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Weg51024OGL D6 Magic

Weg51024OGL D6 Magic

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Published by tedehara22
This is West End Game's Magic supplement for their D6 Fantasy rpg.
This is West End Game's Magic supplement for their D6 Fantasy rpg.

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Published by: tedehara22 on May 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction Vade Mecu o Magic akes the erect coanion to theagic syste resented in the
D6 Adventure Rulebook
or the
D6 Fantasy Rulebook.
We give you exlanations, clarications,additonal guidelines, and ore than XX new sells.So, i you just haven’t had the chance to ick u the
D6 Adventure Rulebook
D6 Fantasy Rulebook,
can you still getsoething out o this book? Absolutely! We’ve included acoule o new, sile agic systes that’re coatible withthe ull-blown version. We also give you inoration aboutthe skills, so you can use the sells right out o this book.Need ore sells? Check out the
D6 Bloodshadows
world-book! In it, you’ll nd ore than 60 sells, lus an extendedsell ailure chart, otions and other agical ites, and newhorror-insired secies ackages.I you eel like trying your hand at aking sells but don’twant to nuber crunch, West End Gaes oers a basicsell designer on its Web site (www.westendgaes.co/d6/akesell.htl). Use it a ew ties to hel you understandhow the ull agic syste works.
Tis chater takes a closer look at ost o the sell creationasects, clariying uzzy oints or exanding on otions.
Area Effect
Te “one alternate shae” odier allows the agic userto include two ossible shaes during the during the designo the sell. At casting, the sell user decides which shae isore aroriate. “Several alternate shaes” is a ore generalversion o the “one alternate shae” odier.Te targeting bonus or three-diensional shaes can onlybe used against the riary target o the sell.
Area Effect: Continuous Effect
Soe sell eects are so sall that reducing their valuesby 1 as the sell radiates ro the center would renderthe useless. In these cases, the eect retains its total valuethroughout the targeted region at no additional cost.But what haens when a caster wants a larger value tobe continuous over an area? Tis technically alls under thedoain o the ultile targets asect. Gaeasters aychoose to allow ages to use area eect; however, the totalvalue o the asect is ultilied by 5 and the caster does
 get the targeting bonus or three-diensional shaes.
Area Effect: Divination
 Altough a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing,
sells can get rather costly or the seeingly littlethat they do. o this end,
sells have their owncost or the area eect asect: Look u the radius o thearea o eect as a easure on the “Sell Measures” chart;double its corresonding value to get the value o the areao eect: divination circle asect. rile the “Sell Measures”value or three-diensional areas. A divination circle witha one-eter radius costs one, while a divination shere o the sae size is two.
A sell that searches a 10-kiloeter-wide area atground level has an area o eect: divination circle value o 40,while a 10-kiloeter divination shere has a value o 60. A caster can use the divination area o eect to searchor ultile targets with no additional diculty. However,the caster does not receive the area o eect bonus to targetthe sell.o nd soething that the caster can’t see, add the vari-able oveent: bending asect to the sell. When added to
sells, it does not increase the diculty o locatingthe target.Note that divination sells with a range and no area o eectrovide inoration about the rst thing that it encountersthat eets the criteria o the sell. Te caster can only look inone direction er casting o the sell, regardless o the sell’sduration, unless she includes the change target asect.
Area Effect: Odd Shapes
 A shere ight not always be the best shae or a sell’seect. Te easureents or each o the ollowing shaesis roughly equivalent to a circle or shere with a one-eterradius. Te orula or detering a two-diensional shae’sarea or a three-diensional shae’s volue is included, orthose designers who want a ore recise conversion rothe deault shae.
Default Shapes
+1 er hal-eter radius. (Area equals radiussquared ties i.)
+5 er eter radius, with a +1 bonus to hit theinitial target. (Volue equals radius cubed ties i ties 4divided by 3.)
Odd Shapes
+1 or the rst eter o length and width and +1 ereach additional two eters (total) o length and/or width.
 A wall two eters tall and two eters wide (aboutthe size o a standard set o double doors) has a value o +2,while a shield one eter wide and one eter tall has a costo +1. A wall can be any length or height, but it is considereda two-diensional shae and thus always only a ew centi-eters thick. (Area equals length ties width.)
+1 or the rst eter o length and nal width and+1 er each additional two eters (total) o length and/orwidth. A blast is one eter wide at its base, a ew centietersthick, and extends out ro the caster. It catches everyone inits ath, even those behind the rst target. It is considered atwo-diensional shae.
 A blast three eters longwith a terinating width o one eter costs +2, as does acone that’s one eter long and three eters at its end. (Areaequals 1 lus the ending width, with the result ultiliedby hal o the length.)
+5 er eter radius, with a +1 bonus to hitthe central target. Tis is a three-diensional shae. (Volueequals 2 ties i ties radius cubed divided by 3.)
Expanding andRestricting the Aspects

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