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543 Infentry Bde Estimate

543 Infentry Bde Estimate

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Published by Ravi Pathiravithana
service writing.military docs,staff duties,estimate process
service writing.military docs,staff duties,estimate process

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Published by: Ravi Pathiravithana on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Est For: Comd SF BdeEst By: GS Br SF BdeAt: 1730 hrs Local On: 29 May 06File Ref: G/OPS/SF/BDE Dated 20 May 06Ref:A. Maps ABMP Sri Lanka Sheet No 46,47,48,53,54,46 and, 52 Editions I, I: 500000B. 53 Inf Div opO 4/06C. 53 Inf Div INTSUM 6/06
Msn:Attk To:a.Defeat en Obj STEEL WOOL b.Be prep to assist Air Mob Bde in phase ii on orders.In order to re capture lost territory before en launchers its 2
Op Ech.
FACTORSDEDUCTIONSTASK/CONSTRAINS1.Intention of superior Comd(1)The Corps comds intent isto attak to defeat elm of en1
Op Ech of and prevent enoption mat .Scm of mnvr 53Div to re capture obj sSTEEL WOOL , RED SUNand BLU MAX before enlaunchers his 2
Op ech. 54and 55 Inf div to hold their  present locs.elm of 553 /552Inf Bde will carry outdeception Op by trying to break out from the presentloc and threatenedMAHAKELIYA/GOKARALLA.56 Inf Div will act asres. ME is to capture ObjSTEEL WOOL, RED SUNand BLUE MAX.1.Timely emp of Air mob bde andCdo Bde is essential to capture our ObjSTEEL WOOL.2. Its essential that momentum of CdoBde and Air mob Bde are to maintainduring the break in battle.3.To enhance security during the break in battle it should be conducted at nieither as silent or noisy attk.1. Staff to coord with div and Cdo andAir mob bde.2. Timming s to be coord with Cdosand Air mob.3.Re cfm task 2 and Engs to prepimprove rds and trs to regain themomentum and to defusing of detected
(2) 53 Div Comd intent is toattk to defeat en holding objSTEEL WOOL ,RED SUN andBLU MAX re capture lostterritory before en launchers 1
and 2
Op Ech.. Scm of Mnvr SF and Cdo Bde to seize objSTEEL WOOL and RED SUNand Bn of Air Mob Bde to fix enobj BLUE MAX in phase 1 andAir Mob Bde minus, to exploitand clear obj BLUE MAX in phase ii .ME Initially to seizeobj STEEL WOOL (With SFBde) and will switched toseizing of the obj BLUE MAX(With Air Mob Bde) oncompletion of phase 1.4. I must provide fwd passage of lineto Air mob bde in phase 2.5. I must break the obj STEEL WOOLfor 2 sectors for better coord of fire plan and clearance of the obj with outfratricide in direct and direct fire.6. EW assets to be emp in active modeto disrupt en using of EM spectrumIED.Asslt pioneer to wk closely withEngrs..4.Consider the fol:a. Clarify from the Comd regardingthe estb of the firm base. b.Int Staff must Ident IED.c.Re sup of Ammo and fuel to be caland prep for fwd delivery by AQstaff.d.Treatment of CAS, cont of PWsand evac of civ should be doneunder proper guidance andsupervision by AQ staff.5. Consider the fol:a Arty and Armour to coord and fwdfire plan well in adv.c.Int staff to be finds out endeployment in obj STEEL WOOl.d.G staff to find out suitable FUP andLD, Apchs.e.EW to find out gun posns andlikely en C2.6. Staff to prep suitable EW plan

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