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Vanderbilt University Press Fall 2011 Catalog

Vanderbilt University Press Fall 2011 Catalog

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Published by VUPress
Vanderbilt University Press's Fall 2011 Catalog
Vanderbilt University Press's Fall 2011 Catalog

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Published by: VUPress on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New for Fall & Winter 2011
African Studies 9Anthropology 6Art History 8Caregiving 1Children’s Literature 3Community Organizing 5Cultural Studies 8, 11Death and Dying 1Disaster Studies 5Education 2, 3Environmental Studies 4Family Studies 1Gender Studies 5, 7Gerontology 1Global Health 9Hispanic Studies 10, 11History 2, 3, 4, 10Latin American Studies 10Law 4Literature 3, 8, 10Medical Anthropology 9Nuclear Policy 4Psychology 1Public Policy 2Sociology 5, 7Southern Studies 6Transatlantic Studies 11Urban Studies 11U.S. History 2, 3, 4
cover illustration:
Fairy Tales, Monsters,and the Genetic Imagination
(see page 8).
Patricia Piccinini.
The Long Awaited,
2008.Silicone, fiberglass, human hair,leather, plywood, clothing;59 7/8 x 31 1/2 x 36 1/4 in.overall.Collection of Penny Clive,Australia.Photo by Graham Baring.
for twenty years,her mother maintained an unwavering goal :to commit suicide before age seventy.
“Do you
want to know?” my mother would ask slowly. She would look at me withcompassion. I could sense that some small part o her knew that while this decision gave her a sense o ultimate peace, it inficted upon meintolerable pain.
“No,” I said sofly. She was correct. “I don’t want to know exactly when. It’s beore seventy, but not any time soon, right? It’s not or years, right?” “No, ina, not or years.”  My mother’s plan originated with her sense o the preciousness o lie. But she was dragging me,the unwilling participant, into a process about which she did not want to engage in meaningul dialogue. For her own reasons, she wanted meto know o her plans but to stand as a detached observer, regarding her preparations as i looking through a window, untouched and uninvolved.Tis would prove impossible.
—an excerpt from the book
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 A tale o two parents’ very diferent end-o-lie journeysand the daughter who survived them
So Far Away
 A Daughter’s Memoir of Life, Loss, and Love
christine w. hartmann
So Far Away
givesusanintimate viewoapersoninteractingwithandreactingtoherparentsattheendsotheirlives.Inarichlydetailed,poignantstoryoamilymembers’separateyetinterwovenjourneys,itunderscoresthecomplexitiesandopportunitiesthatliepresentseachoneous.
death and dying / gerontology / caregiving / psychology / family studies
cristine w. hartmann,
Research Health Scientist, ENR Memorial VeteransHospital, Bedford, Massachusetts, and Assistant Professor, School of PublicHealth, Boston University, received her PhD at the Bryn Mawr Graduate Schoolof Social Work and Social Research. She has published numerous articles onhealthcare quality improvement, focusing particularly on long-term care.
November 2011224 pages, 6 x 9 inches 14 b&w photosCloth $49.95s 978-0-8265-1795-1Paper $21.95s 978-0-8265-1796-8
     P     h    o    t    o     b    y     B    a    r    t     S    m     i    t     h
For me, part o the brilliance o 
 So Far Away 
is that, wrapped upin the exquisitely well-described uniqueness o Hartmann’s storyabout her parents and hersel, are substantial insights aboutanticipatory grie, grie ollowing a parent’s death or decline,parent-child relationships at the end o lie and ater parentsdie, the links o personal grie to marital relationships, what canbe accomplished by writing about parents and parent death,depression, and much more. And although the book is onlyabout one amily rom one amily member’s perspective, it oersascinating insights about amilies in many areas, including liesand secrets in amilies, amily communication, and what mightbe called ‘relationship traps.’ Another part o the brilliance o thebook is that the author tunes in so well on her own thoughts andeelings that it becomes a stimulating book about the psychologyo ear, guilt, anger, love, duty, neediness, independence, memory,and obliviousness.”
Paul C. Rosenblatt,
University of Minnesota, author of four bookson families and grief 
“An emotionally powerul memoir that beautiully captures thelie-changing journeys o her parents’ fnal years.
—Booth Gardner,
former governor, State of Washington, and a leader in the Death with Dignity movement 

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