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Published by lisannelaurens

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Published by: lisannelaurens on May 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Made by; Lisanne Laurens.H4A.
For this third report I have to make, I went to the exhibition of Cosima von Bonin, actually thewhole class went to that exhibition, but because I was sick those days, Icould not go withthem, so I had to go for myself. I went to the exhibition on Saturday the eleventh of December 2010. I went a bit late because I could not go alone and my parents had a busytime. The only thing now to do is making the report, I need to hurry up because in about 3days, the report has to be done.The first I am going to do, is tell you a little bit about what Cosima von Bonin meant by thiswhole exhibition.The German artist Cosima von Bonin who is born in 1962, presented at Witte de With Centerfor contemporary art, an exhibition of her brand new works about the laziness an wearinessphenomena. The title of the exhibition refers to the Italian expression "Dolce far niente," the"doing nothing". She definitely wanted to make an exhibition about this expression.For Cosima von Bonin is this exhibitionat Witte de With just a little start, of better said, a little begin, shedefinitely will go to larger series of museum exhibitions all over Europe.With all the work Cosima von Boninhad to do, she did not had the feelingof the doing nothing, she had to workhard, for all the pieces of art she hadto make..
With the exhibition of Cosima von Bonin, you sometimes can see, but sometimes you can·tsee what is has to do with ¶the doing nothing·. If you can·t see what she means or what it hasto do with that, you still have to figure out for yourself what it means,so technically you stillhave to think and that is not doing nothing, so I think that the exhibition has two ways towatch at it.When I went to the Witte de With I did not exactly knew what I could aspectand how theexhibition should look like, I did saw some pictures on the internet so I recognized some of the pieces of art from the pictures I saw on the internet .I knew I was going to watch to an exhibition of the artist Cosima von Bonin, but I did notknew anything further and I also did not knew why she made this types of art and where itwas standing for.
The exhibition of Cosima von Bonin is exposés in a building on the street Witte de With in thecentre of Rotterdam. The exhibition is not really a museum, it is in a centre of contemporaryart. Every time there is a new exhibition so it is not a museum.In the centre of contemporary art is new exhibition showed after a short period of time so itis not a museum because in a museum thereis always the same to look at.The date of the exhibition is from the tenthof October till the ninth of January 2010.I went on the eleventh of December togetherwith my dad, actually I had to go togetherwith my class, they went earlier but I was illso I could not go with my class.The location I already told you a couple of times., it was the Centre of contemporary artin the street Witte de With. The address isWitte de Withstraat 50, and the postal codeis 3012 BR in Rotterdam.
the centre of contermorary art.
When I went to the exhibition it was quiet still, there was no one in the centre of contemporary art, me and my dad were the first two visitors. I was in the centre of contemporary art around eleven o·clock and we went back home around a half past twelve.The centre of contemporary art was not always what is now, the building used to be anelementary school, but the school was not used anymore, because the elementary school gota new location. So the building was empty and that is how the centre of contemporary artgot there.The centre of contemporary art is a quit big building. When you enter the building you walkinto a big hall with two big doors.When you walk through the doors, you walk into another hall where the ticket boxes are. Inthat same hall, there is a place where you can hang up your coat and where you canput youbags in a locker to keep them safe. The building has three floors and theexhibition of Cosima von Bonin was on the second and the third floor. To go to the next floor you can usethe stairs or you can use the elevator. At every passage of the stairs there is a toilet. 

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