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Published by Rich McAdam

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Published by: Rich McAdam on Jun 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advent of the Singularity
Written by Jonathan BethelThursday, 12 October 2006 10:00 - Last Updated Thursday, 22 May 2008 16:44
 "Advent of the Singularity"By Jonathan McGregor BethelHumankind has developed to the point where its technological evolution is going to becomeautonomous and progress by its own directive, that is, our technological momentum is about tomake the leap from a linear progression to an exponential, multiplicative progression in the blinkof an eye! This “Event Horizon” is called a “Technological Singularity” because all mathematicalmodels utilized to predict our technological development break down at this moment, and theycease to give us a clear picture of what might lie beyond it. This moment will herald theliberation of consciousness from its current confinement and imprisonment in human biology,allowing us to utilize immense computational capacity far beyond the biological brain and tointeract directly with computer sentience.Actually, our technological development has been experiencing exponential growth for sometime; however, at the beginning of any exponential growth curve, changes are very slight and
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Advent of the Singularity
Written by Jonathan BethelThursday, 12 October 2006 10:00 - Last Updated Thursday, 22 May 2008 16:44
nearly imperceptible, appearing very much like basic linear growth. Regardless of how slow thisprocess starts off, as the rapidly expanding growth curve deepens, immense changes to thesystem become exceedingly apparent, and then it then strikingly and abruptly mutates.Two technological fields will become the baseboard from which the “Technological Singularity”will spring, Strong Artificial Intelligence and Amplification of Human Intelligence. These twofields are currently thought to be the substratum from which a singularity will emerge. Although,neither one of these fields can be taken in isolation; for in all truth, the singularity will be causedby a cascading effect brought about by a rapid inflation of nanotechnology, strong a.i., selfreplicating machines, amplification of human intelligence, cyber technology, biotechnology,FTL-technology(faster then light tech), etc…The near future promises to bring us things only dreamed of until now: a keen understanding ofphysical disorders and their cures; longevity of life, even immortality; unimaginable intelligencethrough advancement of our computational capacity and expanded memory; immersion in a24/7 virtual reality, a “Matrix”-like experience, through non-invasive technologies projected rightinto your brain synapses; the manifestation of any desired object, with the use of clouds ofnanotechnology bots that configure themselves to thought; the complete understanding andutilization of Faster Than Light Technologies, time machines and much, much more.The concept of a technological singularity was first put forth by the mathematician Vernor Vingein the 1980s, but it was further elucidated on by the inventor, futurist, and writer, Ray Kurzweil.His recent book, “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology,” is a very in depthlook at what the singularity is and why it is a definite probability in our collective future.I know most of you are saying to yourself, I thought this guy was all about 2012 and aspiritual-mental paradigm shift, which I am! However, I’m, definitely no psychic and can’t say forcertain exactly what the future holds. I do believe we are headed for a mental paradigm shift,and I also believe the fact we are fast approaching this Technological Singularity is evidencethat mankind has reached the pinnacle and culmination point of human history. Currentestimates place the singularity happening approximately 2020-2050. Even if no spiritualparadigm shift ever happened, we would still be on course with this technological singularity andcould not avoid it. In fact, nothing can stop it, except all out global economic collapse or aplanetary disaster.This exponential growth is really a product of “Moore’s Law” later extrapolated into Kurweil’sown “Law of Accelerating Returns,” both describe this unavoidable explosive inflation. Manypeople fear the advent of this Technological Singularity, thinking this could be the onset of theenslavement of humankind by machines. In fact, Vinge describes two groups that coalescearound this concept, the Luddites and the progressives. The term Luddites comes from anevent where technology put a group of people, the Luddites, out of work. They, consequently,oppose the advent of this moment, where the progressives seek to actualize it. Many people
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