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Full Metal Panic - Burning One Man Force - Chapter 05

Full Metal Panic - Burning One Man Force - Chapter 05

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Published by pakerdown
sorry for missing chapters.. i am having problems with my net..
sorry for missing chapters.. i am having problems with my net..

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Published by: pakerdown on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Burning One Man Force Chapter 5
 Chapter 5: Burning ManThat evening in the streets of Namsak is wrapped in a bizarre atmosphere.The temperature according to the yearly average until the evening lowered to around 10 degrees celciusin a matter of hours. Getting colder which is not common in the tropical area, which was an abnormalweather in it's observed history.A massive and heavy clouds rolling in the night sky, like coercing the streets below the eyes, anomnious thunder roared. Mostly, the atmospheric arrangement in the Pacific ocean this year is strange,with the effects coming out from it. But the coldness for simple people, they can feel some sort of evilomen.It is not only the weather that is bizaare.The Arena falling asleep after the end of the industrial enterprise, 10 units of Arm Slaves have begun tomove their generators. The growl of the diesel and Gas Turbine echoes in the atmosphere, shaking thecold night sky of Namsak. This is like the usual industrial enterprise, not like the rough cheerfully wild,but more gloomy, with the killing intent of the animals rippling in the air bouyantly.A number of units blowing in existence in the dazzling illumination.The Russian Made RK-91 . That Customized RK-92 . A copy of the Northern Chinese Rk-92. TheFrance manufactured , and it's successor the . The German manufactured A type. English manufactured. the others are the Israel manufactured and the South African manufactured units.The coating in those units are not of the militarys Olive, Khaki and green camouflage colors, but withrich colors resembling that of the F1 machines. There are also a number of units with the logo of theirlocal/enterprise sponsors.All of the AS that appears in the match in the Arena, the pilots all facing the direction of the Chief'sbreath. They have all gathered in the arena from an urgent call, preparing for a special "Job".Advancing in the equipping and starting, the Chief arrives in his Patrol Car. The pilots who alreadyrecieved instructions from the Vice Chief through the wireless radio about the "job", jokes about howgood to have authority. The chief getting off from the patrol car which was mostly shattered glass fullof bullet hole, the vice chief announced to the rowdy men."Concentrate!!"The chief bending his chest backwards, looks over the faces of the men with tightened lips. From theplace of fierce gunning, has a tolerable dignity towards men who runs away in deep blue."...Now you have heard from the vice chief. There is a man who controls an AS, he will be coming toNamsak from the north. That guy is a dangerous terrorist, who is overdosed with drugs with anabnormal persecution complex. The request from you gentlemen, is to fight with that guy. That guy willbe invading this streets, before he puts harm to the virtuous citizens, you veterans will eliminate him.Make certain to kill him. Show your skills which was polished in the Arena.The men doubtfully looks at the chief's unconcerned chatter."Boss, can we ask a question"One of the pilot voices out. It was Dao who was the first to have a match with Sousuke."Ask away""Honestly speaking, wether the guy were going to kill is a terrorist or not, we really don't care. Whatwe want to know are the terms. We still haven't heard of any compensation or support. Can you explain
that, Boss""I understand. First everyone will get 3000 dollars. This is irregardless of results.After the chief pompously saying that, Everyone blew a whistle."And then the one who buries the terrorist will be given 10 times which is 300000 dollars. And thenthere is also some addition. Last month, do you know of what was recieved from Gaza in thestorehouse? It was the item which was shoot from the Chinese Dealer. There was 50 kilo of heroineconfiscated, tommorow, the "Official procedures" shall be burned. And the same quantity of "WhitePowder", will be coincidentally get into the hands of someone, where that would lead to, I have nointerest of revealing. Do you understand what this means"50 kilo of Heroine. Even with it's purity, in it's immediate direction, it's ending cost can easily reach1000000 dollars. Of course including the handling fee, that value of money is not necessary, even thenthat is already the special reward. The Chief is indirectly saying that the person who buries the enemywould attain this."That' is really glamours but...aren't you too generous Boss"Dao said."There is no need for you gentlemen to worry. What is important is for the terrorist to be killed. For thatreason there is enough accessories, oil and fuel prepared. And then....take a look" In the area entered 5trailers. The trailers slowly entered the curb, and stopped before them, opening their load. In there werea number of AS used mobile weapons, completely accomodating them.The German made 35mm Rifle. The same German made 57mm Sniper rifle. Italian made 57mm shotgun. American made 30mm Gattling cannon. Inside a number of palaquins, and also a Swiss made40mm Rifle. Making use of Liquid explosives, is the most recently produced caseless form."Amazing. It's an Oerlikon.""There's also Oto Melara and Mauser""Bofors too"Either way with just one shot, it has the destructive power to pulverize a passenger vehicle. Since themen are overly excited, the chief said."There are no encryption to the weapons control system to these guns. Choose what you like, use whatyou like. There is enough ammunition.""We have to thank that guy, Chief. Would it be alright to fire these babies? We won't be heldresponsible to the "Virtuous Citizens" who live in Namsak."The men guffawing. From the patrol car full of bullet holes, the darkening man---Kurama got off andaddressed the one riding the AS."Listen up. The chief said use what you like"In the interval of those who are riding the AS, stares at Kurama and the Chief evaluating, raising theirarms in the opening of the streets."Looks like there's no need to hesitate""I've always wanted to to this""The prey is [Crossbow] right. That cheeky amateur"Dao and the other men, with the targeted weapons in their hands, returned to their own units.Grasping different weapons and scrambling, the richly colored giants left the arena. The groundshaking fiercely with the sounds of the footsteps. Seeing of the AS chief said to Kurama."The information is here. In the farm 15 kilometers north of Namsak, a white AS is heading south. Thatguy really is gonna do it.""Didn't I tell you"Massaging his refined neck with the right hand, Kurama said."With those hoodlums, it would be a mystery if they could stop that guy."
 "Impossible. There are 10 units of AS completely equipped. The pilots aren't amateurs either. Eventhough it was a mistake of the M9, this time...""I'm hoping for that. But, We have to prepare ourselves""Prepare?""We'll do what we want over here. Then prepare via wireless radio. Because we have to let him knowof his goal point.""Goal point?"The chief turning a glance with a dubious face, Kurama said."This place is the mark"Using everybit of the Hydraulic system, Sousuke's white heads south from the overgrown shrubs in thehills.Traversing a number of paved roads, getting closer to Namsak, every now and then he eyes a residenceintended for low income people.To get to the center of the town from here, he has to cross the Shenton River that crosses from theNorthwest curvature of the city to the north.Originally the is equipped with a river crossing capability, but equipping the unit with an air supplymechanism snorkel was not neccessary. The unit recieving many damage, the electrical system'swatertightness also confirmed, moreover the condition of understanding the water's depth, entering theriver would be suicide.There are two bridge that would allows the solid 12 tons of the . Continuing from the highway thePurinoko Bridge, and 1 kilometer to the south from therethe Wasaru bridge. There is no mistake thateither bridge was guarded by the police. While living in Namsak, since he has drived into his head thecareful investigation of the terrain, Sousuke chose the Purinoko bridge. the best reason for that wasbecause it was the closest to the city center.If Kurama were to urgently escape by himself, he would have reached the airport. But from MichelLemon via the wireless radio, Kurama has not appeared in the airport. Lemon was behind Sousuke inthe car heading for Namsak, his comrades the agents of DGSE is observing the airport.Kurama is still in Namsak.It was never thought that he would be chased into the streets, it is possible that there were trouble andwas late in escaping----(no...)That was not possible. He was waiting.He was making preparation, putting things in order for the battle, fighting himself, to go for the kill.This time he certainly has the determination to kill.Sousuke understands that well. It is not super natural reasoning, but more of a gut feeling. Kuramaknows Sousuke's anger. Sousuke also, knowing that Kurama knows this continues to move. Both of them pro, both of them have killed an ally.For a pro being pushed this far, they may be able to avoid danger and wait for the next opportunity. If the opponent was not Kurama, Sousuke also thought of that.But this time is different.Before a mountain pile of rational strategy is a lot of irrational and absurd super mathematics. Nobodyknows how a pair of one will become two, but otherwise there will be numbers, and people would notknow. It is understandable that men wander at the mathematics of life and death lurking at theborderline, even for those men, they are not able to explain it to others.With the elliptical significance, Sousuke and Kurama are Comrade in Arms.Of course both have mutual hatred glooming, and by no means can have a compromise. However,something was understood. Just like Gauron, in a room at Hong Kong who accurately saw through the

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