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Accepted for Value Example Letter

Accepted for Value Example Letter

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Published by Galina Novahova

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Published by: Galina Novahova on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PALISADES,L.L.C. Jack Xxxxx XxxxxPO BOX 12444 c/o 1234 Xxxxx StreetENGLEWOOD CLIFFS NJ 07632 <your town state zip>NOTICE AND DEMAND FOR VALIDATION OF DEBT PER 15 USC 1692g.Dear unknown PALISADES,L.L.C. agent, assigns and associates:Your three unsigned presentments listed below are returned timely and markedµAccepted for value, returned for value, for settlement and closure¶.Definitions1. Jack Xxxxx Xxxxx means, living flesh and blood actual man, non-legal fiction enity.2. The term ³XXXXX, JACK´ means non-living entity, Stramineus homo, Commercial Strawman,artificial entity, legal fiction [ XXXXX means all caps last name] [ Xxxx means upper lower spelling of name]Jack Xxxxx Xxxxxis the authorized representative, signatory and keeper of the business records for XXXXX, JACK and is without sufficient information, verified facts, competent fact witnesses todetermine whether a debt is owed and requires verifcation of the alleged debts and the validity of theclaims below listed: Account Number 123451678-09 $32,239.50 Account Number 123451678-10 $ 5,834.66 Account Number 123451678-11 $ 5,428.88PALISADES,L.L.C presentments are attached µAccepted for value, returned for closure unsignedpresentments from PALISADES,L.L.C.dated Xxxxx 10, 2009, received Xxxxx 13, 2009, and timelyreturned Xxxxx 14 , 2009 for verification of debt. [[to understand the tremendious power of the AFVgo to Yahoo_Groups and join for free. Then while there search for µ1099-A_by_Patrick¶]]Jack Xxxxx Xxxxx, requests PALISADES,L.L.C. to respond within 30 days providing the followingpursuant to FRCP Rule 17 and FRCP Rule 34, failure to respond timely with answer to eachnumbered item below is estoppel :(1) Name of Debt Collector(s).(2) Address of Debt Collector(s).(3) Alleged Account Number for each claimant.(4) Alleged debt owed.(5) Date alleged debts became payable.(6) The name and address of each of the alleged Original Creditor, if different from Debt Collector?(7) If Debt Collector is different from alleged Original Creditor, a bona fide affidavit of assignment of the alleged original contract between alleged Original Creditor and alleged Debtor.(8) Documented evidence of whether Debt Collector purchased this alleged account from the allegedOriginal Creditor.(9) If applicable, date of purchase of this alleged account from alleged Original Creditor, andpurchase amount.(10) Documented evidence of Debt Collector's current interest in account:(a) Owner;(b) Assignee;(c) Other ± explain:(11) Terms of the transfer of rights re this alleged accounts.(12) If applicable, method by which rights of this alleged accounts were transferred.(a) Assignment(b) Negotiation
(c) Novation(d) Other ± explain(13) If the transfer of rights re this alleged account was by assignment, document showing anyconsideration.(14) If the transfer of rights re this alleged account was by negotiation, document showing whether the alleged account taken for value.(15) If the transfer of rights re this alleged account was by novation, document showing consentgiven by alleged Debtor and the nature and cause of that consent.(16) Documentation that the Debt Collector provided alleged Debtor with the requisite verification of the alleged debt as required by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the date of verification, andthe nature of that verification: sworn or affirmed oath, affidavit, or deposition.(17) Any products or services sold to the alleged Debtor by the Debt Collector and the nature andcause of these products or services.(18) Any verifiable, bona fide, original commercial instrument between Debt Collector and allegedDebtor containing alleged Debtor¶s bona fide signature and a description of the nature and cause of that verifiable commercial instrument.(19) Any verifiable documentation of an exchange of a benefit or detriment between Debt Collector and alleged Debtor and a description the nature and cause of this exchange.(20) Any verifiable documentation of external act(s) giving the objective semblance of agreementbetween Debt Collector and alleged Debtor and a description of the nature and cause of saidexternal act(s) giving the objective semblance of agreement.(21) Documentation showing whether any charge-offs have been made by any creditor or debtcollector regarding this alleged account.(22) Documentation showing whether any insurance claims been made by any creditor or debtcollector regarding this alleged account.(23) Documentation showing whether any tax write-offs been made by any creditor or debt collector regarding this alleged account.(24) Documentation showing whether any tax deductions been made by any creditor or debtcollector regarding this alleged account.(25) Documentation showing that all parties were apprised of the meaning of the terms andconditions of said alleged original contract at the time the alleged original contract was executed.(26) Documentation showing that all parties were advised of the importance of consulting a licensedlegal professional before executing the alleged contract.(27) Documentation showing that all parties were apprised that said alleged contract was a privatecredit instrument at the time the alleged original contract was executed.(28) All records, reports, memoranda relating to the source of funds relating this disputed accountand list all other sources of information such as computer file names and names of databases or locations at which related information is located or accessible.(29) A copy of the transaction statement of the account number in which funds were held prior toopening of the account that is the subject matter of this collection.(30) Document establishing the source of funds that created the disputed account.(31) Identify the account that was debited when the disputed account was created.(32) List the names and addresses of all lending institutions from which any funds were purportedlyoriginated.(33) All documents and information related in any way, to PALISADES,L.L.C.¶s implication or allegation that a loan was given to the defendant.(34) Name of the employee of the bank who authorized the transaction.(35) Certified copy of original bona fide credit agreement where terms and conditions of createddeposits and acceptance of signature for value were fully disclosed to Jack Xxxxx Xxxxx.(36) Any written form notifying, and fully disclosing to, Jack Xxxxx Xxxxxand PALISADES,L.L.C.would be creating a non-existent juristic entity known as XXXXX, JACK in order to permit thecreation of new money based upon a monetized signature which was accepted for value.
Notice of contract fees between PALISADES,L.L.C.¶s and XXXXX, JACK for services to bepreformed by Jack-Xxxxx Xxxxx:Fee schedule of $300.00 per hour for each future response, with a minimum of 2 hours, plus;Fee schedule for processing each 1099A & 3949a and any other form of $400.00 per form.For each negative credit report a fee of 100,000.00 for each report for commercial damages.[[Step by step discover the use of the 1099A to settle your mortgage, utilities, auto loans, creditcards, more see notes below. ]]PALISADES,L.L.C. assigns and associates are not to write XXXXX, JACK other than to answer the36 numbered items above. In all and all other matters PALISADES,L.L.C. asigns and associates arefired as trustee or representative for XXXXX, JACK and any presumed power of attorney therepresent for XXXXX, JACK is herein revoke.XXXXX, JACK _____________________________ Jack Xxxxx Xxxxx,On the land, County of Xxxxxxx, State of IllinoisVERIFICATIONBefore me, a notary public, on this _____day of June, 2009 personally appeared the living man JackXxxxx Xxxxxknown to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing and, being byme first duly sworn, affirmed and declared that the statements therein contained are true and correctto my best of knowledge. ______________________________________ Notary Public for the people in and for the State of ____________ My Commission Expires: _________________ Notes: Not to be sent: [AFV means Accepted for Value]You never owe a third party debt collector, it is illegal for them to purchase any debt. Discover wholiving people are in relation to persons, corporations, and all attorneys. Congress on June 5, 1933stated in House Joint Resolution ± HJR-192 that they would take care of the peoples debts dollar for dollar. Also see 73-10 & 48, 48 Stat 112 which is real Law and not a resolution. Roosevelt had takethe peoples gold and the remendy is we do not have to µpay¶ debts we can discharge or setoff them.Search the web for µcommercial redemption¶ & µAccepted for value¶.Talkshoe ± Free downloads ***** Especially Patrick Devine found at talkshoe #40603 (especiallyimport for motivated by foreclosures, cred card problems, IRS problems, learn how you canµdischarge debts. *****[[Step by step discover the use of the 1099A to settle your mortgage, utilities, auto loans, creditcards, more. ]]Free downloads HJRbonds located at hjrbonds go to µConference calls¶.Free downloads Go to youtube for´(talkshoe /TS-236119); µHow I Clobbered Every BureaucraticCash-Consficatory Agency Known to Man - By Mary Elizabeth Croft¶; and also Jordon maxwell;robert arthur menard; *****

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