight intoaction, rms must leverage Web analytics beyond isolated Web site marketing and operations to eedanalysis, decision support, and execution or the entire marketing unction. Tis report outlines theuture trajectory o Web analytics technology and gives CI proessionals pragmatic advice about howto use that technology as a oundational component or customer intelligence that uels multichannelmarketing eectiveness.
 tAblE OF COntEntS
The Web Is A Uderutiied Source Of Customer IsihtEter The Web Aatics PatformWeb Aatics Techoo Wi Eted BeodThe Web Site I Two Phases
 toda: We Aaics Cemes Is Posiio As the nces O Oie Measeme tomoow: Compehesie We IeigeceWi Die vae thogho the Makeig Mi
Impemet A Web Iteiece Hub ForCustomer Iteiece
The Emeri Web Iteiece Hub SetsBroad Mareti Chaes I Motio
Foese ieiewed 15 edo ad secompaies o his epo.
Reated Research Documets
Mach 29, 2010
How We Aaics Wi Emege As A CoesoeO Csome Ieigece
usig Sie-based Ieigece to Die Michae Makeig Impoemes
b Joseph Stahope
wih Cao A. Do ad Emi Mph
©2010, Foese reseach, Ic. repodcio PohiiedMach 29, 2010
How We Aaics Wi Emege As A Coesoe O Csome Ieigece 
Fo Csome Ieigece Poessioas
Marketers are committing considerable eort to creating highly relevant integrated marketingcommunications spanning online and oine, outbound and inbound, mass and addressable. Tebreadth and depth o options presents an incredible palette to marketers rom which to createcustomer interactions, but the Web rises above all others as the tie that binds marketing channelstogether. Tis phenomenon is evident in countless scenarios, such as email campaigns that driverecipients to the Web site or the use o rich media within predominantly oine advertisingcampaigns. And yet marketers still ail to realize the ullest potential o Web-based intelligence inthe context o multichannel marketing. Why? Because:
Customer Intelligence teams are already overextended.
No Customer Intelligence proessionalhas ever complained about a surplus o ree time. Extending the use o existing Web-basedintelligence requires stretching beyond day-to-day business tasks and project work, a luxury that lean Customer Intelligence teams simply cannot aord in these recession-wracked times.
Marketing responsibilities still live in channel-specic silos.
Te customer experience isrequently broken down into components and owned by dierent departments, teams, or lineso business, resulting in substantial integration challenges. Te complexity o synching customerdata grows exponentially when oine and online marketing are considered dierent businessunits or when channel relationships are spliced apart between Web, bricks and mortar, media,and CRM teams.
Most rms lack an evangelist or Web intelligence.
Outside o those who specialize in onlinechannels, most marketers in the enterprise are not aware o the cross-channel value o Web-based intelligence. Tis squandered opportunity needs to be rectied by savvy CI proessionalswho understand the potential o — and can act as an advocate or — the multichannel business value o customer insights rom the Web.
I the Web is the common thread throughout the marketing mix, marketers can ill aord to missthe opportunity to use Web analytics to close the gaps between cross-channel marketing tactics. Webelieve that Web analytics platorms are one o the most critical sources o activity and insight orCustomer Intelligence because they (see Figure 1):
Enjoy near universal adoption.
At this stage, the penetration o Web analytics technology isextremely broad and most companies already have the Web analytics capabilities in place and aregathering the requisite baseline data rom which to start building strategic Customer Intelligence.
Provide rapid eedback.
Activities on the Web play out in rapid time rames; campaigns areoen completed in days or even hours, essentially at the speed o light when compared withtraditional media cycles. Te ability to gather and analyze data quickly allows or testing anditerative improvements that ew channels can rival.

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