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Table Of Contents

Welcome to GoldMine® Premium Edition
What's New Overview
What's New in the Premium Edition
What's New in GoldMine Premium Edition
Getting Started
Key Terms and Concepts
Launching GoldMine
Changing the Default Login
Viewing Information About GoldMine Premium Edition
About the GoldMine Architecture
The GoldMine File System
User Administration
Setting Up User Groups, Users, and Resources
About Record Ownership
Users Security
Setting the User Profile
Setting Up User Membership
Setting Up User Groups
Setting User Access
Setting User Menus
Creating User Menu Templates
Viewing the User Time Clock
Cloning User Settings
About User Options
Setting Options on the Personal Tab
Changing Your Password
Setting Options for the Record Tab
Color Dialog Box
Setting Options for the Calendar Tab
Configuring Calendar Options Dialog Box, Activity Details Tab
Configuring Calendar Options Dialog Box, Holidays Tab
Setting Options for the Schedule Tab
Setting Options for the Alarms Tab
Setting Options for the Lookup Tab
Setting Options for the E-mail Tab
Setting Internet Options on the Composing Tab
Setting Internet Options on the Retrieval Tab
Setting Internet Options on the Accounts Tab
Setting Internet Options on the Security Tab
Using Digital IDs with Email Messages
Using Digital IDs
Public and Private Keys
Levels of Security
Sharing Public Keys
Using Digital IDs in GoldMine
Setting Digital IDs in Contact Details
Sending Digitally Signed E-mail
Sending Encrypted Email
Sending Email Messages Encrypted Using GoldMine
Sending E-mail Messages Encrypted Using Digital ID
Reading E-mail Sent with Digital IDs
Setting Internet Options on the E-mail Center Tab
Setting Internet Options on the Advanced Tab
Setting Options for the Telephony Tab
Setting Options for the Pager Tab
Setting Options for the Speller Tab
Creating Dictionaries
Setting Options for the Login Tab
Setting Options for the System Tab
Updating Undocked Users
Creating Undocked User Licenses
.INI Files and Macros
Configuring the INI File
GM.ini Settings
Changing Settings the INI File in GoldMine
Configuring System Settings
Changing ini Settings
Setting Email Preview Text Amounts
Setting Keep or Clear on Tagged Records
Setting Calendar Publishing Output to XML
About DDE Macros
Recording Macros
Adding GoldMine User's Macros
GoldMine Report Macros
All Report Categories
Calendar Printouts Section Only
Record Types
About Record Types
About Primary Field Views
Creating Primary Field Views
Customizing Primary Fields
Customizing Field Properties
Editing Field Properties, Profile Tab
Adding Expression Fields to Screens
Editing Field Properties, Color Tab
Editing Field Properties, Layout Tab
Editing Field Properties, Security Tab
Required Fields Alert Dialog Box
Customizing Field Typing
Inserting Labels in Reports
Hiding Field Labels and Values
Combining Hiding and Color
Saving the Field Typing in Your Primary Fields Views
Creating Custom Fields
Creating Custom Screens
Custom Screen Profile Dialog Box
Adding Fields to Screens
About the GM+Browser Tab
Configuring GM+Browser
GM+View Templates
Inserting Pictures in GM+View Templates
Inserting Links in GM+View Templates
Inserting Fields in GM+View Templates
Inserting Linked Images in GM+View Templates
Inserting Linked Documents in GM+View Templates
Creating GM+View Rules
•Field Value. See “Creating GM+View Rules for Field Values” on page
Creating GM+View Rules for Field Values
Creating GM+View Rules for dBASE Expressions
Creating GM+View Rules for the User Selected Option
Using the Record Types Administration Center
Using Record Types and Contact Records
Creating Record Types
Configuring Record Type Rules
Contact Management
About Contact Records
About Record-Related Settings
Setting Phone Formatting in the Record-Related Settings
Setting Ownership in the Record-Related Settings
Setting Alerts in the Record-Related Settings
Changing the Delay Time on Alerts
Creating Details Information Fields
Deleting Custom Detail Tabs
Using Filters, Queries, and Groups
About Filters and Groups
Creating Filters
Filter Expression Operators
Boolean Operators
Using the Optimizing Filters Options
Using the Previewing Filters Options
Creating SQL Query Filters
View New Contact Records Entered During a Specific Time Period
How Groups Differ from Filters
Group Members Local Menu
Using the Groups Tab
Group Building Wizard
Groups Based on Filtered Records
Group Optional Settings
Group Based on Scheduled Activities
Group Based on Completed Activities
Group Based on Supplemental Contact Data
Saving Search Results as a Group
Using Filters and Groups
Activating and Releasing Filters
Activating and Releasing Groups
Contact Communication
About Communicating with Contacts
About the Document Center
Creating Document Templates
Editing Document Templates
Faxing Correspondence
Faxing Your Default Fax Sheet
Printing Documents
To print documents from the Goldmine Document Center
Using Mail Merge Properties (Printing)
Printing Envelopes and Labels
Using the E-mail Center
E-mail Center Components
General Email Toolbar
Edit the Email Toolbar
Local Menus
Creating and Sending Email
Adding Email Attachments
Sending Email to Multiple Recipients
Creating Email Templates
Sending Emails from the Document Management Center
Setting Email Account Properties
Replying to an Activity
Spell-Checking Email
Retrieving Internet Email
Retrieving Email
Linking Email Messages to Contacts
Reading Email
Using E-mail Templates
Creating Distribution Lists
Using the Document Management QuickStart Wizard
Using Encryption and Digital IDs
Using Digital IDs with E-mail Messages
•Sending Encrypted Messages Using GoldMine
Sending Email Messages Encrypted Using Digital ID
Sending Digitally Signed Email
Reading Email Sent with Digital IDs
About the Literature Fulfillment Center
Queued Documents Local Menu
Adding Documents to the Literature Fulfillment Center
Editing Documents in the Literature Fulfillment Center
Fulfilling or Rejecting Scheduled Literature Requests
Fulfilling or Rejecting Queued Documents
Editing Scheduled Literature Requests
About Telemarketing Scripts
Branching Scripts Workflow
Creating Telemarketing Scripts
The Branching Scripts Profile dialog box opens
Branching Scripts Listing Dialog Box
Branching Scripts Profile Dialog Box
Branching Script Question Dialog Box
Branching Script Answer Dialog Box
Using Telemarketing Scripts
Making and Answering Calls with SoftPhone
Using SoftPhone
About the Personal Contacts
Data Maintenance and Management
About Managing Information
About Contact Set Databases
Defining Contact Set Profiles
Opening Databases
About Creating Databases
Creating SQL Databases
Using the Databases Wizard
Using the Database Alias Manager for SQL and Firebird Databases
Editing an Alias
Deleting an Alias
About Maintaining Databases
Attaching Databases
Globally Replacing Fields with a Value
About the Lookup.ini
Examples of Using Lookup.ini
Globally Updating Fields Using Advanced Options
Moving Linked Documents and Attachments
Backing Up Databases
Restoring SQL Databases
Running the SQL Counting Query
Using the GoldMine Maintenance Wizard
Indexing Databases
Sorting and Verifying Databases
Setting Up Automatic Maintenance
Viewing System Logs
About the Database Alias Manager
See “Using the Database Alias Manager for SQL Databases” on page 264
Using the Database Alias Manager for SQL Databases
Using the Database Alias Manager for Firebird Database
Globally Replacing Field Data Using the Global Replace Wizard
Globally Exchanging the Values to Two Fields
Importing and Exporting Data
About Importing Data
About Exporting Data
Considerations for Importing and Exporting Data
Data Preparation
Using the Import Wizard
Using the Export Wizard
About Importing and Exporting XML Files
Exporting to XML
Exporting Data Using an Existing XML Profile
Importing XML
Import a New File Dialog Box
Importing from Other Applications
Importing Data from ACT!
Using the ACT! Import Wizard
Using the Outlook Conversion Wizard
Exporting to GoldMine From Microsoft Excel
Importing and Exporting iCalendar Files
Importing iCalendar Files
Exporting iCalendar Files
Importing ZIP Codes
About WebImporting
Using the WebImport Wizard
Requiring Passwords on WebImport Files
Merging, Purging, and Deleting Records
About Merging and Purging
Using the Merge/Purge Wizard
Selecting the Merge and Purge Methods
Merging Visible Contacts
Merging Tagged Records
Using the Delete Wizard
GoldMine Tables
Marketing Tools
About the Leads Management Center
Using the Leads Management Center
About the Campaign Management Center
Campaign Local Menu
Campaign Management Center Toolbar
Using the Campaign Management Center
Creating Campaigns
Cloning Campaigns
Renaming Campaigns
Creating New Campaign Tasks
Completing Campaign Tasks
Deleting Campaigns
Deleting Campaign Tasks
Changing Campaign Task Properties
Service Center
About the Service Center
Using the Service Center
Service Center List View
Service Center Detail View
Using the Service Center Toolbar (List View)
Using the Service Center Toolbar (Detail View)
Creating a New Case
New Record Tabs
Customizing Tabs
Creating a New Template
Reassigning a Case
Escalating a Case
Resolving a Case
Creating a Performance Report for a Case
Customizing Data Appearance
About the Set Case Number Mask Dialog
About the Reports Center
Report Types
Using the Reports Center
About Report Properties
Setting Report Properties, Profile Tab
Setting Report Properties, Sort Tab
Setting Report Properties, Options Tab
Running Crystal Reports from the GoldMine Reports Center
Adding Crystal Reports to the Reports Center
Configuring Crystal Reports Data Source Names
Creating Reports
Cloning Reports
Editing Report Layouts
Editing Report Parameters
Inserting Sections in Reports
Editing Report Sections
Inserting Report Fields
Examples of Formatting Sections
Previewing GoldMine Reports
Printing Reports
Saving Reports with Data
Viewing Saved Reports
Sorting Report Data
Answer Wizard Reports
Using Answer Wizard
Reporting Services Integration
About Scheduled Reports
See Using Scheduled Reports
Using Scheduled Reports
Configuring for E-Mail Delivery
Automated Processes
About Automated Processes
Automated Processes Components
Designing Automated Processes
Automated Processes Center Components
Process Local Menu
Process Options Update
Creating Automated Processes
Working with Automated Processes
Creating Processes
Editing Processes
Creating Events
Using the Automated Processes Center
Event Properties Dialog Box
Attaching Processes to a Contact
Attaching Processes to Multiple Contact Records
Executing Processes
Removing Attached Automated Processes
Trigger Dialog Boxes
Schedule Action Dialog Box
Configuring Synchronization with Palm/Treo
Configuring the Advanced Synchronization Options (Outlook)
Configuring Synchronization Settings
GoldSync Key Terms and Concepts
GoldSync Implementation Considerations
GoldSync Sites Local Menu
Using the GoldSync Administration Center
Configuring GoldSync as a Service
Creating Sites
Configuring the Goldsync Site Group Override Options
Creating Site Groups
Configuring the General Options (Site Groups)
Configuring the Retrieve Options
Creating Servers
Cloning Site Settings
Creating Server Processes
Configuring the Number of Connections
Configuring Incoming E-mail Settings
Configuring Outgoing E-mail Settings
Configuring the Active Periods for Synchronization
Running GoldSync as a Service
About One-Button Synchronization
Synchronizing Using One-Button Synchronization
Creating One-Button Synchronization Profiles
Retrieving One-Button Synchronization Profiles
E-mailing One-Button Synchronization Profile to Remote
Creating Installation Files for One-button Synchronization
Retrieving One-Button Synchronization Installation Files
Configuring Send Options
Monitoring Processes
About Licensing
Creating Site Licenses
About Sub-licenses
About Sharing Free/Busy Times
Using a Contact's Free/Busy Time when Scheduling in GoldMine
Scheduling Based on Free/Busy Times
Distributing Your Free/Busy URL to others
Setting Free/Busy Times
Configuring IIS to Access .ifb File Types
Configuring Free/Busy URLs
Scheduling Activities Based on Available Times
About Scheduling from Meeting Requests
Creating Meeting Requests
Sharing Calendar Information
Accessing Shared Calendars
Configuring Calendar Publishing in the Server Agents Administrator
Publishing Calendar Information
Publishing Free/Busy Times
Calendar Options Dialog Box, Free/Busy Tab
Server Agents
Starting the Server Agents
Configuring Sending and Retrieving Email in the Server Agents Administrator
Configuring GoldSync in the Server Agents Administrator
Configuring Outlook Sync in the Server Agents Administrator
Configuring Printing and Faxing in the Server Agents Administrator
Configuring Automated Processes in the Server Agents Administrator
F2 Lookup Lists
F2 Lookup Benefits
Managing F2 Lookup Lists
•Using the F2 Lookup (see page 468)
Using the F2 Lookup
Creating F2 Lookup Values
Dependency Between Lookup Lists
Setting up a Dependency
Available Dependency Tables
Manually Editing Dependencies
Selecting an Entry by Ignoring Dependency Settings
Configuring F2 Lookup List Security
Creating Knowledge Base Books, Folders, and Topics
Editing Knowledge Base Books, Folders, and Topics
Adding Keywords to Knowledge Base Topics
Setting Security Access on Knowledge Base Topics
Adding HTML Text to Knowledge Base Topics
GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office
About GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office
GoldMine Plus for Word
GoldMine Plus for Excel
Installing GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office
Setting Preferences in GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office
Using GoldMine Fields in Microsoft Word
To install GoldMine fields into a Word document
Using GoldMine Fields in Microsoft Excel
Adding Excel Templates
End User’s License Agreement
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