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Don't Say Amen!

Don't Say Amen!

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Published by Dan L White

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Published by: Dan L White on Jun 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 185, June 3, 2011From Homeschool HelpersIn association with Pass It On Ministries
By Dan L. White
Subscribe to this free e-newsletter.A Texas judge has ordered a Texas high school not to have prayer at theirgraduation ceremony. That's not unusual, is it? Judges have been making rulings like that fordecades now. What is unusual is the extreme extent of this ruling.A couple filed a lawsuit to prevent the school from having a prayer in itsgraduation.Why did they do that? They did it just to force their anti-Christ religious beliefs on everyone else.Some people love the God of the Bible. Some people hate the God of theBible. Both are religious beliefs. There is this absurd idea about religion and science in America. If you believein the God of the Bible, that is considered a religious belief and the judgeshave forbidden that it be taught or allowed in any way in the governmentschools. If you do not believe in the God of the Bible, that is not considered areligious belief, but is said to be science. Therefore that belief can be taughtand allowed in the government schools.Almost everybody in America has accepted that premise: believing in God isreligious; not believing in God is not religious. The deepest religious position you can have is to believe in Yahweh the Godof the Bible and Y'shua Christ his son. The second deepest religious positionyou can have is not to believe in God and Christ. Both are religious beliefs. The public schools don't teach the former and do teach the latter. Thereligion they teach is anti-Christ – against Christ.
And in Texas a couple sued to prevent people from shoving God down theirthroats, so now they have succeeded in shoving their anti-God beliefs andpractices down everyone else's throat.Once an anti-Christ position is taken, logically it has to be carried to acomplete extreme. If God must be removed a little bit, then eventually Godmust be removed totally, not just from the schools, but from the workplaces,the general society, and from each individual home. That is where all this isleading. The Texas judge said that the suing family would "
suffer irreparable harm
" if a prayer is offered at graduation. Irreparable harm. Not only that, but the judge said that such harm would occur if anyone prayed in the ceremony. Therefore the judge's order includes the prohibition of certain specific words.A Fox News article says that the judge forbid anyone in the school graduationto use these words:
“join in prayer,” “bow their heads,” “amen,” and “prayer.” He also ordered the school district to remove the terms“invocation” and “benediction” from the graduation program. “These termsshall be replaced with ‘opening remarks’ and ‘closing remarks,'” the judge’sorder stated. His ruling also prohibits anyone from saying, “in [a deity’sname] we pray.” 
Can you see such a graduation ceremony in your mind? Certain people thereare going to be scrutinizing every word that every speaker says, watching forspeech crimes. Some will even be spying on private conversations betweenpeople, to bring a possible complaint because individuals are expressing abelief in God. If a parent has a child walk across the stage and bows a headin silent prayer for that child, will such action result in that parent beingimprisoned? If a child accepts the diploma and the parent says "Amen" afterthat, which is Hebrew for "so be it," is that a criminal offense?If not now, it will be. The Texas attorney general said that such a ruling turns the school officialsinto "
speech police
." He said that such a ruling is "
an ongoing attempt to purge God from the public setting while at the same time demanding fromthe courts an increased yielding to all things atheist and agnostic
." James Madison, a home schooled student, is considered the Father of theConstitution, in that he had more effect on its writing than any otherindividual. He said this in 1788, a year after the Constitution was written.
"Asthe courts are generally the last in making the decision [on laws], it results

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