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Anabol Cuts II Product Data Sheet

Anabol Cuts II Product Data Sheet

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Anabol Cuts 2 by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is a science based dual-action formula designed to promote body recomposition acceleration through supporting healthy testosterone levels and hyper accelerated fat metabolism.
Anabol Cuts 2 by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is a science based dual-action formula designed to promote body recomposition acceleration through supporting healthy testosterone levels and hyper accelerated fat metabolism.

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Product Data Sheet 
(cont’d on p.2) (cont’d on p.2) 
210 W. Taft Ave.
Orange, California 92865
0 •
714.456.0727 fax
Your assurance of quality
60 Capsules
Serving Size:
2 Capsules
Servings Per Container:
Pro-Anabolic, Thermogenic, Lipolytic Hybrid 
Promotes Body Recompostiton 
Maximizes Healthy Testosterone Levels 
 Powerul Thermogenic Response 
Supports Rapid Fat Mobilization and Utilization 
Scientifcally ormulated with two powerul 
complexes, the Anabolic Response Complex and Xtreme Thermolytic Acceleration Complex designed to build muscle and burn at.
The Anabolic Response Complex contains optimal 
doses of Testofen 
per serving. Testofen 
is a standardized fenugreek extract clinically proven to increase testosterone (by 98% compared to placebo),increase muscle mass and strength, increase libido,reduce abdominal fat and enhance energy.
has been shown to reduce blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels indicating a prevention o protein catabolism (breakdown) or maximum building o lean muscle mass.
The Anabolic Response Complex also contains 
Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris (standardized extract to contain a minimum o 45% saponins) and concentrated Sarsaparilla extract (4:1) containing bioactive steroidal saponins and pregnance glycosides to support luteinizing hormone levels and testosterone production.
 The Xtreme Thermolytic Acceleration Complex 
contains a powerul blend o at mobilizing and burning ingredients including caeine, synephrine 
Anabol Cuts 2
by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is a science based dual-action ormuladesigned to promote body recomposition acceleration through supporting healthy testosteronelevels and hyper accelerated at metabolism. Body recomposition means increasing leanbody mass (LBM) while reducing at mass (FM) representing a “Build and Burn” eect. Toaccomplish this,
Anabol Cuts 2
combines the benefts o two powerul complexes, the Anabolic Response Complex and Xtreme Thermolytic Acceleration Complex, to acilitate yourbody transormation goals.The
Anabolic Response Complex
contains the clinically proven benefts o Testoen
is a enugreek extract containing a wide amily o bioactive phytochemicalsincluding the urostanol saponins and steroidal saponins along with protodioscin, gracillin,and dioscin. Testoen
is a standardized extract containing at least 50% enusides which isthe primary bioactive ingredient. A recent double blind, randomized, placebo control humanclinical trial with 60 subjects has shown that Testoen
increases ree testosterone by anastonishing 98% along with increases in muscle mass, muscle strength, and libido. Plasmaree testosterone is the only orm available to bind to androgen receptors. Additionally, theobserved reduction in Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) concludes that Testoen
prevents proteincatabolism (breakdown), thus enabling the maximum building o lean muscle mass.The
Anabolic Response Complex
contains Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris (standardized extractcontaining a minimum o 45% saponins) supports the production o normal LuteinizingHormone (LH) produced by the pituitary gland. Luteinizing Hormone stimulates the testes toproduce testosterone and supports male reproductive health. Our minimum 45% saponincontent makes this one o the most potent ormulas available. Additionally, sarsaparillaextract contains bioactive steroidal saponins and pregnane glycosides to urther supporttestosterone levels.The
Xtreme Thermolytic Acceleration Complex
contains a powerul blend o at burningingredients including caeine, synephrine and green tea lea extract. Caeine is a xanthinealkaloid and causes the release o ree atty acids rom stored at cells to be used asmetabolic uel. Caeine also provides a thermogenic response and central nervous systemstimulant. Synephrine is a powerul bioactive amine that stimulates beta-3 cell receptorsresulting in urther increases in metabolic rate and thermogenesis. Synephrine also exertsan appetite suppressing eect. Green tea extract containing highly concentrated levels oepigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is the most predominant tea catechin and numerousstudies have now demonstrated its eect o reducing body weight, mainly body at, by

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