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Practical 1 Momentum and momentum conservation large trolleys

Practical 1 Momentum and momentum conservation large trolleys

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Published by areyouthere92

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Published by: areyouthere92 on Jun 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Practical 1
Momentum and momentum conservation – largetrolleys
Figure 1: Arrangement of large trolleys to investigate momentum and momentum conservation
Experimental instructions
Set up the apparatus as shown in the diagram with fve slotted masses fxed onto trolley A.Compensate or riction by tilting the runway slightly. Check by giving one trolley a smallpush and confrming that it runs down the runway with constant speed.Soten the Plasticene
and stick it to the ront o one o the trolleys. Fix the drawing pin tothe ront o the other trolley with the adhesive tape, so it is acing out rom the trolley asshown. Put the two light gates quite close together. This is to minimise the eects o rictionas the trolleys collide.Set the interace unit to record the speed o trolley A beore the collision and the speed o thetwo trolleys (A and B joined together) ater the collision.Put trolley A at one end o the runway and trolley B just beore light gate 2.Give trolley A a push (not too large) so that it runs down the track, cutting through the lightbeam o light gate 1 and colliding with, and sticking to, trolley B. The two trolleys will nowtravel on, the mask on trolley A cutting through the light beam o light gate 2.Repeat the experiment or diering initial speeds and trolley masses. Do not allow thetrolleys to all o the bench.
light gate 1light gate 2trolley Atrolley BPlasticene
Lift the large wooden runway with care.Set up the experiment away from the edges ofthe bench so that the trolleys do not fall off.

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