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K N Rao writes his memoirs on Gayatri Devi Vasudev
K N Rao writes his memoirs on Gayatri Devi Vasudev

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Published by: SaptarishisAstrology on May 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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. N. Rao needs no introduction, he runsthe biggest school of astrology in the world,has produced the highest number of topquality books which has cult following, andis known for his outstanding predictiveability. History acknowledges hiscontribution in popularizing Vargas usagein India & USA, Double Transitphenomenon & Chara Dasha. He isconsidered as the one who showed for thefirst time exhibited in astrology what wastermed spell bounding writing styles inJyotish, using narratives with top class jyotish content, a style now adopted bymany over the decades. It is often found that what he writes in one line is 15 page articlesfor others. For his articles visit www.journalofastrology.com
Gayatri Devi Vasudeva 
..world’s best woman astrologer
 ByK.N.Rao, India.
had parted company with Dr.Raman after my strongdifferences with him over hisayanamsha. This could have beenavoided.A long letter I had written toGayatri Devi Vasudeva after the deathof Raman in 1998 was neveracknowledged and answered. She toldme that she never received it.In October 2010, when I metGayatri at Vishakhapatnam in a worldastrology conference sponsored by thespiritual guru, Shivananda Murthygaru, an old affection I have for her,she having become something of avery talented niece of mine, wasrevived. She was as usual very wellmannered, courteous, respectful anddignified. She spoke brilliantly withgraphic illustration in the conference.She is now editing
, a monthly magazine shesaid and some strange melancholycrept inside me.
 Astrological Magazine
was world’sbest and best known astrologicalmagazine of the world. It gaveopportunity to so many writers toenrich the richest astrological traditionof the world, which is Indian. It gaveopportunity to writers like me, new towriting on astrology
though I had written enough both in Hindi andEnglish for thirty years before writing for the
. Once Dr.Raman wrote to me that he wanted to publish my articles continuously which hedid.In Vishakhapatnam, I was moved when the great Madhura KrishnamurthyShastri, the Sanskrit scholar and great researcher in astrology, paid a rich tribute inTelugu, to Dr. Raman recalling how he had put Indian astrology on the world stageand created so many writers some of whom are famous now nationally andinternationally.In 1985, when I was posted as Accountant General, Orissa, an office withmany problems, Dr. Raman had written to me a letter that he had decided toentrust the responsibility of the
to his daughter, Gayatri. Iwas not surprised as Gayatri had by then contributed many fine articles to the
, unlike the other children of Dr. Raman who contributed oncein a while and not on astrology. Dr. Raman had said that he had put the “burden of the
on the young shoulders of Gayatri”. It did not surprise meas she had proven her astrological ability for more than six years by then. Hername started appearing on the
 Astrological Magazine
since then as joint editor withDr. Raman remaining as the editor.
The further promise Dr. Raman took from mewas that I would contribute articles as regularly as I had done till then.
 I knew that Gayatri was working hard to keep up the excellence of the
 Astrological Magazine
as all the requests for articles through letters and telephonecalls came from Gayatri since 1985 and never from Dr. Raman.We had heard Dr. Raman speak many times with his slightly indistinctaccent speeches which some Indians even could not understand. Many Americanfriends told me that they had found it difficult to understand when Dr. Ramandelivered speeches.In 1983, when I first heard Gayatri speak at Bangalore, I told Dr. Raman thathis daughter was a better speaker than he was because of a very distinct, clear andreasonably slow tempo of her speaking. I heard again in San Francisco in 1994 inthe ACVA conference, now as a more mature and experience astrologer speakingwith incisive astrological logic. It was then that I got her horoscope and
saw theconnection of the ninth and tenth houses the promise of carrying on the legacy of her father
Better still in Jaimini where her Amatyakaraka connected with the tenth lord aspects her ninth house.
(I have not taken her permission to reveal her horoscope.)continued writing very regularly for the
 Astrological Magazine
till 1990 afterwhich I had more time, since I had retired, to write books. But by then,Gayatri had blossomed out as a mature editor, though still a joint editor.I had examined Dr. Raman’s horoscope in 1985 to see why he had taken thatdecision. In Vimshottari dasha it was the
dasha of Mercury
the fifth lord for thispurpose and the antardasha of Jupiter second and eleventh lord in the tenth house.
From Mercury
 Jupiter the fifth lord
aspects the tenth house from Simha.Astrologically it was the right decision to be taken and Dr. Raman must have seenit astrologically also, I presumed, after examining the horoscope of Gayatri amongall his children.I was very happy, in a very subjective way, as I learnt my astrology from mymother and if Gayatri learnt from her father, it was a happy father daughterheritage as in my case it is mother son heritage.
When a father or a guru or a teacher hands over his heritage to his children, disciplesor shishyas, there will generally be the planetary connection between the fifth and ninthhouses and/ or lords with the tenth house and its lord coming into this combination alsosometimes.In the case of shisya who inherits the heritage of his guru, the ninth house and/or itslord will get connected with the lagna or the tenth house and/or its lord. If the fifth, ninthandeleventhlords and houses form this combination, there will be many students or shishyasas in my case.
See it in the case of Rama Krishna Paramhamsa where the fifth lord Mercuryin the lagna aspected by Jupiter the eleventh lord showing that he passed on hisheritage not to one but many disciples.In Vivekananda’s horoscope the ninth lord is in his lagna, Dhanu.In the case of Anandmoyee Ma the lagna and the tenth lord, exalted Jupiter goesinto the fifth house while the fifth lord, Moon into the ninth house and receives theaspect of the lagna lord. Many people do not know that Ma Anandmoyee has many
Note how a specific clue given by Rao Saheb for evaluating and predicting via MD & AD, work on same clue onmany charts to crack more of what is not being said. – SA.

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