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Inner Earth 2

Inner Earth 2

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Published by Geoffroy Coutellier

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Published by: Geoffroy Coutellier on May 28, 2011
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Our Living Hollow Earth
by Rodney M. Cluff (2008)
 The Aurora Australis Over AntarcticaEmanating from the South Polar OrificeFor centuries, people have referred to our earth, the planet upon which we live, as "motherearth."In nature, seeds germinate in fertile soil to become giant trees, crops of our fields, or thehumble grass we walk on. We don't even think about the air we breath, but we couldn't livewithout it. The soil and waters of earth grow the food we eat. The gravity of earth holds ourfeet firmly on the ground. Without the gravity of our mother earth, we would float out intoouter space and be lost. Our lives depend entirely upon the fortitude of our mother earth.From space, earth appears as a beautiful jewel shining in the light of the sun. Our lives dependso much on mother earth that most of the time we take her for granted, but some people evenworship her.It would seem that mother earth indeed is the source of all life upon it. Seeds germinate in its1
soil, fish lay their eggs in the sea and hatch to fill the oceans with life. Our very own bodies aremade from mother earth -- made from the minerals taken up in the plants that we eat. Andwhen we die, our bodies disintegrate into soil once more to provide the fertilizer for yet anotherlife to begin its life's journey in the light of the sun. Yet science has utterly been unable togenerate life from lifelessness. It seems to be an indisputable law of the universe that only lifecan beget life. Therefore, it is a logical assumption that our earth must be alive in order for itto beget life on and within it.Indeed, God's revealed word to man indicates that our earth is alive. It appears that God wouldhave us know that our earth upon which we live is actually a living being. This is not a newidea. The indigenous people of many lands believe to this day that the earth is alive. Forexample, the American Indian treat the earth with great respect because they believe it isalive.Is there any scriptural or scientific evidence that would indicate that our earth is alive? Believeit or not, there is an abundance of this evidence. Not that the earth should be worshiped likemany ancient peoples apparently did when they worshiped the earth, the sun, the moon andstars. But at least, this knowledge should generate within us a deep respect for the planetupon which we live which provides us our home in the vastness of space. The scriptures do indicate that our "mother" earth is alive. In the scriptures, we find that theEarth has many characteristics of a living being. It has a mouth, a womb, a heart, a navel, withopenings into it's interior, breathes, and can even "speak" as an intelligent being. Indeed, thescriptures when describing the earth, describe a hollow planet with polar openings and aninterior sun with people living throughout its entirety -- on its outer surface, within it's shell, onit's inner surface and within the interior sun.2
Earth's Premortal Existence
As all living beings, the earth was "born" spiritually first, and then came into existencephysically second. It acknowledges the existence of its creator, God, and "obeys" God'scelestial law. As a righteous living being, the Earth underwent a baptism of immersion in waterat the time of Noah's flood. At the beginning of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ upon theEarth, it will undergo a baptism of fire, and at the end of it's temporal existence, the earth will"die" and be brought forth in it's resurrected form as a celestial kingdom to be inhabited in theeternities by those of its inhabitants worthy of a celestial glory.All life had it's genesis with God. Jesus Christ is the creator of heaven and earth -- the Great "IAm," who revealed himself to Moses. And all living things were created first spiritually beforethey were created temporally upon the earth.InGenesis 2:5, we learn that "every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herbof the field before it grew" were created first spiritually before they were created physicallyupon the earth. This was clarified in Joseph Smith's re translation of the Book of Moses: "For I, the Lord God,created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the faceof the earth. For I, the Lord God, had not caused it to rain upon the face of the earth. And I, theLord God, had created all the children of men; and not yet a man to till the ground; for inheaven created I them; and there was not yet flesh upon the earth, neither in the water,neither in the air;" (Pearl of Great Price,Moses 3:5)All living beings, including the earth, have a spirit body, as well as a physical body. Jesus Christrevealed to the prophet Joseph Smith, "that which is spiritual being in the likeness of that whichis temporal; and that which is temporal in the likeness of that which is spiritual; the spirit of man in the likeness of his person, as also the spirit of the beast, and every other creature whichGod has created." (Doctrine & Covenants 77:2) It is the spirit within each living being thatgives it life. When that spirit leaves the physical body at death, then that body becomes life-less.From this we learn that within our bodies, we have a spirit that looks like us, but is made of a"spiritual" substance. To the prophet Joseph Smith, it was revealed that, "There is no suchthing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only bediscerned by purer eyes; We cannot see it; but when our bodies are purified we shall see that itis all matter." (D&C 131:7-8)What's more, it is evident from the scriptures that the spirit of every living thing had parents inHeaven that gave it life. Concerning our heavenly parents, the scripture states, referring toOur Father in Heaven, "Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, andwe gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits,and live?" (Hebrews 12:9) And Christ told his disciples to pray to "Our Father which art inheaven..." in which Christ is telling us that we all have a father in heaven -- the father of ourspirit bodies, and if we have a father, we also, of course, have a mother in heaven, -- forwherever was there a father without a mother?Even so, if our earth is a living entity, it must also have a spirit that gives it life. Indeed, it is so,for the spirit world of this earth is where the spirits of all men go at death. The MormonApostle, Bruce R. McConkie, in his book, MORMON DOCTRINE wrote, "The spirit that enters thebody at birth leaves it at death, and immediately finds itself in the spirit world. That world isupon this earth." (MORMON DOCTRINE, p. 68) Since the spirits of all living entities have thesame shape and appearance as their physical bodies, so the earth's spirit world has the same3

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