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In The Blink Of An Eye 1

In The Blink Of An Eye 1

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Published by Kelly Heinen
Jimmy and Allison Rickleifs were finally getting ahead in life; in the blink of an eye, it all changed.
Jimmy and Allison Rickleifs were finally getting ahead in life; in the blink of an eye, it all changed.

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Published by: Kelly Heinen on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It was all over in moments. She screamed as the other car made impact and pushed them to the side,the tires popping against the warm concrete. She had braced herself against the steering wheel, butJimmy was slow to respond. If it hadnt been for his seat belt, the moment of impact wouldve causedhim to land in her lap, and probably put his head through the window. As it was, the windshieldshattered and they were sprayed with glass, as the airbags deployed with a loud pop. She shielded herface, and felt the airbag hit her face and arms, but her husband wasnt in time. The dashboard and doorhad caved in on his side and the airbag snapped into his face. She screamed his name to wake him.Jimmy! she screamed and slowly he raised his head and looked at her, before his eyes rolled up in hishead. Jimmy! Are you all right?He didnt answer, just sat there, limp in the seat belt. There was blood running down his face, and helooked dead. She checked for a pulse and found one, but no matter what she did, she could not rousehim.Im going to get out and call 911, okay? she said, hoping he was listening. A bystander was comingover to check on them. In the distance, she could hear sirens, as she struggled with the door. She had toget out of the car; she was feeling trapped. There was glass all around her; her husband was limp in hisseatbelt. The door wouldnt open, and she screamed, tugging on the silver handle, finally hearing acreek as the door opened slightly. Red, blue, and white flashing lights met her vision, and she gave onefinal push. Ill be right back honey, I promise.***Ryan Vasser was driving down 3
street and had just approached Main when he saw a truck barrelingtowards the intersection in front of him. He quickly slowed down, hoping that the car crossing 3
wouldget out of the way in time. But he knew before it happened that it was too late. The truck plowed intothe car and pushed it a good 15-20 feet, almost rolling it. Ryan got out of his car, pulled a pen from hispants pocket and quickly scribbled the trucks license plate on his hand. He ran over to the other car asthe truck backed up and tried to speed away. It got all of one block down Main before a patrol car pulledit over.9-1-1, whats your emergency?
 This is Ryan Vasser, Im at the intersection of 3
and Main and theres been an accident. There weretwo vehicles involved, one sedan and one SUV. The SUV drove off, but the sedan has two injuredpassengers he said, going to the car. He met a female passenger as she started getting out of the car,her face frantic and Aldoned with tears and blood, her breathing fast and wheezing.Ive called 911 already, he said. How is your passenger?My husbands bleeding and not responding, she said, and Ryan relayed this to the operator, as well asrelaying that the airbags were deployed. Did you see the other car?Ambulances are on the way, the operator said, and already, Ryan could hear sirens in the distance.Can you determine any injuries?The female looks to have a broken arm, he reported. He went around to the passenger side, checkingfor a pulse on the neck of the male passenger. As a firefighter, hed had some emergency medicaltraining and it was coming in handy now.The male passenger is bleeding from his head it looks like, andis unconscious. There is a faint pulse in his neck. He then turned to the female driver. Yes I saw theSUV, and I got a plate number. How he or she got away, I dont know. However, Im willing to bet thatsthem there, and he pointed to the truck from earlier, with a patrol car behind it.Three ambulances came on scene and descended upon the cars. Ryan hung up and introduced himself to the female passenger. She introduced herself as Allison and directed the EMTs to her husband,running to the window and holding his hand.What is the passengers name? an EMT asked, dropping a bag on the ground and unzipping it. Shepulled supplies out and started working.My husbands name is Jimmy, Allison said, watching as a large machine was brought to the car. Afirefighter began pulling on a cord and the machine roared to life. It had large, sharp, claws on the front,and she winced. What is that?
 Its called Jaws of Life, the EMT explained. The impact crushed his side of the car and we cant getyour husband out unless we cut him out.Allison gasped, and watched as her car was peeled apart like a tin can. Jimmy was still sitting, limp, withblood running down his face. She was carted off to one of the ambulances as her car came apart, andbefore she could balk, a neck brace was around her neck, her arm was being immobilized and she wassitting in the ambulance, waiting. She heard the group working on the car and thought she heard Jimmyscream. She tried to leave the ambulance, but the EMT sitting with her held her back.Theyre just getting him out, she said. Allison then heard Hes free! Get a board over here!. Shecaught a glimpse of him as he was carried to another ambulance, and she tried to go to him again. TheEMT helping her held her back and another closed the doors, as the ambulance pulled out, heading forthe hospital.***Jimmy opened his eyes, only to find that he could not see. He freaked, desperately trying to figure outwhere he was and what had happened. His vision cleared for a moment, and he realized it was bloodthat had blocked his vision. He hurt all over, and his stomach pain no longer overwhelmed it. He heardvoices, then he heard a cutting noise. He tried to get away from the cutting noise, but was stuck, and hepanicked. He was sure he was going to die, but he couldnt move enough to do anything about it.When the cutting noise stopped, he sighed with relief. He still couldnt move, but at least the noise hadstopped. He could make out some shapes now, but the blood was still pouring into his eyes and helistened to the voices outside the car. Someone reached in and tipped his head back, placing somethinghard and uncomfortable around his neck. He gagged when some of the blood entered his mouth, and hefelt a gentle hand wiping it away.Just stay calm, Jimmy, the voice said. Were going to get you out of here, okay?Okay, he whispered. He hated the taste of iron in his mouth and spit it out. Im in a lot of pain.

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