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Effect of Length and Current on the Force on a Wire in a Magnetic Field

Effect of Length and Current on the Force on a Wire in a Magnetic Field

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Published by areyouthere92

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Published by: areyouthere92 on Jun 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Practical 9
Effect of length and current on the force on a wire in amagnetic field
Figure 1: The experimental arrangement
Experimental instructions
Set up the apparatus as shown with the crocodile clips a measured distance apart (say 4 cm).Take the reading on the balance and then switch on the power supply so that a current o 5 Afows through the rod. I necessary, change the direction o the current fow so that it causesan increase in the balance reading. Record the new reading o the balance.Change the separation o the crocodile clips and repeat the reading, keeping the currentconstant. Note that the separation o the crocodile clips must not be greater than the lengtho the magnet poles. Repeat or a number o dierent crocodile clip separations.Return the crocodile clips to their original separation and repeat the experiment with a newvalue o the current. Repeat this or a number o dierent currents.
front viewto power supplymagnets fixedto metal yokecopper rodside view
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