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Sun Day Social Networking

Sun Day Social Networking

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Published by Todd R Jordan
Sunday Guide to Social Networking. Simple how to and getting stared guide.
Sunday Guide to Social Networking. Simple how to and getting stared guide.

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Published by: Todd R Jordan on May 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Social networking can take placeany day, any time, and any where. Itoften takes place and you don’teven realize it. The informationgathered here isn’t supposed to beonly acted on in one time andplace, or even just for certainindividuals. It’s a collection of tips,strategies, and ideas to guide you inday to day social networking andmedia efforts.You’ll find here eight short articlescovering web 2.0 tools such asTwitter, and Facebook.Networking, sharing, connecting,and not making a fool of yourself will all be addressed.I’ve thrown in a few bonus articlesas well I believe you’ll find useful.The tone ranges from light toserious, but don’t take anything inthis book as gospel.
Social Networking from Sundays
Appreciating your friends andconnections is the number onepriority. Let them know youappreciate them. Show yourappreciation by giving themsomething of value. That can beas simple as a smile or a ‘thank you’. It can also be somethingrelevant to their personal life.Companies offer multiplepossibilities; coupons, offers,collaborative social mediaprojects, collaborative real worldprojects, and more.As an individual, the real prize isface time. I recommend makingtime for face time with as manyof your friends and connectionsas possible.When you meet, make itmemorable.
Listen to them. Letthem know you are honored toknow them.
Thank your followers
Twitter and Facebook don’t haveto just be chatting about theweather or baseball. Theinteraction can go beyondtagging each other with listwriting or poking wars.Networks are ultimately aboutrelationships.The first step in building arelationship is listening to theother person. Listening is morethan observing the idle chatterstream. Listening is an activebehavior.How can you improve yourlistening habits? First, read all of the replies, DMs, and wall postsyou get. What? Read them, hesays? Yep, read them all! To thesender, the update felt worthsharing. There are golden nuggetsin there. Don’t neglect thisopportunity.Second, to be an active listener,follow someone’s stream of updates. If you have an interestor desire to build a relationshipwith a contact, single out theirstream and read back through it.Click the links, check out thepictures, and listen to the musicthey share. Is there a theme? Isthere a common thread of thought?Become an activeparticipant.
Engage that contactand ask them what’s going on.You can prompt them by askinghow their last week or their lastday was. Or pick one of theirupdates to comment on. Thenwatch to see what comes back to you.Trust me. If you think your socialnetwork is returning value basedon what you share, it willmultiply by how you listen.
Cultivate the relationships

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