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SAS ats1

SAS ats1

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Published by Amitmse

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Published by: Amitmse on Jun 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A First Regression Analysis
proc reg data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";model api00 = acs_k3 meals full;run;
The REG ProcedureModel: MODEL1Dependent Variable: api00 api 2000Analysis of VarianceParameter EstimatesParameter StandardVariable Label DF Estimate Error t Value Pr > |t|
Examining data
proc contents data="c:\sasreg\elemapi" ;
The CONTENTS Procedure-----Engine/Host Dependent Information----------Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes-----
 proc print data="c:\sasreg\elemapi"(obs=5) ;run; proc print data="c:\sasreg\elemapi"(obs=10) ;var api00 acs_k3 meals full;run;
Obs api00 acs_k3 meals full
 proc means data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";var api00 acs_k3 meals full;run;
The MEANS ProcedureVariable Label N Mean StdDev Minimum Maximum
 proc freq data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";tables yr_rnd;run;
Cumulative Cumulativeyr_rnd Frequency Percent Frequency Percent
 proc univariate data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";var acs_k3;run;
The UNIVARIATE ProcedureVariable: acs_k3 (avg class size k-3)MomentsBasic Statistical MeasuresTests for Location: Mu0=0Quantiles (Definition 5)Quantile EstimateExtreme Observations----Lowest---- ----Highest---Missing Values-----Percent Of-----Missing Missing
 proc freq data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";tables acs_k3;run;
avg class size k-3Cumulative Cumulativeacs_k3 Frequency Percent Frequency PercentFrequency Missing = 2
 proc print data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";where (acs_k3 < 0);var snum dnum acs_k3;run;
Obs snum dnum acs_k3
 proc print data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";where (acs_k3 < 0) and (acs_k3 ^= .);var snum dnum acs_k3;run; proc print data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";where (dnum = 140);var snum dnum acs_k3;run;
Obs snum dnum acs_k3
 proc univariate data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";var acs_k3 ;histogram / cfill=gray;run;
 proc univariate data="c:\sasreg\elemapi" plot;var acs_k3;run;
 proc univariate data="c:\sasreg\elemapi" plot;var full;run;
 proc freq data="c:\sasreg\elemapi" ;tables full;run;
pct full credentialCumulative Cumulativefull Frequency Percent Frequency Percent
 proc freq data="c:\sasreg\elemapi" ;where (full <= 1);tables dnum;run;
district numberCumulative Cumulativednum Frequency Percent Frequency Percent
 proc freq data="c:\sasreg\elemapi" ;where (dnum = 401);tables dnum;run;
district numberCumulative Cumulativednum Frequency Percent Frequency Percent
 proc insight data="c:\sasreg\elemapi";scatter api00 acs_k3 meals full * api00 acs_k3 meals full;run;
 proc reg data="c:\sasreg\elemapi2";model api00 = enroll ;plot api00 * enroll ;run;
 proc reg data="c:\sasreg\elemapi2" ;

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