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100605 - Spirituality

100605 - Spirituality

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Published by: Saralise Antara Nada Azrael (SA NA) on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11:36 AM- Spirituality
I grew up in a very interesting town. There were a lot of Christians, Mormons, and Seventh Day Adventists, as well as afew Episcopalians and Catholics. Mostly Catholic and Christian Iwould say.Not a lot of ethnicity in my home town. I grew up in a very smalltown at the tip of the Sierra Mountains, which translates to wideopen spaces and lots of stars.Very early on, I had many Spiritual experiences with God. Idecided that I absolutely believed in the power of God and whatthat meant by the time I was probably 3 years old. I was anincredibly Spiritual little person. Then at 4 years old, that all changed. I was abused by my fatherand I decided that I was on my own. There wasn't any support inthis area, so I decided even though I was being abused, thatthere was still a God, but that he wasn't looking out for me. Icontinued to worship Jesus and go to church like a good little girl.I was very in touch with the Spirit of God. I just didn't believethat it was possible to get any help, because of all the pain I sawin my life. It was heartbreaking and at that time, I thought that itmost likely was God's fault that I was in Hell. I no longer believethat whatsoever. I have a different take on things now, but I willget to that in a minute.I then became a born-again Christian at the age of 11. Thatdidn't seem to work either. I studied the bible and didn'tnecessarily agree with what I was reading. I didn't agree with theoppressive nature of the patriarchal culture that was portrayedthere. I chose to form my own opinion about each thing that Iread, instead of taking the Bible as literal. I then went to aLutheran Church around 12 years old and that is when everythingchanged. I discovered a very liberal, all encompassing, acceptingreligion that included everyone instead of separating them. I wasable to study different religions and make a decision for myself asto what I chose to believe. Thank God for the Lutheran Church!It saved my life.

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