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Volume 45 Issue 30 [6/2/2011]

Volume 45 Issue 30 [6/2/2011]

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Published by: City on a Hill Press on Jun 02, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Soquel high faceS raciSm p. 10 feature: planting new rootS p. 14 column: righting wrongS in profeSSional SportS p. 21
Tursday, June 2, 2011Vol. 45 Issue No. 30
Fou as of music in potos an os P. 12
2 | Trdy, J 2, 2011P Dr
Compiled by 
“I’ sa it’s tee, ut especia itsometing ike foota an asketa, it
might be difcult because people are in
suc a spotigt. It cou e e goo fote ga communit ecause it sos tat, ifsomeone ike tat as tat kin of attentionten mae te cou make some positiecanges. Oea, it ou e a goo ting,if someone as moe open aout it.”
JaReD DRechsleRThiRD-YeaR, college ninebusiness ManageMenT econoMics
“If te ae iing to come out as an atete,especia if te’e a man, ten it oue an inspiation fo ote atetes. I tinke’e pett cose. Een toug tee’s stia ot of pejuice in te U.S. against gas,I fee ike at east us Caifonians ae eacose to eing ae to accepttat compete.”
lauRen wuRsTfiRsT-YeaR, MeRRillPsYchologY
“I’ oe to e optimistic an sa e aecose, ut eaistica ou ae to ook atte aeas ee tese spots ae so popua.A ot of tem ae communities ee teon’t sae Santa Cuz ieas.”
chelsea henRYThiRD-YeaR, sTevensonsociologY
“I tink e’e getting cose an cose. Inte meia ou see a tese tings aoutpie an coming out an eing ‘ga anOK.’ I tink tat’ e goo. It ou eppus ote atetes o ae poa in tecoset ecause I guess it’s e mascuine.To come out, it ou poa e goo fote communit as a oe.”
PaRnian changizzaDehfouRTh-YeaR, college nineMcD biologY
Ryan AyersJulie Eng
Managing Editors
Julia ReisAlejandro rejo
Molly Kosso, chie Lauren BalianVeronica GloverNicole HardinAlison KernRachel Singer
ess Goodwin, design directorRosa CastañedaHilli CiavarelloBreeze KanikulaSamved Sangameswara
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Ryan Mark-Grin, editorSarah Naugle, editorLaurel FujiiAna NicasioEmiliano O’Flaherty-VazquezArianna Vinion
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Nikki Pritchard, editorMikaela odd, editorRosela ArceChelsea HawkinsMark RadBruce ran
Asa Hess-Matsumoto, editorSamved SangameswaraEli Wole
arts & EntErtainMEnt
Blair Stenvick, editorMitchell BatesHanna oda
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Michael Mott, editorMikaela odd, editorAysha Bilalyler Maldonado
opinions & Editorials
Blair Stenvick, editor
imothy Lindvall II, developerJenny Cain, editor
photography & illustration
Morgan Grana, editorLouise Leong, editorMatt BobletRachel EdelsteinSal IngramMuriel GordonKyan Mahzou Bela MessexNick Parisoby SilvermanMolly SolomonPrescott Watson
Ryan Ayers, managerPrescott Watson, assistant managerMalia Bradley Alex Lattin
Brittany Tompson, managerommy Palmer, assistant manager
Rosie Spinks, managerMitchell Quesada
Public Discourse
Hw cls d yu thk w a t s a ply ayhhpl athlt    th b u Aca spts? Hw wuld t b scat? 
about us
City on a Hill Press is pro-duced by and or UCSC students.Our primary goal is to reportand analyze issues aecting thestudent population and the SantaCruz community.We also serve to watchdogthe politics o the UC adminis-tration. While we endeavor topresent multiple sides o a story,we realize our own outlooksinuence the presentation o thenews. Te City on a Hill Press(CHP) collective is dedicated tocovering underreported events,ideas and voices. Our desks aredevoted to certain topics: campusand city news, sports, arts andentertainment, and community and culture. CHP is a campuspaper, but it also provides spaceor Santa Cruz residents to pres-ent their views and interact withthe campus community. Ideally,CHP’s pages will serve as anarena or debate, challenge, andultimately, change.CHP is published weekly by the City on a Hill Press publish-ing group rom the last week o September to the rst week o June, except during Tanksgiv-ing, winter and spring quarterbreaks.Te opinions expressed in thispaper do not necessarily reectthe opinions o the sta at large,or the University o Caliornia.
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Table of ConTenTs
p. 4 a C uC: ase pe  d Mj
by Sarah Naugle
p. 5 se, web bee  ab 1081
by Laurel Fujii& Chelsea Hawkins
p. 6 dem a g  h se m
by Emiliano O’Flaherty-Vazquez
p. 14 CapoEira gainsMorE ooting
by yler Maldonado
p. 12 through ourlEns
by Kyan Mahzou 
p. 11 asthMathlEtEs
by Eli Wole
onlinE ExClusivE:giants pod: bustEdposEy
by Daniel Zarchy & Tomas odd
Pt rty  b
p. 7 uCsC reeepem be 201112
by Ryan Mark-Grin& Sarah Naugle
p. 9 Ee Ce
by ess Goodwin
p. 10 T wee  ne 
by Mark Rad& Chelsea Hawkins
p. 16 ree: “pe”C o  de le
by Hanna oda
p. 17 Cmm Ce:soar dec rece ye
by Michael Mott
p. 18 Q&a: h weee Je bee
by Aysha Bilal
p. 21 Cm: aee nee se u  e pe ae hm
by Julia Reis
p. 22 Cm: i h  e b o
by Blair Stenvick 
 p. 23 E: psem  he& C  aids pm aeseCe 
by Kyan Mahzou 
In the May 29 article “What theAthletes Eat” Chelsea Henry wasincorrectly identied as captaino the UCSC women’s water poloteam. Henry is captain o the UCSCwomen’s swim team.

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