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Psychic Party Games

Psychic Party Games

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Published by Wade Long

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Wade Long on May 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic PartyGames
Visual TelepathyTouch DancingLight as a Feather Gaze PsychometryTouch PsychometryThe PendulumAura Reading
Visual Telepathy
 Visual Telepathy occurs when two people maintain steady eye contact for an extended period whileattempting to see each other's face as clearly as possible. In less than a minute or so this causes "changes"in the appearance of the other's face, which can be anything from simple blurs to outright hallucinations.Even more amazing is that sometimes you see an entirely different person from the one you sat downwith! (It is possible that these images of "other people" are actually perceptions of that person in other incarnations.) Because these changes in visual perception occur to both participants at the same time andwith the same level of intensity, it becomes obvious that some form of "psychic link" is connecting theawareness of both individuals. That link is a form of telepathy and implies a merger of consciousawareness. It is also possible to describe emotional sensations, mental images, and with sufficient practice, even thoughts, simply by describing what you experience while performing this exercise.DETAILED INSTRUCTIONSThe exercise is extremely easy to perform. Everyone at your party who wants to participate pairs upwith someone they feel comfortable with, then the two people sit a comfortable distance apart, facingeach other. Each person looks at one of their partner's eyes, then attempts to expand the area of clear  perception to include all of the other person's face. This is essentially all one needs to do in order to causethe effects to happen. (More specific instructions are provided in a moment.)Before performing this exercise it is useful to make some observations about the nature of our physicalvisual perception. Please take a moment to glance around the room and notice that you can see everythingin the room quite clearly. Please do this now. Next I would like you to look at any specific word near the top of this page, then without taking your eyes off that word, tell yourself what the third to last word on this page is. Please do this now.You can't tell what that word is without looking directly at it. Your visual perception, while looking atsomething a comfortable reading distance away, can only focus clearly on an area just over one-inchacross. When looking across the room, depending on how large the room is, the area of clear visual perception is only about one-foot across.When you looked around the room a moment ago and noted that you could see everything quiteclearly, you actually couldn't do that. Our visual perception operates by relying on subconsciousmemories of our past experience. Our subconscious mind recognizes familiar shapes and objects andcreates the impression of clear perception, when in fact we do not see most of our environment clearly atall.The Visual Telepathy exercise focuses upon what we actually see, rather than what we think we aresupposed to see, and in doing so it provides a glimpse at the "reality behind reality."Visual Telepathy produces "alterations" in visual perception and can be a frightening experience for some people, but there is no need to be afraid. The physical world will still be the same place it has always been, and these psychic perceptions have always occurred in the past but have simply been ignored.Telepathy is as real as your arm, as these pages. It is simply an aspect of reality that most people areunfamiliar with in the same way we don't notice the radio waves that constantly surround us. You caninstantly stop any altered perception simply by looking away or by blinking your eyes. (You should blink 
your eyes whenever they need wetting, but not to regain a normal focus unless you wish to stop the visualeffects.)So there you are staring at the eye of another person and attempting to see their entire face as clearlyas you see their eye. (If they look at your left eye, you should look at their right eye -- all the "action"should be on one side.) If you are doing this properly all of your attention will be focused upon your visual attention. Focusing on what you see will automatically stop, or dramatically diminish, the thoughtsyou are aware of. It is important not to be distracted by your thoughts, but if most people deliberatelyattempt to stop thinking they instead focus nearly all of their attention upon their thinking. It is for thisreason that the emphasis should be concentrated upon what you are seeing.I define telepathic awareness as a merger of conscious perception. In order for your awareness tomerge with that of another, the differences between your perceptions and theirs should be reduced asmuch as possible. Theoretically, if there is no difference between your subjective perception and that of another person you would experience being the same being. This has in fact happened to me but it is byno means a common experience while performing this exercise. It does, however, support the idea of amerger of consciousness being the basis of telepathic perception.The structure of this exercise helps to reduce the perceptual differences between yourself and the person you are working with. Both individuals perceive an eye clearly and a face that is mostly blurred.Both are involved in visual concentration, attempting to pull blurry, undifferentiated information into arecognizable image. It sometimes helps to sit in exactly the same "non-defensive" position, but it is moreimportant that both participants be comfortable and unconcerned with body distractions. (Sitting in a non-defensive position means not folding your arms, crossing your legs or otherwise sitting in a way that"shields" you from direct contact with your partner.)You'll get a better idea of what it's like to merge conscious awareness when the visual changes begin tohappen. These alterations in perception can occur almost immediately or could take as long as two or three minutes to begin -- depending upon how well each person concentrates upon their visual perception.Those individuals with a very analytical approach to life often have some difficulty stopping their thoughts. They actively analyze the experience while it happens, the thoughts being a distraction whichinterferes with visual concentration. For those individuals I recommend simply letting the experiencehappen, then analyze it later. The experience can be analyzed to your heart¶s content once you are able tomake it happen in the first place.Other individuals experience dramatic changes within a few seconds. These are people, mostlywomen, who approach life in an intuitive way. They are more focused upon their feelings than their thoughts, and often make "gut level" decisions rather than rely upon reason alone. Surprisingly, these people with such excellent, natural psychic potential are often the most fearful of the experience. They arenot as readily able to fall back on rationalizations and so fear losing their hold on reality.The point here is simply to remember that all this is just another aspect of the world we live in. Assuch there is nothing to fear, and much to gain from learning more.There are three main categories regarding the type of visual alterations which result from applying thistechnique. They are: blurs; hallucinations; and the perception of what appear to be other people.Blurred perception is probably the first thing you will encounter. Of course, everything outside the limitedarea of clear visual perception will initially be somewhat blurry, but you will have no trouble recognizingthe face of your friend. After a moment, however, parts of the face may become darker while others become brighter. There is a sort of slow motion in the way these areas change. Individual parts of theface, say an eyebrow or cheekbone, may become suddenly clear. The entire face seems to change, except

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