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Marketing Datasheet Final

Marketing Datasheet Final

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Published by john_buccola

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Published by: john_buccola on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here are ten reasons the Panavision 3DSystem simply makes sense as you planyour business future.
1. It works with what you have – white or silver screen, lmor digital projector. 
And, if you’re using a white screen – withits more ‘even illumination’ – all guests experience the samebright 3D experience, wherever they sit in your auditorium.
2. There is plenty of 3D content coming – in digital andlm.
 The Panavision 3D System plays all industry-standardover-under lm prints and DCPs, so if you can book it, you canplay it.
3. 3D can help you build your
Exhibitorswho play 3D content typically realize higher box ocerevenues – while building customer loyalty, increasingconcession business, and staying competitive.
4. You stay in control. 
We make it easy to convert more screensin your complex, so you can play more 3D movies – and/or playthem longer – with fewer trade-os.
5. You can use your screens more eciently. 
Changing from2D to 3D is as easy as changing a lm lens – or moving a digitallter wheel into place.
6. The technology delivers bright, full-color images to eacheye.
 The system’s unique technology divides the entire visiblespectrum – with no color-correction, ghost-busting, or image-processing required.
7. Real glass provides real quality.
Lenses in the reusableglasses are real safety glass with a scratch-resistant metalliccoating. The result: viewing quality that plastic lenses simplycan’t match.
8. Glasses are sanitized for guest protection. 
Glasses arewashed and rinsed at
, so your guests are wearing thecleanest glasses in the industry.
9. Your transition can be seamless. 
If you’re using the lmsystem, you can convert to digital when, or if, you choose – andkeep the same glasses, the same screen, the same workow, andthe same supplier.
10. The system simply works. 
Audiences love the imagequality. Exhibitors love the support we provide. Systems areavailable. We’re ready to work with you.
The Panavision 3D System can help you open your ownfuture to the opportunities that 3D oers. It’s the onesystem that works with what you have today – and withwhat you will have tomorrow. Call us. We’ll make theprocess simple.
We Make 3D Simple
Using technology co-developed by Panavisionand Omega Optical, a comb-lter in the projector slices thevisible spectrum into ten bands – ve for the left eye and vefor the right eye – without favoring any particular combinationof primary colors. In so doing, the Panavision 3D Systemfunctions equally well with lm and digital projection systems.Audiences wear passive glasses with thin-lm comb-lters builtinto the lenses; each eye sees only those wavelengths sent to it,but each eye receives the same amount of total white lightenergy, so the images appear approximately equal in bright-ness and color; the brain combines them to create 3D.
Film Systems.
Film projectors require the 2D lm lens to bereplaced with the 3D lens – and the light output to beincreased. The lm lens for the Panavision 3D system isavailable in three dierent focal lengths; each has two spectralcomb lters mounted in the back of the lens to split the light. Inthe lens, the glass elements themselves are alsosplit; one part of those elements delivers theleft-eye image, one part delivers the right. Thesystem supports focal lengths from 31 mm to 77mm and the correct lens, with adapters, if necessary, will be included.
Digital Systems.
In digital projectors using DLP technology,the Panavision 3D System inserts a lter wheel between thelamphouse and the integrator bar. The split lter rotates at highspeeds, with one-half transmitting to the left eye and one-half transmitting to the right eye. The wheel can beactuated by macro commands at the operatorpanel or from within the digital content playlist.In a digital projector, the same lens is used for 2Dand 3D projection, but light output also must beincreased when showing a 3D movie vs. a 2D one.
3D Glasses.
Using thin-lm lter technology co-developed byPanavision and Omega Optical, the re-usable passive glassesoer reliable and consistent performance. The lenses are realtempered glass with precision coatings that resist scratchingand cracking. Frames are high-quality nylon withre-usable adapters available. And becauseglasses are re-used, rather than disposed of, theyenable exhibitors to be more environmentally-sensitive. The same glasses are used with lmand digital systems.
Washing / Sanitizing System.
The compact commercial-gradewasher provides consistent heating and quiet operation in aprocess where glasses are exposed to 180°F heat for a minimumof 30 seconds, which meets requirements for sanitization.Washing and sanitizing takes less than three minutes and thesystem uses less than one gallon of water percycle. Glasses emerge dry and spot-free. Customracks are available for collection, washing,sanitizing, storage, and distribution of glasses. The washer and racks are integral to optimal useof the Panavision 3D System.
The system is compatible with all cinemascreens, white or silver, all lm projectors and all digitalcinema grade projectors using DLP technology. The Panavision3D System is also compatible with all 3D lm prints in theover-under format – and with all digital cinemapackages (DCPs).
Installation, Training and Support.
System packages includelens and adapters, or lter wheel and mounting hardware, asrequired. Most packages can be tailored to include a supply oglasses, as well as washing system with custom racks. Installa-tion and training can be provided by the supplier chosen by thecustomer and are not included in the price.
3D Made Simple
Copyright©2011 DPVO Theatrical, LLC. All rights reserved. Specifications may changewithout notice. PANAVISION is a registered trademark of Panavision International, L.P.Its use is granted under a limited license to DPVO Theatrical, LLC. OMEGA is a registeredtrademark of Omega Optical Inc. Its use is granted under a limited license toDPVO Theatrical, LLC
For further information, to obtain a system quote, orto inquire about a demonstration, please email:

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