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June 2011 Uptown Neighborhood News

June 2011 Uptown Neighborhood News

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Published by UptownNews

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Published by: UptownNews on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crime & Safety
Film Reviews
Renting Info
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JuNe 2011
Volume 7, Number 6
< Blue in Green
(Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)
A heron pauses on the shore of Lake Calhoun. Migratingherons have returned to North Mississippi Park. For moreinfo see www.minneapolisparks.org
Your Community-Supported News Source
Covring th uPTOWN AReA
and the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO
The Garage Sale as Community
Twitter, email, texting, updat-ing, Facebook and blasting are allgood or communicating, but i you want to
you can’t beatthe garage sale. It’s a modern ver-sion o the medieval marketplace.Neighbors are drawn togetherto greet and inspect each other’swares. It’s the most relaxed partyyou’ll ever attend. You can dress upor down, you don’t have to bring agit, show up early or late and youdon’t even need an invitation. Andwhat better gristle or conversa-tion than someone’s Romeo Voidrecord collection?
For moreinormation see www.eastcalhoun.org or www.thewedge.org
Natue valleyGand P
 Friday, June 17
The Nature Valley Grand Prix returns or the Friday Uptown Criterium.With huge crowds that have lined the entire course every year, the ridershave been energized and there has been some incredible racing.
in TheNameOf Pde
 Block party, June 24
NeghbohoodBeathes SghOf relef
 Robbery and assault suspects in custody
 By Phyllis Stenerson
Police have arrested and iled robbery and assault charges against twomen accused in the string o six violent cases that had plagued theUptown and Wedge areas o Minneapolis in late April and early May.The two suspects charged are Michael Alex Dean Boyce (Date o birth1992) and Joseph Frederick Tucker (Date o birth 1989). Both are in cus-tody in Hennepin County Jail.“We were all obviously very concerned about these violent incidents and
A Funny ThngHappened
CARAG neighbors starring at Jungle Theater
 By Phyllis Stenerson
One lovely May morning recently I had the pleasure o sitting on theront porch with a couple who has lived in CARAG or 28 years. Wetalked about gardening, broken sewer lines, our grown sons, sidewalkreplacement and other things neighbors talk about, except propertytaxes.What set this conversation apart rom others is that these neighbors areClaudia Wilkens and Richard Ooms, two o the leading actors in Min-nesota’s vibrant theater scene. I was there to hear about their upcomingroles in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” playingat The Jungle Theater June 10 through July 24.Richard and Claudia star as the hen-pecked husband, Senex, and the
Bryant Lake Bowl presents itsSeventh Annual Uptown PrideBlock Party
on Friday, June 24.The ree zero-waste event willtake place rom 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.outside, rain or shine on Bryant
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
CArAG retalzatonMong Fowad
 By Carol Bouska
The CARAG Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase 2eorts are underway! CARAG neighbors kicked o a series o neigh-borhood improvement projects in March by creating task groups oreach issue. Volunteers are still needed to make these projects happen,especially or the Crime and Saety and Seniors task orce groups. Pleaseconsider joining a group to help your community.Here’s what the task groups will be doing this summer:
Tanspotaton Task Goup
This group exists to promote and acilitate alternative transportationmodes and reduce use o and reliance on automobiles in CARAG. The
Chastity Brown plays the BLB PrideBlock Party, Friday, June 24.
Geneaton2: Somal
Omar Hussein inspires a community
 By Bruce Cochran
When Omar Hussein was young his parents moved to the U.S. to escapecivil war in Somalia. When he arrived here he only knew the Somalilanguage.“We used to have to walk rom city to city in Somalia,” says his grand-mother, “and that was our exercise and many irst generation Somalididn’t know any dierent.”At age 23, Hussein is now a senior itness advisor atLA Fitness in Calhoun Square where he educates,trains and helps others. His motto is “be inspiredto be the best person you can be today. Be a lead-er and set the example or those who look up toyou.”“It was always something I wanted to do. Help-ing others achieve their goals by eeding theitness experience and the stu I know,”says Hussein. Now he’s helping otherSomalis achieve their itness goals.He explains that “most Somali menare athletic but because o theirdiet they don’t get what they wanti they’re trying to build muscle. I’vehad guys say ‘how did you get big’ and‘how long will it take to get big likeyou?’”Hussein tells them about diet andmuscle training. It’s not about cul-ture or religion. It’s really about nativediet. He is a Muslim and although the
Uptown neighborhood news.caa. 
June 2011
Citizen  ACtion 
CARAG Neighborhood
612.823.2520 carag@carag.org 
East Isles Neighborhood
ECCO Neighborhood
Lowry Hill E. Neighborhood
612.377.5023 lhena@thewedge.org 
Minneapolis Information
Mpls. Park & Rec. Board
Brad Bourn 
612.230.6443 ext. 4 bbourn@minneapolisparks.org 
Bob Fine 
612.230.6443 ext. 6 bfine@minneapolisparks.org 
Mpls. Public Schools
612.668.0000 answers@mpls.k12.mn.us 
City Councilperson (10)Meg Tuthill
612.673.2210 meg.tuthill@ci.minneapolis.mn.us.
Mayor R.T. Rybak
612.673.2100 rt@minneapolis.org 
State Representative (60A)Marion Greene
State Representative (60B)Frank Hornstein
State Senator (60)D. Scott Dibble
Governor Mark Dayton
651.201.3400 mark.dayton@state.mn.us 
U.S. Congressman (5th)Keith Ellison
612.522.1212 www.ellison.house.gov 
U.S. SenatorAl Franken
U.S. SenatorAmy Klobuchar
202.224.3244 www.klobuchar.senate.gov 
PresidentBarack Obama
Uptown Neighborhood News
is a monthly publication o Calhoun Area Residents ActionGroup (CARAG) in cooperation with the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO).
covers the news o Uptown and is delivered ree to households within the area boundedby Lyndale Ave. S. and Lake Calhoun, between Lake Street and 36th St. W. Extra copies aredistributed to businesses in the Uptown area, along Lake Street, and Lyndale and HennepinAves. Circulation is 5,200, with a pass-along readership o 10,000. Publication and distribu-tion is beore the irst o every month.Contributors are area residents who volunteer their time to bring the news o the area to resi-dents. Articles, letters to the editor and story ideas are welcomed and encouraged. The editorreserves the right to edit or length, clarity, relevance to the area or other reasons. Editorialand advertising guidelines are available. Please contact the editor:
UNN3612 Bryant Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN 55409
Phyllis Stenerson (CARAG)
Bruce Cochran (CARAG)
Bruce Cochran
Susan Hagler (CARAG) 612.825.7780
Ralph Knox,
(ECCO)Virgil McDill,
Vice Chair
(CARAG)Elizabeth Walke,
(CARAG)Linda Todd,
(ECCO)Ruth Cain (ECCO)Samantha Strong (CARAG)
Jason Albus, Bruce Cochran,Crista Flodquist, Bethany Heemeyer
Carol Bouska, Bruce Cochran,Rachel Goplin, John Meegan, Bill Morton,Katherine St. Martin, Larry Salzman,Wendy Schadewald, Sarah Sponheim,Phyllis Stenerson, Meg Tuthill
CARAG/ECCO/Uptown Circulation:Bill Boudreau, Justin Jagoe
Lisa Godon 612.673.2005
Uptown Neighborhood News reserves the right toreuse publication o articles or advertisements as itsees it. But we will see it to publish most things.Copyright © 2011 Uptown Neighborhood News.
www.stmarysgoc.org(612) 825-9595Divine LiturgySunday 9:30 amFr. Paul Paris
f um  t U n n  
(email: uptownnews @yahoo.com) 
Lettes To TheEdto Polcy
Write to us, provided you write fewer than 250 words. Your let- ter may be edited and we don't know if it will be published, butwe will certainly try to do so.We need to know your name, address, phone number and neighborhood. Send to uptown- news@yahoo.com by the dead-line each month.
Opnons Polcy
 Please submit your opinion pieces to the editor. We encour- age thoughtful essays about anything that’s going on in the neighborhood. On occasion, wewill solicit contrasting views on one subject and run multiple opinions. We reserve the right to edit for space or clarity, taste andlegal concerns.
Publc s nted toUptown NeghbohoodNews Boad Meetngs
Uptown Neighborhood Newsis managed by a board o localcitizens. The ECCO Boardand the CARAG Board eachappoint three representatives.Uptown residents are urgedto participate in their commu-nity newspaper by submittingnews items, writing letters tothe editor and/or attendingBoard meetings.UNN Managing Board meet-ings are open to the public.Anyone is invited to observeand a time or public com-ments will be scheduled.Meetings are held at St. Mary’sGreek Orthodox Church, 3450Irving Avenue South.Meetings are rom 7 p.m. to 9p.m. and held the irst Mon-day o the month, unless oth-erwise scheduled.
2822 Lyndale Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN612.825.3019Lyndaleucc.org
Lyndale Church Back On Lyndale Avenue
125 years ago Lyndale Church started on theWedge (NW) corner of Lake and Lyndale.We’re back.We are sharing space with Intermedia Arts(and Salem Church) at 2822 Lyndale Ave. S.Come check us out.
9:15 .m. Christieuctio for ll
10:30 a.m. Worship in either the IntermediaArts theater or gallery
 No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you’re welcome here.
8:30am Traditional Worship10:30am Jazz Worship
The Building Begins! 
English Lutheran Church
Now worshipingat Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale So.discoversalem.com
Bryant Ave. So. & West Lake St.
Buy One, Get One Free.
Expires 6/30/2011
Small Busness Boostes
The Uptown Association and Lake Street Council won grants to sup-port small businesses rom the City’s Great Streets Neighborhood Busi-ness District Program. The awards acknowledge the critical role o smallbusinesses in creating jobs and contributing to economic vitality o theCity.The Lake Street Council was awarded $30,000 or business recruitmentand marketing assistance or businesses in the East, Midtown and WestLake Street business areas. The Uptown Association received a granto $9,025 or business education and Adopt-a-Block program in theUptown business center.The Great Streets Neighborhood Business District Program is a coor-dinated eort to help businesses develop and succeed along commercialcorridors and at commercial nodes throughout the city. For more inor-mation go to www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/cped/business_assistance.asp orcontact Kelly Homan, BusinessDevelopment 612.673.5079.
A CommuntyMeetng On TheEmeald Ash Boe
Thursday, June 2, 7pm, at St. Mary’sGreek Orthodox Church
The East Calhoun Board will host a community meeting or resi-dents to learn the latest inormation about the Emerald Ash Borer,treatment options and a proposed plan to selectively remove andreplace boulevard ash trees in East Calhoun. Ralph Sievert, Min-neapolis Parks Director o Forestry, and Scott Henke, Arborist,will present the inormation and answer questions.Many o the 160 Green Ash trees lining the streets o the EastCalhoun neighborhood replaced elms elled by Dutch Elm Dis-ease. These trees are now at risk due to the Emerald Ash Borer,a pest lethal to green ash trees and now inesting some areas o the Twin Cities. Experts believe it to be a matter o a ew yearsbeore we lose every ash tree. Irving and Holmes Avenues will beparticularly hard hit. Ralph Sievert is proposing a plan to proac-tively replace existing ash trees so as to avoid a sudden and severeloss o canopy when the Ash Borer arrives in our neighborhood.
Organized by Twin Cities Pride in honor of Harvey Milk Day, Mayor R.T. Rybak (far right), State Representative Marion Greene (top right), State RepresentativeFrank Hornstein (second from top right) and State Senator D. Scott Dibble (leftcenter) joined a crowd of several hundred to march from the Walker Librarydown Hennenpin Ave. to a rally in Loring Park.
 The May 22 march was in honorof “Safe Schools and Workplaces, Full Equality Now.” When asked about the signifi-cance of the event Mayor Rybak said “There isn’t a single part of our great city, andthat includes Uptown, that isn’t made better by the GLBT community. Every personin Minneapolis needs to demand civil rights for our neighbors who help build ourcity every day.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
 March for Milk 
Correction and apologyregarding Letter to the Edi-tor rom Hennepin Coun-ty Commissioner PeterMcLaughlin published inthe UNN May issue regard-ing the Hennepin County’sgarbage burner expansion:This letter was in rebut-tal to Commentary in theApril issue o UNN, notthe May issue as stated.Both issues can be readonline at www.CARAG.org, click on UptownNews and then on Apriland/or May 2011 issues.
Thank Yo
For Reading The UNN 
June 2011
Uptown neighborhood news
Maple Grove (763) 555-0888Edina (612) 920-0640St. Paul (651) 645-3481Woodbury (651) 714-9790Apple Valley (952) 891-4700Rochester (507) 252-5552
 Minneapolis(612) 825-6465
Nicollet & Diamond Lake Rd.
Air conditioning? No sweat.
- Uninstall window air conditioner- Clean unit and move to storage area*- Reinstall basic storm window- Window air conditioners
*Same property only.
Professional installation
Back-saverinstallation plansAir conditioners
Quiet, high-effi ciencywindow and wall modelson sale NOW!
5,000 - 25,000 BTU
Fall Service Plan
A trusted, local family-owned business
A final City Council vote approved with concessions, the Amore Victoria deck patio in late April.
 The patio would operate until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday,stay open until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights and have a roof level screeninstalled on the west side of the patio.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
On Deck 
The Lake Calhoun Salng School
 By Bill Morton and Larry Salzman
“Sailing by the wind teacheslessons about life itself. You must become sensitive to which way the wind is blowing and direct your course accordingly.”
Have you ever looked out on Lake Calhoun and seenlittle tykes bobbing along in little 8-oot sailboats?What a delightul sight! That’s the Lake CalhounSailing School.Perhaps you have also seen clusters o slightly larger14-ooters sailing in circles around buoys, directed bya coach in a motorboat with a bullhorn. That’s prob-ably the junior or senior high racing team practicingor competition with boats rom other lakes in thearea. They are really good! That’s also the Lake Cal-houn Sailing School.At other times you may also see those two-sail boatswith brand new boat-ers o all ages who arelearning the delightso sailing or the irsttime. That is also theLake Calhoun SailingSchool.Sailing by the windteaches lessons aboutlie itsel. You mustbecome sensitive towhich way the windis blowing and directyour course according-ly. I you know how to sail, you are not at the mercyo the winds blowing you wherever they will, but youput your hand to the tiller, pay attention to the wind,and use the wind to get you to where you want togo—good practice or navigating the challenges weall ace in lie.The Lake Calhoun Sailing School was ounded in1989 and began operations that year. They sharespace in the little boathouse right across the tra-ic circle rom the Tin Fish with the Calhoun YachtClub whose members also do volunteer work or theSchool. The Sailing School is an independent, non-proit organization.The mission o the Sailing School is not only to teachsailing skills, but also to nurture the development o sel-reliance, conidence, and cooperation in its stu-dents. It strives to create a lie-long love o sailing ina sae and un environment, and keep the ees as lowas possible, providing scholarship assistance to makeclasses available to all.The Sailing School operates rom early May untilOctober, oering an array o sailing classes rombeginning to advanced that serve children (as youngas our) as well as adults. It serves the entire metro-politan area, but the largest representation, approxi-mately 50%, comes rom Minneapolis, many romwithin walking distance o the Lake.Last year over 1,000students were enrolledin its classes, making itone o the largest sail-ing schools in the Mid-west. On any givenweekday the Schoolmay have close to 50boats on the water,ranging rom the 8’Optimist dinghy to the14’ Vanguard 420. TheSailing School alsostages annual youthregattas that typically draw over a hundred sailorsand crews rom other lakes in the area.An additional beneit is the water saety service thatthe School provides to the general public. An examplewas the rescue o a legless man who had capsized hisrental kayak on a rigid and windy early spring day.The man was traumatized and near hypothermiawhen he was rescued by the School’s saety boat.So when you are at Lake Calhoun and see the activi-ties o the Lake Calhoun Sailing School, enjoy it tothe ullest and take pride in another o the wonderulassets o the Uptown Community.For more inormation about the Lake Calhoun Sail-ing School go to their website:www.lakecalhoun.org
  Bill Morton is a Lake Calhoun sailor and retired minister of Joyce Unit- ed Methodist Church who lives inCARAG. Larry Salzman is director of the Lake Calhoun Sailing School and lives in the Cedar–Isles–Dean Neighborhood.
Nose OdnanceMeetng, June 6
 Public invited to comment
The revised City o Minneapolis Outdoor Area Ordinance“Amending Title 14, Chapter 360 o the Minneapolis Code o Ordinances relating to the Liquor and Beer: In General” will beopen or comment rom the public. The proposed amendmentto the ordinance which applies only to establishments outside o downtown was authored by Council Member Meg Tuthill, Ward10, and can be ound in its entirety at www.uptownminneapolis.com/Docs/Outdoor_Areas_Ordn%20revised.pd I adopted the amendment would include these highlights:License holders will be required to speciy the maximumcustomer capacity in outdoor areas, including sidewalk caés,at establishments with beverage alcohol licenses.No outdoor music or sound ampliication will be allowedater 10 p.m.City Council may impose reasonable standards to controlnuisance activities such as excessive noise and operating hours.Inormational meetings or the industry were held in late May asthe UNN went to press.
A publc heang wll be held at Mnneapols CtyHall, 350 S. 5th St., rm. 317 on June 6, 1:30 p.m.
The public is also invited to commment by contacting LindaRoberts at linda.roberts@ci.minneapolis.mn.us or 612.673.3908.
Lyn-Lake Barbershop
 Jayson Dallmann - Propietor 
3019 Lyndale Avenue Southwww.Lyn-LakeBarbershop.com
Hours: Tues - Fri. 11am-7pm | Sat. 9am-4:30pm | (Afterhours by Appointment)
Racers competed in the
YMCA 5K & 10K Run on Lake Calhoun
in late April. Pro-ceeds from the run went to support the downtown Minneapolis YPartners Campaignto support the mission of the YMCA. Results can be found at www.andersonraces.com
(Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)
On A Mission

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