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Nessie's Story Chapter 3

Nessie's Story Chapter 3

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Published by hsicfngf
Chapter 3 of Nessie's Story
Chapter 3 of Nessie's Story

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Published by: hsicfngf on Jun 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is just a fan written story about fictional characters taken from Stephanie Myers TwilightSaga. Renesmee Cullen follow through.3. MusicI turned, shocked, why didn’t I hear anyone approaching? I walked to the door, breathingthrough my nose, trying to catch the scent of whoever was outside. I internally kicked myself for hoping it was Jacob, I was only setting myself up for disappointment. I pulled open thedoor to find Nahuel. I was disappointed. His dark hair had shimmering water dropletsscattered through it. They sparkled under the bright outside light. When did it get dark outhere, and when did it start raining?“Are you going to say anything?” Nahuel asked, beaming.“Oh, yes, sorry, hey!” I said enthusiastically. It was starting to kick in that one of my bestfriends was here, with me, after 17 years. I stepped back and pulled the door open wider.“I’ve been knocking for ages; I was considering busting the door down.” He said, walkingthrough the door towards the lounge. I smiled as he shook his hair and picked up a magazineno one read and inspected the cover. He threw it down on the table again and looked uptowards me. Just like Nahuel, he always felt at home. He was like my brother and best friendin one, we were exactly the same.I walked over to him and let him wind his arm around my waist and pull me into a bonecrushing hug. We stood there for a while, making up for lost time, hugging, and it didn’tfeel one bit awkward or wrong. When I finally released him I walked over to the grandsound system dad insisted we had. Him and his obsession with classical music was thereason. I plugged in my MP3 and let Band of Horses music fill the room. I stood,swaying silently with my eyes closed. I could feel Nahuel looking at me, his gazewondering over my face. I stretched out my arms and spun around, moving gently to‘Detlef Schrempf’, my favorite song. I opened my eyes, and smiled at Nahuel. He heldmy innocent stare, a look of fascination crawling across his face.“Are you sure we’re the same creature?” He asked, patting the seat beside him. I skipped over to him and sat down, leaning into his side.“Of course” I said confidently, poking him in his rib. “Why do you ask?”“Because I’ve never seen anything like you” he tugged at my hair playfully. He opened hismouth to speak again, but I hushed him.
When eyes can't look at you any other way, Any other way, any other way
. I sang along to my favorite bit of the song, then stoodand turned to face Nahuel. I stood over him and extended my hand out.“Nahuel, I need you to help me with something.” I said formally, pulling him up off thecouch and towing him to that white wooden door again. It didn’t feel so bad withNahuel there.“What are we doing?” He asked, squeezing my hand.“Don’t get the wrong impression. I want you to come into my room with me. When Iopen this door I will be unlocking a really painful past, and I may even cry. Can youhandle something like this?” I held the door knob in my hand, and turned to listento his answer.“I’m sure.” Nahuel made a show of squaring his shoulders. I bit my lip and smiled.“Are you definitely sure? Really, really sure?” I teased.“100 percent.” He said, winking.

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