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Beginning of Months Lesson

Beginning of Months Lesson

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Published by Yahshammah
Determining the Beginning of Months.
Determining the Beginning of Months.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Yahshammah on Jun 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SPIRITUAL LESSON 1DETERMINING THE BEGINNING OF MONTHSThis lesson is to demonstrate how the Beginning of Months was determined for this year. We goby the Perceived Spring Equilux*, which we define as the day near Spring that the hours odaylight and hours of darkness are equal relative to civil twilight**, making this day EVEN(darkness before light symbolism). Perceived means that no scientific instruments are necessaryto predict the Equilux and it is purely observational, however, out of necessity, we need to useinstruments because we are scattered throughout the Earth and none of us live in Jerusalem.Even so, if there should come a day when we no longer have access to a computer, theBeginning of Months could still be determined by pure observation, along with the knowledge thatYAHWEH has imparted to us (Hallel YAH!). There are two Perceived Equiluxes in a year. Oneoccurs near spring, and the other occurs near autumn. The Perceived Autumnal Equilux willoccur sometime during the 24-hour period on October 24, 2011.*NOTE: Equilux is a fairly recent term (2006), which we will now make our own. You will not findthis word in a dictionary, but there are some limited resources you can find to study it on theInternet, however, they use sunset and sunrise times to determine it, and we know from the Bookof Genesis that this is just not accurate.**NOTE: There are two times of civil twilight. One is at dusk and the other is at dawn wheredarkness and light are EVEN. In this lesson, these two points will be referred to as “civil twilightp.m.” and “civil twilight a.m.”. As per Genesis 1:5, the Hebrew word for evening is H6150: ‘arab,meaning “to grow dark”, this is after sunset but before night sets in. The Hebrew word for morningis H1242: boker, meaning “the coming of sunrise” or “prior to sunrise”, meaning that sunset andsunrise are inaccurate terms. Dusk and dawn were given as marker points for a 24-hour day. Thisdoes not mean that a day as defined by Genesis 1:5 (and the rest of the Creation Days) is onlyduring the dark hours, but that the day begins with the light fading and the darkness prevailing,hence evening (or the modern term “civil twilight p.m.”) being first. On the calendar below,morning is first, so your times will need to be adjusted to Yahweh’s day beginning at civil twilightp.m.The ancient pagan nations predicted the equinox by solely using the sun. The vernal equinox wasmarked by the path of the sun traveling due east to due west from whatever their location onEarth was at the time. Many of these markers can be seen throughout the world, the most famousbeing Stonehenge.Keeping with the darkness before light symbolism (as per Genesis 1) the Beginning of Monthsalways starts on a completely dark new moon. The crescent moon teachings are Babylonian. Ihope that, by now, you all also understand that there is no scriptural basis for the barleyteachings, either. If you have any questions regarding this, please refer to this article:http://www.sabbatarian.com/SacredCalendar/BeginningOfMonths.html.The original intended "International Dateline" is Jerusalem, not its current location. Please see theSabbatarian Network articles for determining the Beginning of Months, New Moon Symbolismand the International Dateline Dilemma for more information.Now, onto the lesson…1. GO TO THIS WEBSITE: http://www.sunrisesunset.com/predefined.asp2. GO TO THE "SELECT A CITY" DROPDOWN MENU AND SELECT "ISRAEL-JERUSALEM"3. GO TO THE "MONTH, YEAR" DROPDOWN MENU AND SELECT "FEBRUARY" AND "2011"4. CHECK THE BOXES NEXT TO "CIVIL TWILIGHT" AND "MOON PHASES".

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