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The Merciad, Sept. 15, 2010

The Merciad, Sept. 15, 2010

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Published by TheMerciad
The Merciad, Sept. 15, 2010
The Merciad, Sept. 15, 2010

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Published by: TheMerciad on May 29, 2011
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Blues, dance and all that jazz
Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center kicks off 15th season with big lineup
‘Hurst webmailmigrates tomymail
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Women’s hockey coachhospitalized
Assistant coach Kristen Cameron, seen at rightduring the 2010 Frozen Four in Minneapolis, was injuredSunday night in a hit-and-run bicycle accident inSummit Township. She remains in serious conditionat Hamot Medical Center.
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Page 2September 15, 2010
“How would you feel if youmissed out on a great internship orjob simply because you ignored asimple e-mail message?”Students received an e-mail last week that began with this questionfrom Associate Director of Mercy-hurst College Career DevelopmentCenter Frank Rizzone. This e-mail informed studentsthat the Career DevelopmentCenter (CDC) launched their new  Web site CareerConnect.CareerConnect is a way for stu-dents to interact with the CDC 24/7,according to Executive Director of Mercyhurst College Career Devel-opment Center Dr. Kyle Foust.Career Development CounselorKristy Ciccarelli said that this Web siteis a “one stop shop” where studentscan conduct job searches, uploadresumes and be recruited for jobs.Senior Alex Falatovich has usedthe site to search for jobs.“One thing I am concerned aboutis how useful it will actually be atfinding potential jobs as the searchengine for job postings appearssomewhat limited,” Falatovich said.“If it isn’t more comprehensive, it won’t work as it’s just as easy to useLinkedIn, Monster or some othersite. Overall, it’s a positive step for- ward and has potential.” The CDC is constantly finding new ways to make CareerConnectbetter for students.“It’s like a Christmas tree, andevery morning we get a new gift,”Foust said. The driving force behind Career-Connect is for students to have abetter way of being notified aboutinternships, Foust said. This service is not just for upper-classmen. Freshmen and alumni caneven access all the site has to offer,Ciccarelli said. The site includes videos abouttopics such as dressing for successand how to prepare for career fairs.In the month CareerConnect hasbeen live, over 320 students haveactivated their accounts. Senior Toni Novello is one such student.“I love that as a student I cansearch for an internship or jobopportunity in different citiesand states within my discipline,”Novello said. To activate a CareerConnectaccount, log into myinterfase.com/mercyhurst/student. From there,students can edit their profile,upload their resume and begin theirjob search.
By Alicia Cagle
Staff writer
Students nd jobswith CareerConnect
Hockey team stunnedby news of coach’s injury
Kristen Cameron, an assistant coach for the Mercy-hurst women’s hockey team, remains at Hamot MedicalCenter after a hit-and-run accident Sunday evening lefther with serious injuries. The accident occurred at 7 p.m. on Route 19 southof Interstate 90 in Summit Township. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, AllenFrancis Peters, 49, struck Cameron while she was riding her bicycle. Police said that Peters pulled over after theaccident, checked the damage to his vehicle and fledthe scene.Shortly after, police reported, a witness followed him tohis home in Waterford Township and reported his loca-tion. He was later charged with 14 violations ranging fromaggravated assault while driving under the influence todriving without an inspection sticker, police said.Cameron, a responsible athlete, was wearing a bikehelmet at the time of the crash. Peters was wearing aseatbelt and was not injured. A second year graduate student in the OrganizationalLeadership program at Mercyhurst, Cameron, 25, is agraduate assistant in the college’s anthropology depart-ment. She is a native of Prince Edward Island, Canada.She volunteered as the assistant hockey coach.Head Coach Michael Sisti sat the team down togetherMonday to break the news.Since then, the team has not had any official prac-tices. The women have been running their own prac-tices and working off the ice as well, Sisti said.Cameron’s accident has come at a crucial time forthe team. Mercyhurst will be hosting the 2011 NCAAFrozen Four in March and the team has a great shot at winning the national title at home.Since the accident, the team’s focus has shifted frombecoming champions to championing for Cameron toget back on her feet as soon as possible.Sisti made it clear Tuesday that Cameron’s full recov-ery is both his and the team’s number one priority.Cameron is “such a great person,” Sisti said during atelephone interview. There are a lot of people pulling for her, praying and just hoping for the best, he said. The ’Hurst women’s hockey team was recognizednationally when the women played in the Frozen Fourlast spring and Cameron was very influential in making that happen, Sisti said.“The women are sad and shaken by what has hap-pened and they realize Cameron’s recovery is going totake time,” Sisti said.People from all over are responding to news of Cameron’s accident, which was reported throughout col-legiate hockey circles and publications. Sisti said he hasreceived many phone calls, e-mails and text messages notonly from members of the local and Mercyhurst com-munities, but from across the U.S. and Canada as well.“Kristen is a huge part of what we do here. It’s unfor-tunate that she was trying to be athletic and healthy andthis had to happen,” said Sisti.
By Tori Pepicello
Contributing writer
Mercyhurst College has mademany online changes recently withthe creation of the My.Mercyhurstportal and the Career DevelopmentCenter’s CareerConnect Web site.By the end of next week, stu-dents’ e-mail accounts will changeas well with the migration from webmail to mymail.mercyhurst.edu. With the creation of the mymailaccount, e-mails will change fromuser@mercyhurst.edu to user@lakers.mercyhurst.edu.“We think it’s going to bean improvement for students,”System/Domain AdministratorLorraine Frownfelter said.Frownfelter discussed the ben-efits of the switch to mymail. Thenew e-mail system “offers instantmessenger and all of the resourcesof Windows Live,” Frownfeltersaid. The new account will hold 10 GBof e-mail rather than the 100 MBthat the Mercyhurst e-mail accountcurrently holds. Students will beable to send an e-mail with about250 attachments as compared to thethree-item limit which is the case with the current e-mail account.Not only will students be able tostore more e-mail, they will receiveless spam while actually receiving the mail they do want because it willnot go through Mercyhurst filters,Frownfelter said.“I think it’s going to be a really good thing for the students,”Frownfelter said. “It offers themthings we can’t give them.”Besides the benefits that theMicrosoft Outlook Live offers,students will benefit from the e-mail change because they will haveaccess to their mymail account aftergraduation.Before the e-mail switch, stu-dents had the same e-mail accountfrom their freshman year to one yearafter they graduated. If they wanteda Mercyhurst e-mail account afterthis time period, they could obtainan alumni e-mail account.“By going to Live mail, basically the e-mail is lifetime,” Network  Administrator Guy Di Pietro said.Not only will students not losetheir e-mail accounts after gradu-ation, they won’t lose their e-mailduring the switch.Students’ e-mail folders migrateto their mymail account, and e-mail sent to a user@mercyhurst.edu address will be delivered tothe user@lakers.mercyhurst.eduaccount. The deleted items and junk e-mail folders will not be moved.Students are not the only onesto benefit from the e-mail switch.Mercyhurst IT employees ben-efit because their workload will besimplified since they will have lessaccounts to administer, Di Pietrosaid. The migration for MercyhurstMain campus will occur betweenMonday, Sept. 20, and Wednesday,Sept. 22. Last names beginning  with the letters A-G will migrate onMonday, letters H-M on Tuesday and N-Z on Wednesday. Mercy-hurst North East campus migrateson Tuesday, Sept. 28.“We don’t anticipate any majorproblems,” Di Pietro said.If the freshmen’s smooth transi-tion to the new e-mail system is any indicator, students should not needto worry about the migration.Frownfelter said she did notreceive any complaints from fresh-men regarding problems accessing or using their mymail accounts.Students should have full accessto their webmail accounts while theirmail is being migrated, but there isa possibility of one day without e-mail, according to Frownfelter. To access their accounts the firsttime, students will need to go tomymail.mercyhurst.edu and login with their full e-mail address. They  will then need to answer security questions and set their default lan-guage.Students who experience prob-lems during the migration can con-tact the HelpDesk or access help24/7 from Windows Live.
By Kelly Luoma
Managing editor
Mercyhurst webmail migrates to mymail
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Page 3September 15, 2010
Textbooks listed online to save students money
College students now have agreater opportunity to save money by comparing prices online beforepurchasing their textbooks. As part of the Higher EducationOpportunity Act, all colleges arerequired to post a list of the booksrequired for every class. This law took effect on July 1. The book list for MercyhurstCollege can be accessed by logging on to my.mercyhurst.edu and click-ing on the Bookstore and CoffeeShop tab, which can be found underCampus Life. Once on the Book-store and Coffee Shop tab, the book list is located on the left hand side of the page under Erie Book List. The information on the listincludes the title of the book, theauthor, edition, ISBN, new priceand used price. According to General Managerof the Mercyhurst College Book-store Dan Cullen, the new law wascreated as a way to help students with cost.“Book prices were getting outof control,” Cullen said. “What wetry to do, the teachers try to do andCongress was trying to do is makethings cheaper for the students.” Junior Amanda Kocent said,“I usually buy my books from thebookstore.”Now that she knows the book listis available, she said she plans to com-pare book prices online before decid-ing where to purchase her textbooks.Despite students having moreof an opportunity to purchasetextbooks from retailers other thanthe Mercyhurst Bookstore, Cullendoesn’t seem too worried aboutfuture sales.“Is it going to hurt sales?” Cullenasked. “I think it might temporar-ily,” he said.He added that students don’talways purchase their books fromthe Mercyhurst Bookstore andthat students have been “swapping books for years.”Cullen then discussed ways in which he thinks will help get studentsto buy textbooks from Mercyhurst.Cullen said he thinks adding acheckout button online will steerstudents to buy their books fromMercyhurst College if they can’t findthem somewhere else. An onlinecheckout button will allow students to add the books they want to pur-chase from the bookstore to anonline shopping cart, and then they  will be able to pick up the books they ordered at the bookstore.“We are trying to keep the pricesdown as best we can,” Cullen said.“We’re all about helping out the stu-dents.”One way Cullen plans on helping students is by not posting the book list too early.Due to staff changes, changesin the courses offered and teach-ers changing their mind about which books to use, Cullen said,“I’m trying to help out the studentsby not posting it too early. It justchanges so often.”Even once the list is postedonline, Cullen still advises studentsto wait as long as possible to pur-chase books. Aside from waiting to purchasebooks, Cullen warns students to becautious about where they purchasetheir books from. According to Cullen, a downsideto the new law is that purchasing books online could make it diffi-cult to return and the student cannever be sure what condition theirbooks will be in when they pur-chase them.Despite Cullen’s warnings aboutpurchasing books online, students will most likely purchase theirbooks from wherever they can getthem the cheapest. Junior Meghan Hess said, “I usedthe bookstore list. I thought it wasawesome I was able to compareprices online to see what’s cheaper.” After factoring in shipping costs tothe prices of the books, Hess discov-ered her books were cheapest fromthe Mercyhurst College Bookstore.
By Kelly Luoma
Managing editor
Students have a greateropportunity to compare Mer-cyhurst Bookstore prices toonline textbook prices withthe online book list.
 Tyler Stauffer photo
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