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Outcome Engineering Journey Mapping

Outcome Engineering Journey Mapping

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Published by: Nagiot Cansalony Tambunan on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It’s all about the journey! It’s all about the journey! It’s all about the journey! It’s all about the journey! 
It is relatively easy to count the things that initiatives do, aswell as to assess the immediate and obvious outcomesresulting from these deeds. It is more difficult to gauge thevalue of the negative things they help prevent and the positivegrowth they help trigger in others (and in their own team)through their actions. There is a dictum from Total QualityManagement philosophy that reads: “Only what getsmeasured, gets attention; and only what gets attention, getsfixed.” Since initiatives have difficulty measuring their  prevention and growth-promoting activities, they tend not toengage creatively and effectively in continual improvement processes around these activities. Outcome Engineering wasdeveloped to meet both these measurement and qualityimprovement challenges.
Underlying the approach is this axiom: we, as individuals aswell as a society and civilization, are not finished products.Each of us--and all of us--have the potential and the calling,however well disguised, to transform and even tometamorphosize(much as the caterpillar emerges in time asthe butterfly), if not physically than surely mentally andspiritually.Initiatives engaged in human betterment are thereforeobligated to help transform others. And, to be successful, theycannot remain in fixed positions. They too must beconsciously committed to self-transformation. They must be both artists in their work with others and evolving art productsof this work.

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