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Young love Chapter two

Young love Chapter two

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Published by Heather

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Published by: Heather on Jun 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Disclaimer: I don't own twilight but I do own Heather. But I don't own Angelicaor Brianna but I own Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I woke up to someone shaking me.“ Wakey wakey.” Said Paul. I began randomly poking at him. “ What are you doing?”“ Trying to find the snooze button.” I said he laughed. He picked me up bridal styleand carried me down stairs. “ I wanna go to bed.” I mumbled and he kissed my nose and my eyes flew open. Wait did that me last night wasn
’t a dream and we really kissed???? YAY!!! Wait what if he’s just messing with me. I gathered all my courage and leaned up kissing him. He somehow maneuvered it so I was now standing and hishand were on my waist.I put my hands on his waist.“ Oh so you guys really did make out last night.. Huh.” Leah said. We pulled away and Paul’s arm went around my waist and he pulled me closed to him.“ Shut up Leah.” He said and she stuck her tongue out at him.“ Well if your gonna be all lovey dovey don’t do it around me.” She said. I blushed and sat down at the table. I grabbed an apple and began munching on it. After a few minutes Paul stole it from me then took a bite.“ PAUL!” I shouted he offered it to me and I rejected it and ran upstairs to get ready for school.I decided on a white sweater with black stripes and a strawberry cause I’m cool like that! The some dark was skinny jeans and red gladiator shoes. Yea I looked hot. Then grabbed my pink back pack with a weird flame design on it. I looked in the mirror. I considered my self very pretty. I had Hair to the middle of my backthat was layered and the front was angled and I had bangs. ( Like Debby Ryan.)It was a dark brown color. I had very light skin for a Quileute. I basically looked like I had a light tan. I stand out. I also have hazel eyes that in certainlight looks gold. My skin is flawless but only because I worshiped all my skincare products. My face is oval shaped. I have a perfect nose. My lips are small.I think the shape is called a rose bud and my bottom lip is weird and hard to describe. On the right side. It like curves up. I don’t know. I normally just ignore it. I am really skinny but not in a gross way. I weigh about 125 and am 5’8. I am like five pounds underweight. I am really tall I know and what sucks is all myfriend are short. Well other then Leah. She’s like six foot. Or forgive me 5’ll anda half yea she says it sounds cooler... Yep. My legs are really long. Yea a lotof girls are Jealous of me. I am not snobby or stuck up but I know why I’m prettyhot stuff LOL. Well even my aunt says my hands are perfect. My fingers are longand my nails are the perfect length. Yea I rock. I glanced at the clock. I hada half hour to spare. I decided to practice. I love music. I play Base, Guitar,Keyboard and the drums. HA beat that. My parents are not really rich but have alot of money so they sent it out hear. Yea I have a blue drum Set and light purple acoustic guitar and a hot pink electric. My base is white and my keyboard isa standard black. HA you wish you were me. (A.N. Truthfully I only have three ofmy old guitars which were from when I was little and my new light purple and akeyboard which is really my brothers and I am still learning to play guitar I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging. For the story I’m more interesting if I exaggerate.) I also have a microphone. ( I do have that.) Yup how this all fit in myroom I don’t know. My room is actually pretty big. This house built like a year ago. After the infamous battle with the volturi. So now literally every unmarriedwolf lives here. Sam and Emily got married three months ago FYI. Leah handled it well though soon as they were about to say “ I do.” set the backyard on fire. LOLNot really no she’s moved on. Her and Embry are on and off again. My room is hotpink on three of the walls and Zebra print on one. I painted it when I got here. On my full size bed was a Zebra print comforter of some hot pink sheets. My old stuffed bunny. Ms. Bunny. ( Clever I know give me a break I was three) sat there also. She was the size of a fat guinea pig. had no posters on my wall I thought they were tacky I have white antique looking furniture. The is also a mirrorthat
s freakishly tall stand in the cornerHere’s the rundown of my room You walk in on the left sight the first thing you see is my bed in the corner. You turn right my long dress with a mirror is right t
here. Then on the far right corner is my desk and next to that my dresser. Thenyou in the other corner is my awesome walk in closet. I know what your thinkingthis is a little much for the wolves house but Alice and Esme helped with the design. The Cullen’s also contributed a lot with the money. My walk in closets pretty awesome and keeps the same theme as my room. Its really big. When you walk inits really big. There’s two rows on each wall except the wall with the door whereif you turn right there’s another taller dresser with a jewelry stand on in and my scarves and belts hung on the door. My closet was black and white and pink. The was an awesome chair shaped like a high healed shoe. It was zebra print with hot pink and super awesome. I also had a magazine rack and two hot pink beanbags.Yea I hang out in hear a lot. There’s so much clothes courtesy of Alice. Don’t getme started on the shoes. We’d be hear a while. Yes I have a sweet life. Me and Leah have the most awesome rooms the boys are plain and simple. Heh anyway time topractice. I grabbed my acoustic. But before I could start Paul walked in.“ Hi baby.” He said taking the guitar and leaning it against the left wall. OH I amso stupid all my instruments are on the left wall of my room. Wow I’m so forgetful. Oh well. He leaned down pressing his lips to mine.“ Ugh at least shut the door.” Brady complained and I heard my door slam shut.“ Paul.” I murmured. He leaned away.“ Yup babes.” Hm.... Not sure if I like that... Yea I do.“ Isn’t it weird making out with a little girl.” I said putting air quotes around little girl.“ Yea at first but it’s with you so no.” He said then leaned down but I spun around behe could and walked away. “ What’s wrong?”“ Nothing I’m just not sure how this works.” I said confused turning around.“ You put you lips here.” He said pointing to his lips I laughed.“ Not that part.” I muttered rolling my eyes.“ Well then what come on you only got twenty minutes.” He complained. I once again rolled my eyes.“ It’s just kinda weird I’m so much younger then you...It must be a little weird for you.” I said.“ Yep. But trust me your worth it.” He said kissing me before I could say any more.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We stopped making out ten minutes later when I pulled away.“ Gotta eat.” I said. He pouted. I pecked him on the cheek then skipped downstairs.He followed me. I went into the fridge and grabbed a carrot and some whipped cream. I sprayed the whipped cream on the carrot then putting it the fridge. I then took a bite.“ You and Leah are so weird when you do that.” Paul said and I blushed. He walked over to me placing my carrot on the counter and kissing me eagerly.“ Ugh guys I’m eating here your already worse then Emmett and Rosalie.” Jacob complained.“ Oh your just Jealous.” I said pulling away from Paul.“ Not at all.” He said disgusted. Leah walked down the stairs.“ He’s just mad he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” She said and he glared at her. She smirked and kissed his cheek.“ Meany.” He said. She laughed and grabbed my whipped carrot. ( Yup awesome name.)“ This is mine now.” She said taking a bit I laughed and rolled my eyes. Paul let out a low growl I kissed his cheek. He put his hand on the small of my back.“ Want me to drive you to school?” Paul asked kissing my neck. I shuddered and nodded.“ Heather and Paul ( I accidentally wrote Seth here the first time LOL I’m not usedto doing Paul. LOL) sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first-” Collin began.“ Want me to Tell Brianna?” I asked cutting him off. He shook his head quickly and Igiggled. Paul tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Brianna was Collin’s imprint and one of my best friends. I loved her to death she was like the sisterI never had. So was Renesmee and Angelica. Renesmee has copper hair that falls to behind her knees in ringlets.She’s gonna dye it though as soon as she can convince her parents. They’re on a extended Vacation for a few months. So me and her aregonna dye it tomorrow when she sleeps over tomorrow. Were gonna be so dead. LOL
s we still have to decide..Maybe red or blonde. Although she want’s brownor black.... Oh my... Hey maybe I should dye mine.... Oh maybe reddish brown. Yea that’d be cool as long as Jared doesn’t kill me... So anyway back to Nessie. Shehas dark brown eyes and is about 5’1. She looks eleven but said she’s fourteen which works out cause we can say she’s going through a growth spurt. Yea humans are stupid. Well humans who aren
t me. LOL. Yup. Then there’s Angelica. Oh I love her somuch She’s Seth imprint. Which is funny in a way because Seth’s so innocent and she’show do I say this nicely... Just the polar oppisite. LOL. She’s also like my bestfriend. She’s about 5’3 and has light brown hair that comes to the middle of her back. She is not as tan as the normal Quileute like me! She’s half Italian and has blue grey eyes. Yup now to Brianna. She is pale LIKE ME!! And Nessie and Angelicawow we are all pale. That explains why everyone stares at us..... So anyway Brianna. She is about 5’6 and has light brown hair that comes six inches past her shoulders and Hazel eyes. She also half Quileute. She Jacobs half sister..... I think... I forget. Oh yea. Embry and Jacob are half brothers. You know Leah shouldreally stop dating Alphas I’m sensing a pattern. First Sam then Jake and Now Embry. I really hope Embry doesn’t imprint. That’d just be horrible..... Alice doesn’t seeit happening. Yup now she can see the wolves a little better. Yup cool. Anyway....Wait where was I supposed to go now oh yea school!“ Come on babes lets get you to school.” Paul said as I grabbed my back pack. He lifted me into the passenger seat of his HUGE dark blue jeep. A gift from Emmett.He climbed in the front seat and began driving towards the high school. When hewas sure not to much attention was on our car he pulled me into his lap.“ This is illegal.” I murmured pressing my lips to his neck.“ Are you complaining.” He teased.“ No.” I said. We arrived at the school. I got off his lap. He ran to the other side of the car a little to fast for humans and opened the door and helped me down.He handed me my back pack and placed a lingering kiss on my lips.“ Bye babes.” He said then hopped in the car and sped home. I was still in a daze.“ Explain now!” Angelica ordered running over to me. Looking.... mad why would she be mad?“ Explain what?” I asked walking into the small school building.“ Why you were rubbing gums with Paul.”“ Who kisses with gums?” I asked confused.“ You and Paul kissed!” Nessie squealed running over to us with Brianna right behindher.“ Yup.” I said proudly.“ I’m not happy about this.” Angelica said.“ Angie.” I whined“ Heather he’s a heart breaker I don’t want this ending in tears.” She said.“ Well he... And I... But.. Oh no.” I stammered.“ Ha you know I right.”“ But he wouldn’t.” I whispered.“ Heather think how many girls he’s used. I don’t wanna be mean. But honestly your fourteen what could he see in that? He’s nineteen he could probably get any other girl why would he pick you?” She asked and I started crying. She quickly pulled me into a hug. “ Oh Heather I didn’t mean it like that. Just be careful.” She said and I nodded. wiping away the tears tha had fallen.“ Now that your done acting like lesbos. “ Brianna said and we both pulled away glaring at her. She smiled innocently. “ We gotta fix Nessie.” She said and we turned toNessie.“ MY dad sent me this.” She defended. I looked over her outfit. She was wearing a black to the knee pencil skirt and a baby pink button up shirt.“ Tell us Nessie why does daddy hate you?” I asked smirking.“ Fix me before people see.” She muttered and we pulled her to the bathroom. Nessie’sparents are really strict. And annoying Me and Angie hate them. Her more though.“ I got the straightener and makeup.” I said grabbing my bag.“ I got the clothes.” Angelica said.“ I’m just bored.” Brianna said she’s not to into fashion.“ Thanks guys.” Nessie said unbuttoning her shirt Angelica passed her some clothes a

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