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Sailcloth Tears

Sailcloth Tears

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Published by mutasis
Jessica Stockholder’s essay about her 2009 exhibition, Sailcloth Tears, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Jessica Stockholder’s essay about her 2009 exhibition, Sailcloth Tears, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: mutasis on Jun 01, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Jessica Stockholder
Sailcloth Tears
ust in the lamplight
fromlaminated sailcloth tears.Laminated sailcloth includes acentral layer of spaced inter-secting scrim-yarns that intersect at acute angles in such a manner asto reinforce the fabric along the fill and bias directions of the fabric.Te metaphors embedded in this description of sailcloth structureare useful as a bracket through which to view this collection of works.Tere are various layers of material and meaning laminated together.Tere are contradictions intersecting to render the “meaning” mobileand distinct from the materiality of the work. Te work is concernedwith the woven fabric of associations that arise wafting from the sur-face or, or skins that the work presents. Te intersecting visual andthought structures in the work bind together creating a structuredthought fabric with strength in its predictability much like the fill andbias directions of sailcloth.Stripes are generally flat and part of a skin or a surface. Snails leav-ing a trail of slime as they move across cloth leave lines. Stars, liketears in the fabric of our knowing, are volumes so far away that we canonly think about the enormity of their volume; our bodies can’t expe-rience it. Volume in imagination is so big that the lines individuating usone from another get lost.Stripes and stars represent the states collected together in a federalunity. Te works in this show are musings on the bridges and chasms

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