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Family Nature Blog Leaders Guide

Family Nature Blog Leaders Guide

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Published by: Children & Nature Network Resource Library on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Family Nature Blog leaders guide
What is the Children & Nature NetworkWorldwide Family Nature BlogNet?
The BlogNet is a dynamic listing o recent postsrom amily nature blogs around the world. It isa network that will help you and others shareactivities and resources and fnd community.
Leaders Guide
This guide is designed to help you spread the word about Family Nature Blogs. Whether you aremaking a ormal presentation or talking to your riends, amily and neighbors, this inormation canhelp. Feel ree to edit or add your own inormation or use the material as-is.Download the PDF version o this Guide at:
Why is C&NN promoting FamilyNature Blogs?
The Children & Nature Network hosts theWorldwide Family Nature BlogNet to connectmembers o the international movement to eachother and inspire amilies around the world toget outside and “make a memory” together.Beyond programs and legislation, our ultimategoal is deep cultural change, connecting childrento nature, so that they can be happier, healthierand smarter.Many young parents and young teachers did not,when they were children, enjoy the experiencesin nature o previous generations. Even i theyrecognize the health and learning benefts onature play, and even i they want to makesure their children and their students have thatexperience, they very oten don’t know where tostart. Family Nature Blogs can oer a road map.
“We were inspired to createthis blognet by all o the greatamily nature blogs that are alreadyout there – when you see them alltogether it’s so clear that a culturalshit is underway and reading theseand getting inspired to do your ownis just one more way to movethe movement.
Amy Pertschuk, Managing Director,Children & Nature Network 
Family Nature Blogs
© 2011 Children & Nature Network |www.childrenandnature.org
Family Nature Blog Quick Start Guide
Whether you and youramily venture out to thewilderness or enjoy timein your backyard, bloggingoers an easy way to shareyour adventures and inspireothers to do the same. We invite you to start yourown blog and add your voice to the growingmovement to connect children and nature. Thepurpose o this guide is to provide inspiration,inormation, tips and resources or those whoare – or might be – interested in creating a FamilyNature Blog.In creating this guide we’ve drawn on what manyamilies have done and learned. You’ll fnd greatexamples o amily nature blogs on C&NN’sWorldwide Family Nature BlogNet.
Promo Post Card
This postcard is designed tohelp you spread the word.You can use it as designedand customize side two.
Additional Resources can be ound atC&NN Natural Families Network:
The Children & Nature Networkhosts the Worldwide FamilyNature BlogNet to connectmembers o the international movement to eachother and inspire amilies around the world to getoutside and “make a memory” together.
How will blogging help grow theChildren and Nature Movement?
Blogging is about sharing and connecting.Everyone has a story to tell. Blogging lets youtell your story and share it with riends, amily,community members, and people aroundthe world!Many young amilies would like to spend moretime outside in nature, but they don’t knowwhere to go or what to do. Seeing where youand your amily go and what you do will helpothers see how simple it is and how manydierent opportunities lie just outside the door!
Why have other amilies creatednature blogs?
Family Nature Bloggers say they blog becauseit’s un, it brings their amily and communitycloser together, it allows them to connect withother amily nature bloggers who live ar away,and it’s a powerul way to grow the grassrootsmovement to reconnect children and nature.
Jointhe Children&Nature Network Worldwide FamilyNature BlogNet:
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“I think blogging will growthe children and nature movementbecause it oers a way to take a peekinto amilies’ lives, to eel like you reallysee what being involved in a NatureClub is like. Families tell me that mynewsletters with photos help themunderstand what we’re up to. Bloggingwould make this more timely andefcient – and even more spontaneous.
 Jodi Hiland, Organizer Happy Trails Family Nature Club 
“I’m constantly amazed by thenumber o people my blog reachesand the comments rom readersaround the world that let me knowthat someone I have never metwas inspired by reading about myamily’s adventures hiking, visitingarms, creating art with all leaves,or exploring our local tide pools.
Suz Lipman, blogger Slow Family Online
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Family nature Blog
Quick Start Guide
Welcome! Iyouandyour amily are havingadventuresinnature weinvite youtoshare themandaddyour voice tothe growingworldwidemovementtoconnectchildrenandnature.The purpose othisguide istoprovide inspiration,inormation,tips andresourcesor those whoare –or mightbe –interestedincreatinga Family Nature Blog.Bloggingusedtobe or experts andproessionalsbuttoday many amiliesare creatingblogs tocapture their adventures innature andcreateanonline amily albumophotos andmemories totreasure,enjoy andshare.Increatingthisguide we’ve drawnonwhatmany amilieshave done andlearned.You’llfndgreatexamplesoamilynature blogs onthe C&NNWorldwideFamily Nature BlogNet:
Family Nature Bloggerssay they blogbecause it’sun,itbringstheir amily andcommunity closertogether,itallows themtoconnectwithotheramily nature bloggerswholive ar away,andit’sa powerulway togrowthe grassrootsmovementtoreconnectchildrenandnature.Here are someexamplesowhatother Family Nature Bloggershave done:
© 2011 Children & Nature Network |www.childrenandnature.org

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