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Module 3

Module 3

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Published by: Mahesh Shalinda Mendis on Jun 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Module Three
1. A capacitor is fully charged after 25 seconds to a battery voltage of 20Volts. The battery is replaced with a short circuit. What will be thevoltage across the capacitor after one time constant?a) 12.64 volts# b) 7.36 voltsc) 0 volts2. The voltage rating of a capacitor is# a) the max voltage that can be constantly appliedb) the min voltage required to chargec) the normal operating voltage3. The relative permittivity of a capacitor is# a) the relative permittivity of the dielectric in relation to a vacuumb) the permittivity of dielectric in relation to dry air c) the permittivity of the dielectric4. Magnetic inclination is the least at thea) poles# b) equator c) isoclines5. Ferromagnetic materials can be magnetizeda) within a band of temperaturesb) above a certain temperature# c) below a certain temperature6. Faradays Law States that# a) the magnitude of the EMF is directly proportional to the rate of change of fluxb) the magnitude of the EMF is indirectly proportional to the rate of change of fluxc) the magnitude of the EMF is directly proportional to the magneticflux7. To reduce eddy currents in a transformer you would# a) reduce the thickness of laminations in the magnetic coreb) increase the thickness of laminations in the magnetic corec) reduce the number of turns on the primary winding8. A transformer has an input of 400V and a ratio of 2:1. If thetransformer is delta / star wound, what will the line voltage output be?a) 115Vb) 200V# c) 346VPage 1 – Mod 3
9. What is the phase difference in a circuit with 100V, drawing 0.5 amps,consuming 50 Watts?a) 45°b) 90°# c) 10. In an A.C circuit, what happens if frequency is reduced?a) Capacitive elements may be damaged# b) Inductive elements may be damagedc) There will be no effect11. A Transformer with 115v primary voltage and a ratio of 5:1 issupplying a landing light (load 24v 45 amps) is used, what is the currentdrawn?a) 205 amps# b) 9 ampsc) 4.5 amps12. A Transformer has 4500 secondary turns and 750 primary turns. Itsturns ratio is# a) 1:6b) 6:1c) 1/613. Two inductive coils are placed in close proximity with each other at90 degrees. The number of flux linkages is# a) 0b) maximum positivec) maximum negative14. A high pass filter will?# a) allow frequencies above a certain value to passb) allow frequencies below a certain value to passc) allow frequencies within a range to pass15. If you apply this waveform to this circuit, what is the output acrossthe capacitor? a) Zerob) Pulsed negative# c) Pulsed positivePage 2 – Mod 3
16. What value is the same as the equivalent D.C. heating effect?# a) Root Mean Squareb) Averagec) Peak17. What is the relationship between the voltage and the current in anA.C circuit containing resistance & inductance?a) Current leads voltage by up to 90°# b) Current lags voltage by up to 90°c) Current lags voltage by 90°18. What shape is the waveform when the input pulse and the time baseare unequal?a) Square# b) Rectangular c) Saw tooth19. A sine wave has 5 amps RMS value. What is the peak value?a) 6.37 amps# b) 7.07 ampsc) 10 amps20. In this circuit# a) current leads voltageb) current lags voltagec) current = voltage21. Decreasing the field current in a shunt motor willa) increase speed and decrease torque# b) increase speed and increase torquec) decrease speed and increase torque22. Power factor relates to# a) true power and apparent power b) KW and KVARc) horsepower and WattsPage 3 – Mod 3

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