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Published by lisannelaurens

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Published by: lisannelaurens on May 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CKV report about the Christmas holidays.
My next report for the subject CKV is about the Christmas holidays. Christmas is a holiday which is celebrate in a lot of different countries all over the world. For a lot of people is it atradition to celebrate the Christmas holidays. All people celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifthand the twenty-sixth of December, there is a first and a second Christmas day. Christmas is aholiday which is celebrate the most by catholic people, protestants and Christian people.With the Christmas holidays, children get free from school, most of the time they get two weeksof. Christmas is only two days, but it are two weeks of vacation because new-year comes after the Christmas holidays.
With Christmas you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of the Christianity.Actually only the catholic people, protestants and Christian people celebrate Christmasbecause of the birth of Jesus Christ, and only they are very religious.All other people celebrate the Christmas holidays because of all thehominess, closeless, being together with family, friends andloved ones. But also because of the cozy lights anddecoration etc..With the Christmas holidays, does (almost) everyonedecorate their houses and or gardens with lights,images of Santa Claus, garlands and other Christmasdecorations.Also almost everyone or every household has a Christmastree in the middle of their living room, which is decorated withlights, garlands, Christmas balls and sometimeseven with little acid sticks. Underneath the Christmas tree recline a
birth of Jesus Christ.
 lot of presents for the people you love, most of the time all the presents underneath the treeare for the family. A lot of people send Christmas cards to family friends and loved ones towish them a merry Christmas. Most of the time stands also happy new year on that card.Some people make their Christmas cards them self but the majoritybuy their Christmas cardsin the stores.Some people do not celebrate the Christmas holidays at all. So that people also do notdecorate their houses of gardens or so.Those people do not have a Christmas tree and they do not do presents, that people live justnormal during the Christmas holidays, those people eat normal, dress normal, act normaletcetera.But at the other hand.. there are also people who are very obsessed with the Christmasholidays. Those people have their houses and their gardens decorated with the Christmas
decoration. That people who are obsessed with Christmas, keep buying new Christmasdecorations every year. They decorate their houses and gardens until there is no more spaceto put a new decoration.For a lot of people, the Christmas holidays are just for closeness, being together and having agreat time with friends, family and loves ones. It are two days full of love, coziness, family,presents, fun and a lot of delicious food and drinks. Not for everyone is Christmas just forthedecorations and the fact that Jesus Christ has born, but for the fact that everyone is together. In the Netherlands and other countries in Europe is it winter during the Christmas holidays,so we are used to cold weather like; snow, ice, freezing weather and frost. It is normal to havethese kind of weather because we are used to that, but it is not that we have a whiteChristmas with a lot of snow every year. We did had a white Christmas holiday this year, itwas snowing during the first Christmas day, but it snowed the whole Christmas holiday.In countries at the other side of the world, like America, Canada and Australia for example, isit not very normal to have the cold weather during the Christmas holidays like we are used to.In the countries at the other side of the world, is it summer during the Christmas holidays.There shines the sun and does everyone walkwithout a jacket and with summer clothing. Insome states of America does it snow, but in themost states shines the sun, in the area of andnear New York does it snow during theChristmas holidays .
white Christmas.
For me and for all the other people in Europe would it be very weird if the sun was shining allday long during the Christmas holidays. But for the people inAmerica, Canada or Australia for example, would it be very weird if they head our weather circumstances, they would find it weirdbecause they are not used to cold weather during the Christmasholidays. It is just like we are not used to hot weather during theChristmas holidays. Personally I would find it interesting toexperience a Christmas holiday in the summer, because we are notused to that and because we will never get summer during ourChristmas holidays here in the Netherlands.
Christmas in the summer.
The one who presents the Christmas holidays is Santa Claus. A lot of children believe in him.They believe that he lives on the north pole, that he has eight reindeers named Dasher,Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, en Donder and Blitzen. Later on Santa Claus got a newreindeer named Rudolf, he became the leader of all the reindeers.People also believe that Santa Claus flies every Christmaseve on his sledge with all his reindeers in front to givepresents to the people in the houses, the people believethat Santa Claus puts them underneath the Christmas tree.Of course we all know that Santa Clause does not reallyexists but that he is just the ¶symbol· for the Christmasholidays.There are also a lot of Christmas songs about Santa Claus.Also is Santa Claus used in a lot of Christmas movies. We allknow how Santa Claus looks like.
Santa on his sledge with reindeers
I will give a little description about Santa Claus;It is not a big man, but he has a big belly and he is always dressed in a red costume. And heis wearing a red Christmas head. Santa Claus wears a red costume I said, that costume existsof a red wool coat and a red wool pants. He also wearsblack boots and a black belt. That belt is hanging below hisbelly, actually the belt is for keeping up his belly. SantaClaus has a white long fluffy beard and he also has a whitefluffy mustache. Santa clause has a golden bell, but he doesnot always has that bell with him. You can see on thepicture on the left that his red costume is finished withsome white and a little gold.
Santa Claus.
There are a lot of different Christmas movies and every year around the Christmas holidayperiod are they on television. Most of the time the stories of all the Christmas movie are thesame. Most of the movies are like this;There is always a problem or someone which can stop Christmas, so Christmas won·t go on.but later on in the movie there is Santa Claus who solves all the problems, so the Christmasholidays are rescued. A movie which is not like that at all, is Home alone. Every year all thedifferent parts of that movie are on television.There are also a lot of Christmas songs written about Santa Claus and his reindeers. There isalso a Christmas song about Rudolf alone. There are not only Christmas songs written forchildren, there are some big singers who also wrote Christmas songs, someone like MariahCarey with the song, all I want for Christmas.

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