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100305 - Living in an Unreal World

100305 - Living in an Unreal World

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Published by: Saralise Antara Nada Azrael (SA NA) on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11:41 PM- Living in an Unreal World Category:Religionand Philosophy
I can't take credit for this, although it's almost as if the words arecoming out of my mouth!!! Enjoy ...Living in an Unreal WorldWe are living in strange times in an unreal world. Life hasbecome so out of balance that we now consider the extremeaberrations of these times as normal. All the elements of ourlives have been greatly distorted.
We have forgotten how to live and we have forgotten how to love...
Now our unreal world is beginning to crumble. The vastunderlying corruption and decay is finally being brought up to thesurface where it can be clearly seen. Everywhere we looksomething is dying away; someone is calling out in anguish. Ourhearts have been repeatedly broken. Our cherished dreams havebeen crushed. Our value systems are revealing their hollowness.Our religions have become dusty and controlling; many of ourchurches have become either social clubs or mausoleums for adead past. Our ancient Gods have become impotent and the all-mighty God of money, selfishness and greed reigns.We have continuously butchered and raped our environment untilit has been irreparably damaged. We have lost our connectionwith the natural world. And most importantly, we have lost ourrespect for ourselves by living lives of compromise and denial.Our relationships are often shallow, dysfunctional andunsupportive, still mired in the mud of karma, jealousy, needinessand guilt. Incomplete personality selves trying to find wholenesswith other incomplete fragments. Instead of true courtship, wehave heartless seduction based on selfishness and lust ratherthan love. We've replaced the sacredness of making love withphone sex, cybersex and sadomasochism. Rather than riskingdeep intimacy, we enact dull role playing with our partners and
our children. We cocoon ourselves with false family values thatonly stifle true kinship and closeness, limiting the free expressionof our love to a narrow group of people. As parents, we avoidliving out our dreams until our children grow up, then discoverthat we've forgotten how to fly.We are just hollow shells of our True Selves endlessly going fromone illusory dream to the next. Such is our unreal life in anunreal world.Look around you, anywhere, and you will see rampant corruptionand distortion. In many areas of the world women are stilltreated as chattel and ethnic minorities are oppressed.Impersonal, technical medicine that treats the symptoms, butdoes not heal. Education which fails to teach us how to learn.Politics which no longer serves the needs of the people.Businesses whose bottom line is profit rather than quality, whichnot only don't serve the consumers, but exploit their workers.Even our holidays have become commercialized cliche's, tiredexercises of meaningless ritual. We seek to fill the emptiness of our lives with entertainment whose most popular genres glorifyviolence and sexual exploitation.We've even lost touch with the naturalness of our physicalbodies, allowing them to either be neglected, abused or over-developed.Many of our leaders in every field, our current role models, aremotivated by overblown egos and a lust for power. We avidlyfollow the minutest details of their lives rather than concentrateon our own. Our supermarkets are full of food which isn't evenreal. Some of it started out as real before we added pesticides,additives, preservatives, and irradiation. Then we take this"food" home and nuke it in our microwave ovens, washing itdown with our chemical soft drinks. We have polluted andpoisoned much of our water supply until there is very little purewater left. This natural water is sold in fancy bottles as a specialcommodity. At night we sit passively in front of our little boxescalled the television, tuning out rather than tuning in. To copewith all of this, we imbibe alcohol and drugs which furtheranesthetize our painful loneliness. Through it all we keep busy, busy, busy, -- going from distraction

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