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The Subterranean Terror

The Subterranean Terror

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Published by Elie Hirschman
By Miles Reid
By Miles Reid

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Published by: Elie Hirschman on Jun 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Subterranean Terrora script by Miles Reid-LobattoHospital Foyer. INT
SFX: The main doors open. Outside it's raining. A female reporter walks in.MISS WOOD: Hi, I'm looking for a Doctor... Caver?SFX: A door opens and Dr. Caver walks into the Foyer.CAVER:Ah, yes... I heard you were coming. Good to see you.MISS WOOD: Thank-you, was Dr. Stanner told I'd be coming?CAVER:Of course! He's very excited to speak to you, he's prepared himself in one of oulecture theatres.MISS WOOD: I suppose he'll just be happy to see a new face... How is he? Is he...CAVER:Dangerous? Not really, he can get... excitable at times, but who doesn't? Follow me.SFX: The two walk through the corridors of the hospital. People walk past them. Soon, theywalk through a set of double doors into a lecture theatre.
Lecture Theatre. INT
SFX: Clark Stanner writes on a chalk-board as the reporter and Dr. Caver enter.CLARK:Dr. Caver! How are you?CAVER:I'm fine, Clark. Just fine... this is Miss Wood, she's the girl who was interested inseeing your lecture?CLARK:Of course... and which one of the mad gossip rags are you from, Miss Wood?MISS WOOD: I don't know what you mean.CLARK:Be honest, Miss. You wouldn't be here if you were from one of the respectable papers. Most people who see me here consider me to be mad.MISS WOOD: No, I'm sure they don't.CLARK:Oh, I'm very sure, Miss Wood. So very, very sure and I wouldn't blame them. When Ifirst got mixed up in this affair, I thought my friend was mad.MISS WOOD: Your friend?CLARK:Yes, but I'm getting ahead of myself here... please, sit down, both of you and I'll begin my lecture.
SFX: Miss Wood sits down.CLARK:Dr. Caver?CAVER:Another time, perhaps. I still have my rounds. I'll come and collect you when he'sfinished, Miss Wood.MISS WOOD: Thank you.CAVER:I'll see you later, Clark.CLARK:Of course, Doctor.SFX: Dr. Caver leaves the lecture theatre.CLARK:Now then, I shall begin... My tale is not one for the faint hearted, but I will tell it aswell as I can. It all started a year ago...SFX: Flashback-y sound effects.
Countryside. EXT
SFX: On a dark,lonely night, a car drives along a country road.CLARK:(Narration) I remember that first night well. A dark, dank miasma about the cab as itdrove me through the Massachusetts woods. I was naturally unaccustomed to therural parts of the country due to a life-long upbringing in the city and it stank somuch that I had to resist the urge to put my handkerchief over my mouth.
Car. INT.
DRIVER:We'll be there in a moment, sir.CLARK:Thank-you.DRIVER:Has it been a long journey, sir?CLARK:Indeed, I've been criss-crossing the entire country by train for the last few days. I'll be glad when I finally stop.DRIVER:Don't worry, sir. The Bloch estate is comfortable enough, if the outside appearance isanything go by.CLARK:Do you know the doctor well?DRIVER:He rarely comes into town, too high and mighty for the likes of us. He sends hishousekeeper, Whibbsy down to purchase his food and other comforts.CLARK:That does sound like Hugo. Even when we shared rooms at the University, he had astrange reluctance towards his own health and well-being. I suppose nothing wouldhave drastically changed in five years.
SFX: They drive on in silence. After a few moments.DRIVER:There's the house up ahead, sir.CLARK:Really? It looks un-lived in.DRIVER:I've driven past here many a time and that is indeed Dr. Bloch's family estate.SFX: He stops the car.DRIVER:I can't go any further, sir. The gates are shut.CLARK:Very well. I only have the one bag, I'll walk up to the house.SFX: He opens his wallet and doles the driver out a collection of notes.CLARK:There you go... have a little extra for your troubles.DRIVER:Thank-you, sir.
Bloch Estate Grounds. EXT
SFX: The driver steps out of the idling car and walks around to the boot. He opens the boot and pulls out a large suitcase. Clark steps out of the car and walks around the car while the driver goesto meet him. Clark takes the suitcase off the man.CLARK:Thank-you for driving out here at such an hour.DRIVER:It's no trouble at all, sir. Are you sure that you're safe to walk up there at this time onight?CLARK:Oh, I'm sure the walk will do me good, stretch my legs and awaken me sufficiently.SFX: Clark starts to walk off up the grounds towards the Bloch estate. He pushes the gates openwith some small effort and walks up the road. As he walks, we hear the car drive off.CLARK:(Narration) I looked at my friends home, two stories tall and opulent. He wasindeed more fortunate than I to have been born with such an estate, even though wehad never talked about how his family had came by such money and who had oncetended the lands without pay. I walked up the steps towards the front door, notingthat all the windows were covered with thick black cloth from which no light couldescape. The more I looked at the house; I felt that I was more looking on a fortress.SFX: Clark reaches the door of the house, takes the knocker and knocks a series of short, sharprat a tat tats on the door. After a little while, we hear some muffled footsteps, the sound of someoneswearing. A door being unlocked, the door opens and we hear the click of a shotgun being cocked.HUGO:Clark, is that you?CLARK:Yes, yes it's me, old man. What's going on?HUGO:I-I'm sorry... I've been very jumpy of late...

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