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Tourism Review Online Magazine - The World of Hunting

Tourism Review Online Magazine - The World of Hunting

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Published by Milada Sovadinova
Adventurous and exciting holidays? For many travelers this means hunting trips and safari. Discover the best hunting destinations, learn about bow hunting, and explore the dove shooting capital of the world.
Adventurous and exciting holidays? For many travelers this means hunting trips and safari. Discover the best hunting destinations, learn about bow hunting, and explore the dove shooting capital of the world.

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Published by: Milada Sovadinova on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adentros and excn hol
days? For many traelers thsmeans hnn trps and safar.Dscoer the best hnn des
naons, learn abot bowhnn, and explore the doeshoon captal of the world.
— 34 —
te World of huning
June, 2011
Hunng for food
has been the prmary sorceof sstenance for man snce the Stone Ae;howeer wth farmn of anmals and easyaalablty of food, hnn has become apoplar recreaonal acty for people. Anextremely poplar sport n the Afrca’s andAmerca’s, ths s also a maor sorce of ncomefor these connents.
1. tAnzAniA
Tanzana s a contry wth beafl naonalpars and ame reseres. it s also called theAfrcan hnter’s paradse and s consdered asthe lmate hnn desnaon. There are
numerous game reserves in this land which
s abndant wth ora and fana. The Selosgame Resere s the larest hnn rond
in the world dedicated to conduct hunts. The
lon, balo and exoc speces sch as Sta
tna, Lesser knd and geren are thepoplar anmals hnted here. Other pars yomst st for ame hnn are the gombeStream Naonal Par, Momaz game Reserefor Rhnos, Mondl Montans, ualla. Thesereseres are not ery well-nown thoh oerwde arety of ames to hnters.
2. mozAmBique
its toporaphy conssts of thc forests,
swamplands and palm forests. Earlier wildlife
top 10 hunting destinAtionsin the World
was healy poached ths resln n dwn
dln poplaon of anmals. Howeer, the n
ae of the oernment n worn wth localsn promon sstaned hnn has reedMozambe’s hnn ndstry. One can clamthe Lon, Leopard, Cape Balo and Elephantas trophes from ther hnn expedons.
Other unusual game trophies such as Kudu,
Chobe bshbc, Nyala, Eland and Crocodleare also hnted n Mozambe.
3. south AfricA
Soth Afrca s the desnaon to be for hnt
ers seen ‘lxry and that somethn extra’whle on a hnt. it s easly accessble fromall oer the world ths man t a preferredhnn desnaon. The world-famos kr
er Naonal Par, Planesber game resere,kalahar gemsbo Naonal Par are some of the pars whch oer a mltde of b amehnn. One can hnt ame sch as Nyala,Sn, Whte Rhno and gn apart from Ba
loes, Elephants, Lons etc.
4. nAmiBiA
Earlier a favorite gaming spot among Europe-
ans t s also ann poplarty amon NorthAmercan hnters. it oers a derse seleconof hnts sch as the Elephant, Lon, Cape Bf 
falo, Leopard, Rhno and Steenbc for hnn
— 35 —
te World of huning
June, 2011
5. montenegro
Located n Sotheastern Erope ths smallcontry has relaely ntoched landscapesand beafl red contrysde. Hnn nMontenero s an acely pracced sport asthe wldlfe thres n ts rch nles and for
ests. A wde arety of brd speces are aal
able for hnn sch as al, dc, trtle-
dove, snipe; while the wild boar, bears, rabbits,chamois and wolves are also allowed to be
hnted. The Sadarso jezero, Mont Drm
tor, Belopalca ally, Crmnca and ulcn arepoplar hnn ronds n Montenero.
6. BelArus
Ths landloced contry s an deal hnt
n desnaon de to ts at landscape andmarshy tracts. it also has 11,000 prsne laesand 40% of ts land s coered wth forest areaths perfect for hnn and shn ame.Ther naonal anmal – the Eropean Bson –s an excn ame to hnt. Amon other bames, the El, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wld Boarand Wolf whch prodes excn challenes.
7. cAmBodiA
Aer hnn was banned n 1954 n Cam
boda the oernment nally opened doorsto hnters n 2009. it s acely worn wthlocals to promote sstanable hnn thspresern Camboda’s rch wldlfe. For hnt
ers who hae money to spend Camboda oersexpedons nto nderrond nles whereone can hnt elephants, reples and brds.
8. cAnAdA
Canada oers ast and beafl landscapesto hnt and sh. The choces aalable for hnt
n b ame are plenfl. One can head to
Ontario for Deer and Waterfowl, Newfound-
land for Carbo and Hare. Moose and grose
are other games popular among hunters. For
an extremely challenn and excn hntone shold o for a shn expedon to theNorth .e. Yon, pper qebec to sh for thetradonal Seal, Arcc Fox and een the BelaWhale. A hnn trp n Canada s an exper
-ence one will never forget.
9. ArgentinA
Arenna has one of the most related andoranzed hnn ndstry n the world. Thscontry s rch n ts bodersty and prodessome of the best ames for hnn. De tots close proxmty to Antarcca a wde assort
-ment of birds and animals thrive here. Dove
and Peons are hnted throhot the yearwhle hnters seen hher challenes canfocs on the Blacbc Antelope, Stas, Pmasand Water Balo. Ths place s a mst-st forany hnn enthsast.
10. uruguAy
uray s not as well-nown as ts sothernnehbor thoh t oers a arety of brds andanmals for ame hnn. Hnn for dcss the most poplar ame n uray. Otherame are peons, does, freshwater sh are
also available.

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