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Published by Michael Crosbie

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Published by: Michael Crosbie on May 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I need to puton weight.Thaw me.
Did you know that some seabirds diveup to 40m underwater or their ood? The heavier your bait, the aster itwill sink. The aster it sinks, the lesschance a bird will try dive or it, andthe more chance you’ll catch a fsh.
Frozen bait — 100s to sink Thawed bait — 20s to sink Your bait
Thaw metre
Follow theblueline on thethaw metre to see when your bait is ready to use.Your bait issae to use
Black Petrel
By derosting your bait you help to save the Black Petrel, a seabird ound only in New Zealand.The Black Petrel, like many other seabirds, dive or their ood. They eed mainly on Cephlalopoda— a marine animal commonly known as inkfsh —and the animal you’re trying to catch — fsh.When they dive or their ood, the Black Petrelcan dive up to ten metres under the waters surace,so it’s really important that you sink that bait as ast as you can. I you don’t then they can end uphooked or tangled to your line, which can result indeath, or damage to their becks and wings.The Black Petrels aren’t the only seabirds thatdive — you’ve got the Shag and the Gannett aswell. So go on, do the good thing — thaw that bait,and help us look ater the seabirds o New Zealand.20m 30m40m 50mBlack PetrelShagGannett
Sink it faster 
Weight your lineBuying lead-core line canincrease the rate at which your bait sinks. It’s also great or trawling.Weight your baitPop a twenty gram weight onto your line and you’ll be away laughing. Adding weights candecrease the sink-time by up to 5‒10 seconds

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