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Table Of Contents

About this Manual
Style Conventions used in this Manual
Print Conventions
General Conventions
Mouse Conventions
Methods of Integrating with GoldMine
Integrating via Dynamic Data Exchange
Integrating via GMXS32.DLL
Integrating via the GoldMine XML API (GMXMLAPI.DLL)
Interacting with GoldMine via the GoldMine COM Server
Integrating via GoldMine Plug-ins
Integrating via a Database Engine
Comparing Integration Methods
Resources and Support
Open Developer Community
Technology Partner Program
Integration Tools
Using DDE in GoldMine
Merging Data into a Document
Updating Database Information
Querying for Data
Moving to a Specified Record
Opening a Data File
Limiting GoldMine Search Range
Reading a Field Value
Checking the Current Record Number or Record ID
Changing a Field Value
Performing a Sequential Search
Unlocking a Record
Accessing Contact Records
Linking GoldMine Fields with an External Application
Accessing Specialized DDE Functions
Retrieving Login Credentials for Use with the GMXS32.DLL
Retrieving the RecID of the Current Opportunity
Completing a Calendar Activity
Displaying the Contact Record of an Incoming Caller
Running a Counter
Returning GoldMine Record Data
Processing a Web Import Instruction File
Reading an Xbase Expression Without Opening a File
Adding Merge Fields to a Form
Deleting Fields from a Form
Closing a Form Profile
Creating an Xbase File with Registered Fields
Returning a Field Name for an Expression
Returning a Value for Unattached Fields
Counting the Number of Exported Records
Creating a History Record
Creating or Updating a Document Link
Displaying a Message Dialog Box
Adding a Merge Form
Creating a Group
Adding a Group Member
Creating a Macro
Creating and Sending a Pager Message
Displaying a Message in the GoldMine Status Bar
Converting TLog Timestamps
DDE Macros
DDE Macros for Merge Forms
DDE Macros for the GoldMine License
Passing Multiple Parameters to a Function
Comparing Low Level/DDE Methodology to Business Logic Methodology
Loading GMXS32.DLL and Logging In
Setting the SQL Database Login Name and Password (GoldMine 6.7 or lower only)
Loading an API Session (GoldMine 7.0 or higher)
Loading a BDE Session (GoldMine 6.7 or lower)
Logging in a User
Closing an API Session (GoldMine 7.0 or higher)
Closing a BDE Session (GoldMine 6.7 or lower)
Logging in Multiple Users through the API
Logging In
Logging Out
Switching Between Login Sessions
Special Consideration for Multi-Threaded Applications
Working with Business Logic Functions using the Name/Value Pair Method
Creating an NV Container
Creating an NV Container with Copied Values
Copying Values between NV Containers
Deleting an NV Container
Reading Values from an NV Container
Storing NV Pairs in a Container
Searching for an NV Pair
Removing one NV Pair
Removing all NV Pairs from a Container
Totaling NV Pairs in a Container
Finding an NV Name
Finding an NV Value
Setting NV Pairs
Executing Business Logic Methods
Working with Multi-Value Name/Value Pairs
Determining the Type of a Name/Value Pair
Determining the Position of an NV Container in an NV Hierarchy
Returning GoldMine Licensing Information
Returning Calendar Data
Retrieving Data with DataStream
Advantages of Using DataStream
DataStream Record Selection
Accessing Low-Level Data Using Work Areas
Closing a Data File
Checking for an SQL Table
Adding a Record
Querying for a Field Value
Limiting Search Scope
Moving to the First Record Match
Setting the Current Index Tag
Positioning the Record Pointer
Moving to the First Record
Moving to the Previous or Following Record
Moving to the Last Record
Seeking a Record
Replacing a Field Value
Updating Sync Logs with GMXS32.DLL
Updating the Sync Log File
Importing a Prepared TLog Import File
Getting a New Record ID
Converting the Sync Stamp
Executing Your XML Document
Creating Your XML Document
Loading the API (GoldMine 7.0 or higher)
Loading BDE (GoldMine 6.7)
Logging in Subsequent Users
Unloading the API (GoldMine 7.0 or higher)
Unloading BDE (GoldMine 6.7)
Accessing Data with Business Logic Functions
Accessing Nested Nodes of Data
Business Logic Function Return Values
Accessing Low-level Data Manipulation Functionality
Updating Sync Logs
Using MSXML to Handle GoldMine API XML
Getting Started
Defining the Root Element
Setting Attributes
Referencing an Attribute
Creating Child Elements
Executing the XML Document
Reading the Results
Reading the Code Attribute
Reading the Returned Data
Executing Commands
Logging In to GoldMine
GoldMine.UI Class
Accessing Specialized GoldMine.UI Functions
Retrieving a List of Active Plug-Ins (GoldMine 7.0 or higher)
Running a Plug-In (GoldMine 7.0 or higher)
Displaying Edit Windows for Calendar and History Items
Playing a Toolbar Macro
Forcing Logout
Reading Security and Rights
Executing Macros
Available Data-Related Macros
Macros for Merge Forms
Macros for the GoldMine License
Controlling the GoldMine User Interface
Getting Window Information
Handling GoldMine.UI Events
Manipulating Controls Programatically
Executing a Menu Command
Opening a Mail Record
Setting a Selected Record in a GoldMine Grid (GoldMine 8.0 or higher)
Returning Selected Records in a GoldMine Grid (8.0.1 or higher)
GoldMine.RecObj Class
GoldMine.GMSystemEvents Class
Business Logic Functions and Name/Value Pairs
Controlling Database Session Handling
Creating or Updating a Contact Record
Updating an E-mail Address
Updating a Web Site Record
Updating Notes of a Primary Contact Record
Creating or Updating an Additional Contact Record
Creating or Updating a Detail Record
Creating or Updating a Linked Document
Creating or Updating a Referral
Creating or Updating Activities
Creating or Updating a History Record
Creating or Updating a Case Record (GoldMine 8.0 or higher)
Creating or Updating a Case Attachment (GoldMine 8.0 or higher)
Adding a GoldMine User as a Case Team Member (GoldMine 8.0 or higher)
Attaching an Automated Process
Executing an SQL Query
Creating a Contact Group
Adding Contacts to a Contact Group
Using AddContactGrpMembers
Reading a Record
Reading a Contact1 or Contact2 Record
Returning Alerts Attached to a Contact Record
Attaching an Alert
Returning All Alerts
Returning a User List
Returning a User Group Member List
Returning Group Memberships for a Specified User
Saving a User Group
Retrieving the Names of User Groups
Evaluating an Xbase Expression on a Contact Record
Encrypting Text
Decrypting Encoded Text
Retrieving the Default Contact Automated Process
Deleting Calendar Items
Deleting History Items
Handling GoldMine Security
Creating a New GoldMine Login
Reading a GoldMine Login
Retrieving Security Access
Retrieving Field-Level Access Rights
Retrieving Visible Fields
Checking for Record Curtaining
Generating a Remote License File
Removing a Remote License
E-mail Name/Value Functions
Reading a Mail Message
Queuing a Message for Delivery
Updating a Mail Message
Saving a Mail Message into GoldMine
Deleting a Message
Filing a Message in History
Preparing the NV Container for a New Mail Message
Preparing the NV Container to Reply to a Mail Message
Preparing an NV Container to Forward a Mail Message
Adding an E-mail Center Folder
Deleting an E-Mail Center Folder
Obtaining a List of E-Mail Center Folders
Accessing E-mail Templates
Retrieving E-mail Account Information
Retrieving a List of Messages Waiting Online
Retrieving Messages
Deleting Online E-mail Messages
Return Name/Value Pairs
Saving a Manual List of Recipients
Retrieving a Manual List of Recipients
Managing Internet E-mail Preferences
Validating a Web User Name and Password
Manipulating User-Defined Fields and Views
Reading All Field Views
Deleting a Contact View
Creating or Modifying a Contact View
Reading Custom Fields
Modifying the Structure of Custom Fields
Reading Calendar Preferences
Modifying Calendar Preferences
Reading Personal Preferences
Updating Personal Preferences
Reading Record Preferences
Updating Record Preferences
Reading Schedule Preferences
Updating Schedule Preferences
Reading Alarm Preferences
Updating Alarm Preferences
Reading Lookup Preferences
Reading Pager Preferences
Updating Pager Preferences
Reading Miscellaneous Preferences
Updating Miscellaneous Preferences
Reading the Database Engine Type (7.0 or higher)
Reading a List of GoldMine User Groups
Creating or Updating GoldMine User Groups
Adding a GoldMine User to a Group
Removing a GoldMine User from a Group
Creating or Updating an Opportunity or Project
Using ActiveX Plug-in Support
Using HTML Plug-in Support
Plug-In Description File
HTML Plug-in Description File
ActiveX Plug-in Description File
Security and Plug-in Directories
Adding a Local Plug-in Directory
Sample Plug-ins
Function/Parameter Types
Conditionals, Operators, and Logical Evaluators
Conditional: >
Conditional: <
Logical Evaluators
Xbase Functions
String Functions
Date Functions
Numeric Functions
Miscellaneous Functions
CAL Table
Function prototypes
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GoldMine API Integration Guide

GoldMine API Integration Guide

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Published by: jay_staines on May 31, 2011
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