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Spinning Into Butter

Spinning Into Butter

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The play Spinning into Butter by Rebecca Gilman is considered controversial because of the race issues that it explores.
The play Spinning into Butter by Rebecca Gilman is considered controversial because of the race issues that it explores.

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Published by: Devin Elizabeth Berry on May 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Berry 1Devin BerryCultural ThemesPrakasam November 15, 2010Spinning Into Butter The play
Spinning into Butter 
by Rebecca Gilman is considered controversial because of the race issues that it explores. The students in the play discuss racism andhow it is inappropriate. The school hosts forums to discuss race and address issues pertaining to race and racism on campus.I do not find the play to be all that controversial and I do not believe that it hasshaped the way I view race in American nor has it truly impacted my thoughts about racein America. The opinions I held in regards to race are the same now as they were prior toreading this play.The character I probably identify the most with would be that of Patrick. Heconsiders himself to be Nuyorican while everyone else simply wants to label him asHispanic. He considers the race forums to be patronizing and is upset about the racialdiscord present on his campus. Everyone wants to label me as white. However, I do not believe that is accurate. Paper is white… I however am not white. I am not a color. I donot wish to be defined by the lack of melanin in my skin. In the same way that Patrick wished to not be classified as Hispanic I do not wish to be classified as White. He finally
Berry 2settles for Puerto Rican, “PATRICK: You can put Puerto Rican.” (Gilman 8) and I wouldsettle for Caucasian, but just as Puerto Rican is often not an option, neither is Caucasian.Race issues has surrounded me for most of my life which is primarily why I donot believe that this play has in anyway impacted my views on race in America. Theanimated television show, South Park, has a character whose name is Token. His name isToken because he is the only African-American in South Park, making him the token black kid. For most of my life I have been the token white kid. Halfway through highschool I was forced to switch schools and one my first day of school I thought to myself “What’s with all the white people.” Due to the environment I surrounded myself with, Iforgot that I was not African-American.For most of my education I have been one of very few Caucasian students in theschools I have attended. I grew up in a town that has large African-American and Latino populations. As a child race is not an issue unless it is pointed out. As a child, I oftenforgot that I was the Caucasian kid. I have grown up in environments where race canfreely be discussed because it is not an issue; it is a slight difference in the melanin levelsin our skin.In the play, Ross says to Sarah, "Most people are just racists. They don’t knowthey’re racists."
think that this is a true statement. I know many people that based on thestatements they make and the opinions they hold they would be considered racist but theydo not see themselves as such. This has become a fact of society, but this play did notmake me realize this. My interactions with our species revealed this fact to me.Racists exist. People are classified by the amount of melanin in their skin. Theseare two unfortunate facts of life. I think that people should be able to freely discuss race
Berry 3without feelings being hurt, but I do not believe that this will happen on a large scaleanytime soon. Many consider 
Spinning Into Butter 
to be a controversial play that changesthe way you think about race. While I agree that the topics were controversial for it’stime (while it was only eleven years ago, I believe that is has only been very recent that people have become comfortable discussing racial issues), it has not changed the way thatI view race in America.

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