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Compute on Demand Brochure

Compute on Demand Brochure

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Published by NYSE Technologies

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Published by: NYSE Technologies on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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©2011 NYSE EuronextAll Rights Reserved
The more fexible, less expensive way to build andmaintain trading inrastructure
You need a ast and reliable low-latency trading inrastructure, or a high-perorming serverplatorm or pre and post-trade analytics, to support your trading strategies and meet thedemands o your clients. You don’t need the capital expenses, inexibility, data integrationand maintenance burdens o traditional colocated solutions. NYSE Technologies createdCompute On Demand or frms like yours.Compute On Demand is a managed solution optimized or colocated trading environments,built by people who understand the dynamics o the markets. It is available in both physicaland virtual editions, both o which are connected to the SFTI
Network. That provides yourapid provisioning o access to the global capital markets, historical and real-time marketdata, and technology services that enable trading innovations. Compute On Demand supplieseverything needed on which to run your applications, allowing you to ocus your time andenergy on the eorts that drive the proftability o your frm.
What is it?
Compute On Demand is a ully managed,colocated computing inrastructure withaccess to a range o trading services overthe SFTI
network. It is available in both“physical” and “virtual” editions.
Who is it for?
Compute On Demand is or banks, broker-dealers, market makers, and buy-side frmsseeking to leverage NYSE Technologiesinrastructure and expertise, to reduce thecosts o a highly exible, low-latency tradinginrastructure.
What does it provide?
Compute On Demand Physical Editionprovides clients with rapid access toready-or-trading, ully managed computinghardware, pre-provisioned with operatingsystem, network connectivity, and storage;the Virtual Edition oers all the same withthe ability or clients to sel-provision virtualmachines in a ‘cloud-like’ manner. Together,they orm the inrastructural basis o NYSETechnologies Capital Markets CommunityPlatorm.
Business Applications
Colocation/HostingCompute & StorageOS/Hypervisor
Yours to install,operate andmanageProvisioned andManaged as aService by NYX
Your Inrastructure As A Service
Compute OnDemand
Reducing time to market:
It can take a long time to work through your frm’s procurementsystems to get equipment purchased and installed. Adding newservices can then take weeks.
Rapid start-up and expansion:
All equipment is pre-provisioned, reducing startup times romseveral months to a couple o weeks. New SFTI services can beadded in days.
Cutting the cost of a low-latency infrastructure:
Building your own low-latency trading inrastructure requireslarge capital investments.
No capital expense required:
With Compute On Demand, NYSE Technologies owns theinrastructure. You simply access as much o it as you need,either virtually or by leasing a server.
Adapting to rapidly changes needs:
Building and maintaining your own inrastructure requireslong-term commitments to a set amount o capacity. Adding, orsubtracting, servers is neither cheap nor easy.
Highly scalable solutions:
Both the physical and virtual editions oer low-cost basepackages that can be easily and quickly ramped up to meetincreased demand. Additional storage is available rom via a fberattached EMC SAN.
Keeping hardware and software up to date:
It takes a lot o time and technical expertise to research andbuild out a low-latency trading environment. Keeping thatinrastructure current may then involve negotiating a lengthyinternal procurement process.
State-of –the-art equipment:
NYSE Technologies takes ull responsibility or building,upgrading and maintaining a state-o-the-art tradinginrastructure.
Retaining the expertise to maintain infrastructure:
A large and dedicated operational group is required tomaintain and monitor all aspects o a trading solution, at allhours o the day and night.
24/7 maintenance and monitoring:
NYSE provides management and monitoring o the hardware,network, operating system stack, and storage backed by our 24x7Service Desk. Our market data and order entry expertise providesunrivaled support.
Maintaining a secure platform:
Making sure that your inrastructure supports a sae and securetrading platorm requires a signifcant expertiseand constant vigilance.
World Class Security:
Hosted in Tier 4-guided, highly-secure data centers, NYSEupdates all network components and server operating systemswith approved security patches. NYSE Technologies’ InormationSecurity team’s primary goal is to ensure that the SFTI network isprotected against threats.”
Compute On Demand addresses your undamental business challenges
NYSE Markets
Broker Dark Pools
Complementary Markets
Liquidity Center Network
Market Data
Consolidated Tape AFeed
Trade and Quote Data
Risk ManagementGateway
FIX Marketplace
Third Party
Compute On Demand
Simplifed access to a broad range o services
Compute On Demand is pre-provisioned, providing rapid access to the entire NYSE Technologies Capital Markets Community Platorm,with its secure, high perormance, low-latency services and the accessibility o NYSE Technologies’ regulated, transparent service model.New services can typically be added in a matter o days in the Physical Edition, and minutes in the Virtual Edition. And because wemaintain an open platorm, you can choose rom best-in-class products and services rom third-party vendors as well as those rom NYSETechnologies:
Whatever you choose to power your trading strategies, Compute On Demand makes it easy to integrate.
Building a Financial Community
• Away Markets• Remote Sites
Mahwah Data Center
   H   i  g   h   S  p  e  e   d ,   H   i  g   h   I   /   O    C  o  n  n  e  c   t   i  v   i   t  y
MarketsMarket DataApplications
Compute On Demand

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