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The Merciad, Feb. 10, 2010

The Merciad, Feb. 10, 2010

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Published by TheMerciad
The Merciad, Feb. 10, 2010
The Merciad, Feb. 10, 2010

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Published by: TheMerciad on May 29, 2011
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Page 4Page 3
Art auctionbenefitslocal women veteransCareer Servicesstresses ‘earlypreparation’
Page 2
Don’t ask, don’t tell: Homosexualsin the military
Meghan Agostashoots for gold
Chili BowlCook-offraises moneyfor Haiti
Page 6
Mercyhurst hockey star seekssecond Winter Olympics medal
Read aboutAgostaon Page 7or onlineat merciad.mercyhurst.edu.
Page 2February 10, 2010
Silent art auction to benefi tErie area’s women veterans
By Kelly Luoma
News editor
News Briefs
Mercyhurst College Trustee Helen F. Mullen died Monday after 19 years as a member of the board. According to theMorning Buzz, Mullen was a Mercyhurst graduate and a formeracademic dean of Mercyhurst (Erie). In 1978 she was namedDistinguished Alumna of Mercyhurst. Prior to her retirement,she was dean of enrollment at Robert Morris University, whereshe worked for 28 years.Mercyhurst College President Thomas Gamble said,“Helen Mullen was a good and loyal friend and supporter of Mercyhurst College for many years. She always lent a hand when we needed it, whether as a dean, a trustee, a committeemember or a donor… Over the years she has won the affectionand respect of the entire Mercyhurst community. She will bemissed.”Sympathy cards may be sent to Family of Trustee Helen F.Mullen, 1106 Landing Lane, Moon Township, PA 15108.
Trustee Mullen dies
Initial estimates suggest last week’s Haiti relief events raisedat least $1,500, according to Campus Minister Greg Baker. Thecoalition of student organizations and faculty raised the money through UNICEF’s Chinese auction, Campus Ministry andHuman Resources’ Chili Bowl Cook-off, a fundraising competi-tion between the acdemic departments, door-to-door collectionsand donations taken at the Raw Edges performances, among other events. The money raised will be doubled throughMercyhurst Student Government philanthropy and split betweenUNICEF and Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health. Watch for moreevents for Haiti during spring term. To donate, contact CampusMinistry.
Haiti Week raises moneyLSC hosts competition
Laker Spirit Club (LSC) is hosting a slogan competition fromnow until Sunday, Feb. 21. The student who comes up with themost creative slogan to go on the spring LSC shirts will win $150.Submit entries to LakerLunatics@mercyhurst.edu.
Dance to ‘Heart Beatz’
Mercyhurst College senior Jordan Zangaro has organized asilent auction to benefit women veterans.Zangaro is an intern at My Father’s House of Erie. As partof her internship, she helpeddevelop the idea of transform-ing dresses into works of art asa fundraiser. The auction, “Women in Transition: Silent Art Auction,” will take place on Monday, Feb.15, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Cum-mings Art Gallery. Teams have turned thedresses they purchased into dif-ferent items, including paint-ings, lamps, pillows, clothing and table decorations. At the event, people will havethe chance to walk around andlook at the transformed art. They can bid on pieces they areinterested in by writing downtheir name, contact informa-tion and the amount they wantto spend. The minimum bid for eachpiece is $20. The highest bid foreach piece will win. There will be from 25 to 30pieces of art to bid on if all of the teams turn in their com-pleted projects. Winners will be notified at theend of the auction, but they donot need to be present during the auction.Zangaro said she expects a wide variety of people to attendthe auction.“It will be a lot of students,a lot of family members of people involved and a lot of people from the community.”People who want to see thetransformed art but do not wishto purchase a piece are welcometo attend the auction as well.“There will be a separate boxto make donations,” Zangarosaid. “I really encourage every-one to go.” A video of some of thegroups making their art will beshown at the auction.“It’s really a unique benefit,”Zangaro said. The event is an opportunity for students to see how talentedMercyhurst students really are,Zangaro said.Proceeds from the silentauction will benefit the GraceHouse Project. Grace House isa transition home for women veterans.Grace House Project is affili-ated with My Father’s House of Erie.My Father’s House is a tran-sition home for women thatare homeless or abused. My Father’s House “helps themget their life back together anddeal with their issues,” Zangarosaid. Women veterans who were“mentally abused, sexually abused, physically abused orhomeless” can stay at GraceHouse, Zangaro said. Women veterans can live andtake classes there as a way totransition back into society. After renovations are made,Grace House “will be the ninthfacility in the United States thatspecializes in women veterans,”Zangaro said. Women transition homes areimportant for women veteransbecause if they were sexually abused, many would feel morecomfortable living in a women-only facility, Zangaro said.Zangaro’s auction has“helped to raise awareness forGrace House,” she said. “They have gotten a lot of recognitionfor it.”“The final artwork that hasbeen turned in has been cre-ative and wonderful and really showcases the talent of theparticipants,” Zangaro said.“Hopefully, a lot of people will come out and support thecause.”
Senior Maggie McKosky and sophomore Lindsey Groginskitransformed a dress into a painting for the auction. They usedthe neckline of the dress to make the gold around the sun andstrips of fabric to make the horizon.
Ethan Magoc photo
Mercyhurst College’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is having arave-style dance for Valentine’s Day. The dance is Friday, Feb. 12,from 9 p.m. to midnight in the Cummings Art Gallery. Ticketsare $2 and may be purchased at the door.
Page 3February 10, 2010
Some ‘people...are pure evil’
Ed Miller spoke to Mercy-hurst College students aboutcriminals and their behavior on Wednesday, Feb. 3.Miller is the chief nationalcorrespondent and head of the West Coast Bureau for “Ameri-ca’s Most Wanted.”Miller began the presentationby telling the audience a story about a 6-year-old boy, Adam Walsh, who was kidnapped andmurdered 25 years ago. “Ameri-ca’s Most Wanted” was formedbecause of the mistakes policemade in that case, Miller said.Since the formation 23 yearsago, “America’s Most Wanted”has helped capture more than1,000 fugitives.“America’s Most Wanted”has been involved in cases withfugitives such as James Hamp-ton, Scott Peterson, Jesse JamesHollywood and the ArellanoFelix Drug Cartel.During the lecture, Millershowed videos of a few fugi-tives’ cases.Miller said his view of peoplehas changed due to working onthe show.“I definitely believe there arepeople in the world that arepure evil,” Miller said. “They arebeyond hope (to help).”He said these fugitives do notjust kill a single person. Millersaid, “These families grieve for-ever,” and the fugitives end updestroying the mother, father,siblings and friends as well. At the end of the lecture,Miller gave a tip to females.“If a guy is too controlling, italmost always leads to violence.” The tell-tale sign of violenceis when the man isolates you by cutting you off from family andfriends, Miller said.Mercyhurst freshmen StevenLong, Ryan Haylett and EthanBratton said they thought thepresentation was interesting.“I liked his background and was impressed by his exposure tosuch well-known criminals anddangerous people,” Haylett said.“It was very interesting how criminals often try to justify why they committed the crimes they did,” Long said. “Some used theexcuse that they were an angel.” This presentation was thesecond in MSG’s five-speakerseries. The next speaker, Dr. Gary  Telgenhoff, will speak on Tues-day, March 16. Telegenhoff isa consultant for “CSI: CrimeScene Investigation.”
Chili sampler raises money for Haiti
Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to sample 20 variations of chili and vote on theirfavorite recipes at the Rock ’n’ Roll Chili BowlCook-off.Campus Ministry and Human Resourcesco-sponsored the event, which took place on Wednesday, Feb. 3. After the votes were counted, Christopher and Jennifer Coons claimed victory with “Coons’ White Chili.” Their chili won the title of BestChili on the Hill.“We were surprised,” Director of AdmissionsChristopher Coons said. “We found out through-out the day that white chicken chili is a pretty uncommon recipe.”“Whether or not we win is not what is mostimportant at the end of the day,” Financial Aid Advisor Jennifer Coons said. “We’re glad peoplespent money on the cause.” Tickets cost 25 cents to taste a sample of chili. As part of the campus wide Haiti Relief Week,the Chili Bowl raised $300 and a large box of foodfor the people of Haiti.“This is the best turnout we’ve seen,” Directorof Campus Ministry Greg Baker said. “I’m mosthappy that we can do this event in conjunction with Haiti Relief Week.”“It’s fun to watch the faculty compete,” Bakersaid. “They really take it seriously.”Only five entries could win trophies for theirculinary creations.“It was so tight that we counted and recounted,”Betsy Frank, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, said.Debbie Wurst of Admissions won the Tradi-tional category with her “Wurst is Best” recipe. Associate Athletic Director Aaron Kemp andDarcey Kemp, director of Student Engagementand Leadership Development, won the Hot andSpicy category with their “Sweet Heart” chili.Steve Perkins of Marketing won the Uniquecategory with “Steve’s 4-3-2-1 Chili” recipe.Frank won the Vegetarian category with her“Grape Juice Surprise!” chili.In the end, the crowd enjoyed both the chili andthe chance to aid the Haiti relief effort.“The Chili Bowl is a really great, unique event,”senior Beth Boyd said. “Students love to come outto something new and different, and Haiti relief is a good cause.”
By Jennifer McCurdy
Staff writer
By Alicia Cagle
Staff writer
Christopher and Jennifer Coons won the Rock ’n’ Roll ChiliBowl Cook-off with their ‘Coons’ White Chili.’
 Jennifer McCurdy photo

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