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Even if you have experienced a serious injury, this proven routine (Men’s Back Health through Yoga) employs the millenniums-old powers of yoga to increase flexibility, relieve back pain, increase strength and actually lengthen your muscles. [Read more]
Even if you have experienced a serious injury, this proven routine (Men’s Back Health through Yoga) employs the millenniums-old powers of yoga to increase flexibility, relieve back pain, increase strength and actually lengthen your muscles. [Read more]

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orking hard to increase muscle size, power and physique, men train their muscles hard andconstantly burden the primary oundation o their bodies: their back. We use our spine and themuscles that support it or virtually every movement we make. While built with large, stronglooking muscles, the male back is oten overlooked rom the physical training standpoint o careand exibility, and most men experience back problems. The lucky ew live with only slight painor inconvenience rom time to time. But according to reports, 80 percent o men suer back problems andare orced to begrudgingly endure back pain, which not only hinders workouts, but carries over into otheraspects o daily lie.So, why not invest some daily eort – enjoyably – into relieving a good portion o that hassle and painthrough some eective training? Even i you have experienced a serious injury, this proven routine (Men’sBack Health through Yoga) employs the millenniums-old powers o yoga to increase exibility, relieve backpain, increase strength and actually lengthen your muscles.Loredana Meilbeck, a Southern Caliornia Yoga instructor who is an athlete and a survivor o devastatingback injuries resulting rom a tragic car crash, is the one who developed the routine. Undaunted and usingyoga as her oundation or recovery, she developed this class to bring the powers o yoga to men.Why just men, you ask? “I knew the capacity o yoga to heal the back. I know that so many men haveback problems and just deal with the pain though unhealthy means – over-the-counter pain killers, drugs,risky surgery, etc.,” Loredana says. “Women are typically attracted to yoga, but men are not.” Generally, it isvery rare to see men attending yoga classes. Maybe walking into a room ull o skilled exible women mayseem daunting to men. “I wanted to change that, so I established a tone, a routine and atmosphere thatmen may fnd appealing, and invited just men to join me,” she continued. “The results were incredible!”
 Men’sBack Health
By Phillip Meilbeck • Photos by Ralph DeHaan
Scientifically designed to provide relief for sore andoverworked joints†Contains the precise amounts of Glucosamine Sulfate(1,500 mg) and Chondroitin Sulfate (1,200 mg) tosupport optimal joint movement and flexibility†Includes ingredients that help promote a healthyimmune response†Contains MSM providing beneficial Sulfur to thejoints along with Turmeric and Ginger for additionaljoint support and which has been shown to promotea healthy immune response†
Back problems can be complex in nature, oten stemmingrom tightness in the hips, buttocks and legs. This yogaroutine ocuses on poses and positions that orce stretchingmuscle and ligament tissues, helps to create more spacebetween the vertebrae, opens the hips, and employsbreathing to maintain ocus and calm. The routine capitalizeson the ow o movement rom one pose to the next andemploys “counter-poses” (sequential opposing postures) tocreate balance and symmetry.The routine can progress rom beginner to advanced,and you should start gently. In some o the photos, you can
 This routinespecifically  targets:
The exor muscles in thelower back.
The junctions between thethoracic and lumbarspinal region.
The spacesbetween thevertebrae.
The hamstringsand opening othe hips.
Child’s Pose
This is the elementary restorative pose in yoga. It extends the spine, open the hips.
Kneel and press the tops o your eet to theoor. Extend arms onto the oor in ront oyou, keeping the arms straight, stretching andallowing your belly to relax down between yourknees. Breathe deep, elongate your spine, relax.
Downward Facing Dog
Stretches the hamstrings and calf muscles, stretches and builds strength in the lower back muscles.
From a push-up position, push yourhips up and walk your eet towardyour hands. Arch your buttocks up,arms rigid, and press your heels tothe oor. Keep your back straightand raise your tail bone up, up, up.
see the yoga instructor showing methods or increasing thedepth into the poses and how using a partner can help yougain deeper reach (See insets).This men’s back health yoga routine actually includes14 specifc poses and is detailed in the DVD
Men’s Back  Health through Yoga
, available at
. Below is a sampling o our primary poses eaturedon the DVD to get you started. By doing this routineregularly (at least twice a week) and progressively, thebenefts o strength, exibility and comort in your backare just breaths away!

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