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Published by: Saralise Antara Nada Azrael (SA NA) on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dearest Angels,I am tired of carrying this weight, sacrificing my own personalhappiness for the sake of another. I do believe the time hascome to release this burden back to its rightful owner. I see nowhow being a victim has played into all of my relationships andhas kept me from the truth, which is where my power lies.I am a Master. I know this. I chose to take on this pain for somereason, to help humanity. When I was younger, people would askme why I was here, what I planned to do with my life, and myanswer was always the same, "Heal the Planet". So now, it is allcoming together, everything that I have experienced, everyperson I have known, it is all starting to make sense. After doingthe cards last night, I realized that talking about it and sharingabout it is falling on deaf ears and is not serving me. This iscoming from a victim stance, and I am no longer willing to live asa victim. My energies need to be protected and guided by thehigher energies, so that I may be of maximum service tohumanity and to my sweet goddess Terra, whom I now know isone of my kin.I just cry when I think about the sacrifices that she has made.My beautiful sister, I apologize on behalf of mankind for thedamage that humankind has done. I ask that you use me inwhatever way necessary to serve your highest mission, which Ibelieve to be your own ascension and the ascension of humankind, so that we may all live in Peace!I am shaking from the inside out as I write these words! I had noidea who I was, and now I see! I am utterly in awe of you andwhat you have chosen! If only I could hold you in my arms andcradle you with love, that would only be a fraction of how I feelright now! I am truly stunned by your commitment to yourmission and can only say that I am truly honored that I am herewith you!My humanity is over. I am no longer willing to be a human withno knowledge or understanding of their (my) mission. Today I join you along this path and journey forward to new levels of awareness that can serve the highest Divine Order that is taking

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